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Lus Na Linne

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 6:47pm by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant Ren Kannu & Lieutenant Varina Hightower & Centurion Eilaea t'Keirianh & Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deck Ten- Forward Lounge
Timeline: MD 01 2100 Hours

Mis held out the end of her hair. She could barely see the tips and wished she'd realized what time if year it was earlier so she could begin to grow her hair properly. It wasn't as if anyone else on the ship would know of the tradition. She could skip it entirely and the crew would be non the wiser. But it pulled on her heart strings to do so. It was her favorite and she hadn't been home for it since she was eighteen.

As Mis approached the lounge it was oddly quiet. There didn't happen to be anyone walking to or fro in the hall. The doors parted and it was dark inside, or it seemed so, until her eyes could adjust to the moonlight settings. So the first thing wasn't what Mis saw, so much as heard. It was a soft musical number and the murmur of dozens of attendees.

"See!" Ozzie told Marxel, her Bolian friend in the Security Department. They weren't in uniform, however, but just dressed casually. "I told you she always comes around about now."

"Anyone could have deduced that from the computer security comm tracking logs." Marxel was unimpressed.

Ozzie was noticeably bald, her head shaved right sown to the tattoos. In one hand she had a drink. In the other a fist full of ribbon-tied dark locks formerly attached to her scalp. Clearly, she was handing them out. She grinned as she extended one of the hair bundles to Mis. "Part of the tradition! I read up on your Kriosian stuff, when we were organizing this shin-dig. We wanted to find something to celebrate since you know, escaping dying in our nightmares while beating each other to a bloody pulp. Seemed appropriate."

"A celebration does appear to be in order," Vriha agreed, though she kept her hands inside the sleeves of her robe as touching someone else's clipped hair struck her as being like eating with one's fingers. Something to be observed tolerantly as a part of others' cultural practices, but not something to engage in oneself. She was however dressed somewhat appropriately in that her dress robe was blue and white, embroidered with silver symbols for her House. "I do not understand most of the symbolism, but I am happy to join in wishing the Commander joy for her festival."

"As am I." Eilaea was similarly attired in intricate silky layers of formal robes in her own colors; inner layers of light grey and darker slate coloring covered by an outer layer of a periwinkle purple of sorts. Like Vriha's robes, Eilaea's also carried the embroidered symbols of her own house; but in her case there a few more set alongside them. To Romulan eyes, she would be an example upon entrance of the tragedies of the post-Hobus reality; eyes would, she knew from experience, fix on those additional symbols out of the reflexive surprise at seeing a head of house's robes on someone barely halfway into their first century...Then fix on the other instances of such that would also be present in most such gatherings, and resign themselves to the fact that this once-bizarre occurrence was now so common in light of their losses. To the alien eyes around the room however, she hoped the distinction would simply pass over their heads. She had managed to fulfill the expected colors for the festival for the most part with the addition of a set of silver jewelry--earrings and bracelet--set with blue gems.

Nokomis was so surprised by anyone knowing about the festival that she stood there for quite a long moment before any words came out. She swallowed a lump in her throat. "I'm quite touched. Thank you all for doing this. But Lieutenant!" Mis said when she saw the woman's shaved head. "You did not have to do that for the festival. It's more about sharing a piece of yourself with those you love and who are very close to you."

"I figured it was like when we did inter-planetary holidays for our cultural studies in highschool and they covered Sol's Valentine's day in class." Ozzie took a drink. "All this pressure to revel your 'valentine'. All the weight of possible rejection. All the people who never got a card. What kind of holiday is that? Brutal, sister, brutal. So I just brought candy and flowers for everyone."

Marxel laughed waving his piece of Ozzie's hair. "Oh! so you aren't propositioning me to become my second wife?"

"Do you think Kannada could stand me?" She elbowed Eilaea, held out the bundle of her hair to offer her one and fake whispered so the others could still hear. "If you gotta play along, best to throw enough pointers to make everyone's suppositions useless, right?"

Nokomis laughed at the banter, she hadn't felt this included in a group in a long time. Usually it was just Logan who looked out for her. The warm fuzzies were a bit overwhelming. "Can I proposition either of you for a knife?" She asked her Romulan counterparts. "It will grow back out," she said referring to her hair.

Noting the subtle tells from Eilaea after being elbowed - something simply Not Done in Romulan society, even playfully - Vriha quickly opted to be the one drawing a knife from concealment. "You may use mine," she said, offering it politely hilt outward to Nokomis.

The door to the lounge slid open and Varina hastened through, knowing she was likely late. She had hoped to get out of her quarters with time to spare, but the last emergency in Sickbay, and her lack of appropriate clothing, ensured her current arrival. Still, she'd managed to find a long, sleeveless white shirt that was light and flowing and still managed to be opaque. Nokomis herself was right in front of her, with her back to the Doctor, and talking to the Romulans. Varina still wasn't sure what to make of those two, but she had to admit, they knew how to dress for a festival.

Putting the hassles that had made her late behind her, she approached the other side of Mis and shouldered up to her. "Happy Lus Na Linne...if that's the appropriate thing to say...?" She grinned at the XO, but still wore a questioning expression, hoping she'd gotten it right.

"Certainly, and thank you. It's means a lot that you decided to come. I'm so . . . . awed by all of this, I really expected to be celebrating it alone."

"You made it, Doc!" Ozzie gave her a big hug and pushed a lock of hair into Varina's hand. "Happy Lussie day to the miracle worker! You know you musta put everything back to rights better than before, because, I swear, I've been sleeping the best ever since you got me back on my feet again."

Varina returned Ozzie's hug, glad to see her on her feet again, but the new look was not something she was expecting, both the lack of hair and the tattoos underneath. And the lock of hair that suddenly turned up in her hand left her speechless for a few moments. She remembered that being part of the Kriosian tradition, but if anyone was going to do it, she had expected that to be Nokomis. It was an odd gesture, to her mind, but Ozzie was in such a contagious mood, she couldn't refuse. And besides, this was, in some respects a thanksgiving festival, and the Betazoid seemed to be very much getting into that spirit. Still, she was loathe to take all the credit the other woman was giving her. "I'm not a miracle worker," she responded good naturedly. "Your body does most of the work. I just give it the tools to do so."

"Thank you," Nokomis responded to Vriha trying not to smirk, she figured one of the Romulans would be carrying such an item. Carefully she cut locks of hair and offered them to Ozzie, Varina and saved a couple for Logan and Tiber, if they would accept such a thing from her without embarrassment.

Varina took the additional hair offered to her, and hoped her expression didn't look as lost as she felt. She wasn't sure what to do with the hair in her hands. Perhaps, if she could get Nokomis to herself in a bit, she'd ask what was appropriate.

Lieutenant Ren Kannu walked into Ten Forward. He glanced around the room filled with officers in the hope of seeing a familiar face but one didn’t jump out at him so he headed to the counter, hopped up onto a stool and ordered himself an ale and allowed himself to soak up the Orion’s atmosphere.

Mis broke away from the group surrounding her when she saw the new flight control officer enter the lounge. Of course he would have no idea what was going on and probably feel as if he'd stumbled into a private affair. "Lieutenant," Nokomis said rather more cheerfully than normal. "Welcome aboard Orion."

Ren cleared his throat and quickly hopped down from the stool he was perched on. “My apologies, Commander.” He said with a curt nod. “Lieutenant Ren Kannu, a pleasure to meet you, sir.” He said standing up straight.

"At ease. This is supposed to be a party, but as you've just come on board you may not have known that. Feel free to join in on the festivities and let me know if you have any questions about the event or the ship." She gave him a small smile but Mis wasn't going to bug him and make him be sociable.

A knot of three people who seemed pretty chummy hustled up next to Ren to order at the bar, Two of them, the Betazoid and the Bolian, were bald, the more mature, human woman sported a short cut. "Just some mock tails!" The Betazoid called out. "Marxel's got patrol coming up, and Vella's got a mean temper when she drinks."

Vella smirked, "I'll have a Tellarian Ale." The CPO walked away with her drink so Ozzie would know she wasn't taking orders from baby officers off duty.

Ozzie turned to her left. "Hey, I know your face. You're on our transfer roll." Ozzie snapped her fingers a few times as if it would help her memory. "Ken? Canoe?"

“Ren Kannu.” The Bajoran replied with a smile as he offered his hand for the others to shake. “I’ll be taking the steering wheel of this beast.” He added with a smirk.

"Marxel." The Bolian shook hands and introduced himself. "I work for this class act in the Tactical department." He sniffed the non alcholic beverage.

"Ozzie Isuri, Chief of Sec-Tac, and a great backseat driver. I will make sure to give you all the critical feedback you didn't ask for."

Nokomis smiled, it looked as if he had enough people to welcome him on the ship. "Well, enjoy the party. I think I'll go mingle. Lieutenants," she gave a nod to both of them and moved away.

“A pleasure to meet you all. Enjoy the rest of the party.” Ren said with a smile. He felt he was going to like serving aboard the Orion.

Before moving to rejoin her friends, Ozzie left him a lock of her hair. "Happy Lus Na Linne!"

Lieutenant Ozanna Isuri
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Orion

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih
Science Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Ren Kannu
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