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Keeping Friends Close Part: 1

Posted on Wed Oct 10th, 2018 @ 3:48pm by Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Deck 14 - Intelligence Offices
Timeline: Day 10 - 1015 Hours

[As we know, Starfleet officers are not allowed to romantically fraternise with subordinate officers who report directly to them, intelligence officers even more so. The partners and spouses of intelligence officers have to go through extensive vetting before a romantic relationship can be undertaken with full disclosure and even then, full disclosure is rare. Most chief intelligence officers would have access to level ten clearance, captains and flag officers eyes only. EG: the omega directive. With Tiber's appointment as acting head of intel, his security clearance will be higher than Nokomis. And as a result, she would have to be extensively vetted and her background checked by intelligence before his relationship can resume with her. As the captain is the only officer aboard who knows about their relationship, it seemed logical that Tiber made him aware.

Tiber had not long left the XO's office following their brief meeting than he found himself in his office in the intelligence suite. He had had to leave Nokomis cold and he felt utterly dreadful about it, but duty was duty.

"Computer, Seal the doors to this room. Open a channel to Starbase 443 addressed to Commodore Uvar. Secure channel."

The computer chirped dutifully and moments later the blue skinned figure of an Andorian commodore appeared on the wall monitor.
"Ensign." The older man grunted plainly to the young man who stood before him.

"Sir, I'm calling to inform you of a change in ship's personnel." Tiber almost choked on the sentence. He knew this wasn't going to reflect well on him.

"Sir, Lieutenant T'sai has decided to leave ship and I have been asked to assume acting chief responsibilities in the interim." Uvar sat starring at him for a moment before responding.

"I trust you aren't calling me for my congratulations, ensign?" Tiber looked down at his feet for a moment before lifting his head up high and taking a deep breath.

"Commodore Uvar, I must inform you that I have been cultivating a relationship with the Orion's executive officer. A romantic relationship."

Uvar sat back in his chair for a moment and exhaled deeply. He took a moment to size up the young man in front of him. Tiber had no idea what the reaction would be but he braced himself for it.

"Is this something you wish too pursue Ensign?"
Tiber answer very quickly, almost reflexively.

"Yes sir."

"Well then. We will need to speak with your commanding officer. Until this matter is resolved you are to refrain from all contact with Commander Diza... And I must say, you haven't made a glittering impression on me with this behaviour, ensign. It is one thing to follow procedure in order to avoid being compromised, another quite another to allow yourself to be compromised in the first place. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir." Tiber barked back obediently, expecting much worse.

"I will call your CO and issue the necessary orders. You will have to explain why, however. You made your bed, ensign."

Tiber nodded his head in agreement. Uvar reached forward and closed the channel, leaving Tiber alone in his office. Tiber collapsed into his chair and rubbed his forehead with his left hand. He had to steel himself for the next conversation with the captain, as if it wasn't bad enough that intelligence would need to look into Nokomis' past. It was even worse because she was a close personal friend of the captain's. Taking one last deep breath Tiber heaved himself up from his chair, left the intelligence office and entered the nearest turbolift.

"Main Bridge."

Ensign Tiberius Augusta
Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


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