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Posted on Tue Aug 28th, 2018 @ 8:11am by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: MD 6 20:00 hours

Nokomis stood just inside the doors of the holodeck and she was pacing. She'd opted for a skirt, a smooth lightweight blue silky fabric that was very comfortable but she could also move freely in. She rarely wore something so feminine but this was supposed to be a date and regardless of why she was wearing it, she didn't feel out of place in the clothing she'd chosen.

Her hair was braided in two French braids, revealing her spots that went down the side of her face next to her temples and down onto her neck.

Nervous did not begin to describe how she was feeling, hence the pacing. Her nerves had more to do with wondering if he would even show up and how he would feel about them having a date. Nokomis knew the fact that she was his superior officer was eating at him.

Tiber chosen to play it safe and had chosen an open necked light-grey shirt and dark trousers. Nothing looked outlandish other than the elaborate beltbuckle shaped like a diamond he was wearing to hold it all together. On his right hand we was wearing a plain platinum band given him by commander frost on his acceptance to the academy. He wasn't particularly superstitious but then again, wearing it helped him to settle his nerves. He had never technically been on a proper date before. Sure there had been the girls he had chased on the Lexington as a teenager and the occasional cadet who had taken an interest in him at the academy, but never anything serious.

Lost in his own thoughts he turned a corner to see the commander waiting. She looked radiant, beyond radiant. Her hair fell slightly beyond her shoulders in neat french braids, an interesting choice for a non-Human. Out of uniform she looked quite different. Maybe it was just the way she held herself, her uniform was her armour, just like his was. He took a few short steps toward her, she turned to greet him as she saw him approach.

"Hi," She smiled, hoping the relief wasn't showing in her face. "I thought we might just go for a walk, helps the nerves and then if we decide we're hungry we can sit down somewhere and have a meal. Sound okay?"

"Perfect." Tiber replied sounding alot more cheesy then he meant too. Gesturing for her to enter the holodeck infront of him. as they entered he couldnt help but ask.
"Does....anyone know you're meeting me?"

"Not specifically. I did talk to Logan about us. He knows we're seeing each other but not the time and place. He honestly seemed to be fine with it. Why do you ask? Did you tell anyone? It would be fine if you did."

"I dont think the Junior officers would be as understanding of my seeing the XO Nokomis....I'm still not sure how I feel about it all.....but im getting used too it.....slowly." Tiber let a short Silence fill the space before continuing.

"So.....are there any special perks to being XO.....Commander?" He pouted playfully as he asked.

"People talk no matter what," She said softly and left it at that. "And yes!" Nokomis turned so she was facing him and walking backwards. "You haven't seen the size of my quarters. Unfortunately it comes with a lot more paperwork, not literal paper of course but just as many signatures and daily boredom mixed with a few moments of absolute terror . . . kind of like this date."

Tiber chuckled at the comment, i think this was the first time that he was actually feeling more relaxed than her. He took a step closer too her causing her to scoot back a little bit further inorder to reclaim her space.

"People wont talk, they don't even know were here. Computer, Locate Commander Diza."

"Commander Diza is in her quarters."

He smirked at the response waiting to see what her reaction would be.

"Yes, but my point was, I don't care if they talk. They find something to talk about anyway. And I see someone's been sneaky. What happens if the bridge really needs to find me? Please tell me my combadge still works?" She would let it go if that were the case.

"Oh yes it works fine. Its just a little program we use, If you ask the computer for me it will tell you I'm in Intelligence offices. It always selects a place associated with the subject but diliberatly as far away from the requesting individuals location. Try it?"

"Computer locate Ensign Augusta."

"Ensign Augusta is on deck 11 Intelligence Offices."

"Okay, so we're hidden from view. No talking behind our backs, but you know we're not going to be able to keep this a secret forever." She turned around again and took his arm. "Tell me about you, I want to know everything."

Tiber knew she was right, the idea of being the subject of gossip was very unpleasant for him, but he appreciated it was a price he was going to have to pay if they were to have any kind of meaningful relationship. Looking down into her eyes as they walked, it was a price he was more than willing too pay. The question of his past though. It wasn't always a topic he was willing to discuss.

"Well. I was born on Luna Colony just before the Dominion war. I was raised by my Grandmother and Father on earth for the most part, before dad was approached to join starfleet. I spent my teens aboard a Normandy class carrier patrolling the Cardassian border. Then the Acadamy and eventually, here." Tiber was aware he was being fairly vague, but he just couldn't quite open up about everything yet.

"How original," Nokomis teased. "An intelligence officer who doesn't like talking about himself. Okay, fine. I was born on Krios Prime, my father is the ambassador and moved us to Earth when I was two. I grew up just down the street from Logan, we did everything together until the Academy split us because I originally was not interested in command. Let's see . . . something you can't read in my records. My father calls me Moonflower because I was born as the last of the moonflowers were blooming and they were two weeks late at the time while I was a couple of weeks earlier than the doctors predicted."

Tiber gave a wholesome smile, the first since he had arrived on board. "I'm not sure I'll be using it. But is a beautiful name. Are your family still on earth?"

"Well Nokomis actually means daughter of the Moon, apparently it's an ancient Native American name that my father liked. And yes, they are. Still in the same house. The only difference is my brother and I have left."

"It sounds like out upbringings were....very different." Tiber trailed off, glancing down at his feet before bringing his eyes back up to look at Nokomis.

Nokomis shrugged. "Does that really matter? However we grew up, whatever paths we took led us right to this spot on the holodeck. Maybe in another dimension I'm a librarian. I like to think about the possibilities and marvel at how lives intersect." She smiled warmly at him. "And I just admitted what a dork I am."

Tiber paused while he considered his response. It did matter to him. He wanted more than anything to share with her his life, but it just didn't seem right, he had never really spoken about his past and his family to anyone other than Commander Frost.

"I suppose your right. It all sounds rather philosophical to me. I never really gave things like that much thought."

"Don't worry about it. I have one of these brains that is never quiet. Even in my sleep I'm making connections. Hopefully, we have some time to fill in the details of how we got to be who we are. We should just have a nice relaxing evening . . ." Nokomis suddenly glanced around her at the landscape she'd created. Rolling hills with lots of prairie, a nice easy stroll in most spots, even walking backwards as she had been doing earlier. "Of walking in circles. Let's go this way. I think there's a pond."

Doing away with his philosophical pondering Tiber took Nokomis by her hand and pulled her close too him. Their bodies in contact with one another, her hand in his. Tiber didn't say anything but just looked down at her, staring into her eyes for a moment, admiring her.

"I don't care about the pond. Do you?"
He whispered quietly. Moving his head closer to hers so that there forheads were brushing against each other.

Nokomis felt as if her heart had pounded out of her chest and ran off. She fought the urge to shiver as his forehead came down and touched hers. His intensity had her completely at his mercy, something so rare that her brain actually registered it before she completely gave in and kissed him. She broke the kiss after what felt like several blinding days and said, "What?" in response to his earlier question.

Tiber didn't bother to reply. He just stood there staring at her. Looking deep into her eyes, no matter how many times he did, it never seemed to get old. "I'm so glad we met." he said with a small smile.

She nodded. Her brain was slowly coming back into focus. Nokomis blushed, completely embarrassed that she'd just melted against him like that. "Yes, I am." She took a deep breath, willing herself to get a grip on the situation. "You kind of take me by surprise though."

Tiber smiled at her. "Its my first little bit of payback for the dancing." Tiber indulged in a little silence between them for a moment before continuing. "Nokomis, I'm going to need your help if this is going to have any chance of working. I've......never felt like this before and...I don't know what to say...or do. All i know is i want to be with you."

"I suppose I did deserve that." She said, marveling at him. "Tiberius, you're doing just fine. Just don't . . ." It took her a moment to figure out what she wanted to say. "Don't disappear on me. I understand away missions and duty. But keep talking to me and we'll be okay."

"I...Ill....Ill do my best. Intelligence officers arn't exactly known for sharing information." He half joked with her.

"True, but I don't care about work. I mean, don't walk out without telling me why. I guess I have abandonment issues." Nokomis admitted to him and she rarely said that to anyone. She didn't think even Logan understood completely where her lonliness came from.

For the first time in his life Tiber went with his heart and not his head. What if he was redeployed or assigned to undercover work again? What if something happened too him? Or worse her. Holding her hands in his he looked deeply into her eyes before answering.
"I promise."

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Tiberius Augusta
Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


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