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Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 9:43am by Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Crew Quarters
Timeline: Day 1 21:30

It had been two days since Tiber had arrived aboard the Orion and He still hadn’t quite gotten his head around the size of his quarters. The curvature of the room made it possible for the light to bounce at angles that almost made the room bigger. The Romulan complement would have hated it Tiber thought. No shadows to lurk in like they were used too. He had not long returned to his quarters from the captain’s promotion party and was eager to spend some time alone and reflect on his day. He changed out of his uniform and into a pair of shorts and loose linen shirt. He left the shirt unbutton exposing just a glips of his bare chest to only his empty quarters. He collapsed limply on his couch and folded his hands together over his chest, only unlinking them to run his hand though his short hair and give his temple a quick itch before returning them to their original place. His day had been eventful to say the least. His department head had kept him very busy with various sensor analysis and dusting over the limited amounts of HUMINT that was available from her few agents along the border. The raiding and piracy issues were minor in the area but as the closest Starfleet ship it made sense that they would offer to help the local authorities as best they could.

His other notable meeting of the day had been very different indeed. Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza. Not at all what he had come to expect from a seasoned officer. She was so…..kind. Most XO’s took great pleasure in tormenting the junior officers so new in their careers. That wasn’t all that was different about her though. She was stunningly beautiful to the eye, but intriguing to engage with, her personnel file was littered with minor infractions but no kind of sanctions to match them. It all pointed to an outstanding officer who liked to play fast and loose with the rules inorder to get results. Normally, that would have irritated Tiber, he liked rules, clear guidelines and most of all…..boundaries. Regardless he didn’t think he would be seeing a great deal of her onboard ship, why would he after all.

Interrupting his absent pondering for a moment Tiber rose from his seat and walked toward the replicator.

“computer one……….”

His order was interrupted by the sound of many people whispering before suddenly. Silence. Tiber turned to look at the corner of the room and noticed a man stood there. In the only part of the room where there was any kind of shadow.

“Computer maximum illumination!” Tiber called. Attempting to better identify the unwelcome guest. Nothing. The room stayed the same as before. Tiber couldn’t see the mans face, but he was wearing a Starfleet uniform, well pressed and the faint glints of light reflecting off of his pips identified him as a commander in the service.

“Identify yourself!” Tiber ordered firmly. The man stood silently staring Tiber down before taking one step forward, the light revealing him. Marcus was slightly taller than his son, aged in the face beyond his years but still very much in shape. The contours of his face and body gave him an imposing presence and his uniform fit him like it was put on wet and left to dry on the body it was so immaculate. Tiber stood looking directly at his father, appeared from nowhere as if by magic. “You’re supposed to be on assignment……you’re this close to being declared MIA. How are you here?!” Tiber asked quietly resisting the urge to rush to embrace his father. Before the older man could answer, Tiber heard another low whispering sound before suddenly the lights in his quarters blazed to their highest illumination and in an instant, Marc was gone.

Tiber blinked once or twice before he registered that his father was no more. He ran quickly to his sleeping quarters and his wet room, checking frantically. Nothing. “Computer is there anyone else in these quarters except me?”


Tiber crumpled on his couch once more and stared blankly at the very spot where not moments ago his missing father had been stood staring at him. What the hell had happened here?


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