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Lieutenant Savir

Name Savir

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Given that Vulcan genes are dominant, Savir's appearance matches that of a typical Vulcan, from arched eyebrows and pointed ears to the trademark haircut. His eyes, however, are darker and larger than the norm, hinting at his Betazoid heritage. Due to their unusual look paired with the fact that they do reflect emotion, he sometimes appears to be younger than his years, or in a state of permanent wonder. He has a handsome face with sharp features and a tall, slender body possessing more strength than it would seem at first sight. Fairly attractive, if you don't find Vulcans abhorrent by default.


Spouse single
Children none
Father uknown Vulcan
Mother unknown Betazoid
Other Family Vorant and Yiluv, foster partents on Vulcan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Both at Starfleet Academy and in active service, Savir has always been known as a responsible, mentally stable officer with admirable work ethics, outstanding results, natural respect for authorities and healthy professional relationships. Fellow students would likely see him as fairly reserved and focused on his studies, yet entertaining and somewhat sarcastic on occasion. Among Vulcans, despite the obscurity of his origin, he is respected for his excellent control of emotions and adhering to the rules of logic. On Betazed, he is seen as an amicable individual with a great sense of humor and keen curiosity about anything and everything.
During his time on board of several starships, he quickly earned himself a name as a good leader, capable of navigating sticky situations. In short, he is capable of emulating any kind of behavior that is preferred in a particular culture/peer group. However, if all the people he had met in different periods of his life ever gathered in the same room, they might find out each of them knows a different person. His true personality therefore remains a mystery, perhaps even to Savir himself. This has never presented a problem in his career path, because he always scored 99,8 % on any psychological evaluation test. Those 2 %, however, have the potential to blow up in his face one day.
Strengths & Weaknesses Specialisation: Command, Counseling, Diplomacy, Survival/Tactics, Psychiatry, Psychology, Xenology, Xenobiology, Xenolinguistics

Other (relevant?) skills:

Telepathic and empathic powers
Eidetic memory
Responsibility and professionalism
Martial arts
(Mostly scientific) interest in all sentient life forms
Problem-solving capacity

Somewhat patronizing attitude
Suppressed traumatic experience
Will read your mind when he literally should not
Ambitions To enjoy respect for his work and raise on the career ladder at his own pace.
Problem-free co-existence with others.
Learning about various cultures and eventually using the knowledge to understand where his place is in the great scheme of things, while keeping the fact he is actually a bit of a mess hidden from others
Hobbies & Interests Music, learning about various cultures, martial arts

Personal History Savir's genetic combination is very unique - currently, he is the only Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid known to live, which is not a surprise, given that the completely different cultural background of the two species does not provide them with enough common ground to willingly pair up. Rather than born naturally, his embryo was artificially created as a part of an extensive research on telepathic species conducted on Adigeon Prime. Not a member of the Federation, the planet was home of an avian species, the Adigeons, renowned for their facilities focusing on genetic experiments and augmentations.

In his childhood, Savir was held in the facility as a research subject along with a group of other children with different degrees of telepathic powers, tutored, taught to use his psionic powers and experimented on. When he was 12 years old, the planet was visited by an all-Vulcan Federation ship USS T'Vran. Having been informed about the existence of the research, the crew visited the facility and reported it as inhumane and carrying out unapproved experiments on artificially bred Federation species. For the sake of good interplanetary relationships, the facility was eventually closed down on request of the Federation, Savir was relocated to Vulcan and placed into foster care, where he spent the next 6 years.

He was quickly able to understand that the way he had lived until that point was not considered normal or healthy in most societies, however it had seemed completely ordinary to him. This fascinating discovery marked his life-long journey to understand the inner workings of individual humanoid minds and interpersonal relationships, as well as entire cultures and societies. Savir has extraordinary telepathic and empathic skills, since his genetic make-up was assembled for that very purpose. Fitting into the logic driven Vulcan society was not difficult for him, but at the same time he did not feel like he actually belonged there and he was able to feel the actual emotions of many of his peers, hidden under layers of indifference.

At 18, after finishing the lower degree of education, he surprised his caretakers by refusing to enter the Vulcan Academy of Science. Instead, he expressed interest in studying on Betazed in order to explore the other half of his genome. He found the society rather chaotic and without inhibitions, which was both refreshing and fascinating to study. At the same time, the constant flow of emotions shared freely exhausted and distracted him. Again, he was able to pretend to fit in quite well, while he really did not. Based on previous experiences, he transferred to Starfleet Academy three years later, having concluded that he was too different and detached from any kind of society, and that he would thrive most in an environment made up of many different species, united by the common goal of exploring cultures in various corners of the Universe. So far, the years spent as a Starfleet Officer provided him with ample opportunity to do just that. By now, he is quite an expert on the inner workings of others, but his self image is hazy at best - a trait carefully hidden behind a composed exterior.

Savir spent six years in the academy, studying a double major in Command and Counseling. His grades have never been less than excellent. Upon graduation, he received a placement as a counsellor on the Federation space station DS5, where he has been dealing mostly with individuals trying to come to terms with their tragic experiences from the Dominion wars and Starfleet officers with a serious burn out due to decades of exhausting service. He received a number of positive references for healing PTSD in several individuals through telepathy and was recently noticed for his diplomatic efforts, especially in contact with a previously unknown species, whose members found their way to DS5, but were only able to communicate by the means of different sequences of tones. Savir managed to analyze the melodic patterns and was able to establish successful communication. That, in combination with his early experience with an avian species, landed him the promotion to USS Vigilance manned by a Kraekiran captain.

Within mere days on board, Savir discovered that the USS Vigilance was a tragedy in the making, with about 60% of its crew having been prematurely released from a psychiatric hospital. It did not take him long to start suspecting that the lot of them was considered disposable, and that he got involved in a complex plot that would end in his skills being used as a mental weapon. What actually happened when the ship entered the Cardassian zone to carry out a special order, is classified, but leaked rumours say that the first officer - an ex-Borg with heavy PTSD - went rogue and began firing on the Cardassians, leading to a brutal fight that inflicted heavy casualties on both sides.

Savir survived the incident more or less unscathed, at least physically. The fact that had to assume command when both the Captain and the first Officer were, for various reasons, permanently incapacitated, ironically helped his career. Less than a year later, he was assigned to the USS Freedom and served under Captain Markus White as Second Officer. Most recently, he has been transferred to USS Orion, which urgently needed to fill the position of ship´s counsellor. He hopes that compared to the Vigilance, the crew will present with relatively mundane problems.
Service Record Space station DS5 - counsellor
USS Vigilance - Lt Jr., counsellor
science vessel USS Zen, Second Officer
USS Orien, Lt, counsellor