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Ensign Carter Kehoe

Name Carter Kehoe

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 180
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Young man on the taller side. Is 25 but you'd swear he was at least eighteen, he looks that young. The fact that he still suffers from acne to a degree is definitely a contributing factor in this regard.

Vibrant blue eyes, framed by wire rim glasses due to poor vision

On the thin side, with a waist measuring 34 inches.

Not too bulky with a chest measurement of about 40 inches or so


Personality & Traits

General Overview Carter is among one of the most chill individuals that you could ever meet. Always opting to roll with punches rather than cause a big stir about anything

Carter is also more or less a straight shooter, preferring to cut straight to the point. Has a moderate amount of tolerance for "useless drama" as he puts it

On duty he is "business, but casual" as he puts it. Does his job in an efficient manner, but will talk to you as he works
Strengths & Weaknesses S-Good worker, good bedside manner, Chill
W-Sometimes too chill, sometimes too honest
Ambitions Admiralty someday
Hobbies & Interests Keeping his medical up
Holosuite adventures

Personal History Carter Kehoe and Cammie Kehoe brought Carter 2 into the world in the summer of 2386. Carter the first happened to have retired from Starfleet some five years before and settled down on Mars where he met Cammie. Cammie was a clerk and Carter was applying for a civilian license to practice medicine. It was love at first sight.

Work schedules being what they were Carter basically had to go to school and then to one of their jobs. They arranged this so that he wouldn't be home alone. He hated his moms but lit up when he was to go to his dads.

The medical field fascinated him and little Carter soaked it up like a sponge, asking a multitude of questions.

He had set out to join the field just as soon as he could. However he had a wanderlust about him as well. He always looked to the stars. Eager to serve the empire

Fast forward to at age 17 when he entered Starfleet

After basic training he was sent to Starfleet Technical Services Academy on mars for two years, Graduating as an NCO Nurse

The newly minted Nurse was assigned to the New Orleans class ship USS Giordino as an Emergency Nurse

For the next two years he performed as a member of the ships sickbay, rising to the eventual rank of PO2 in the Emergency Department. This opened up the opportunity for future away missions

One such away mission had him attached to a SAR team to a planet where ionic storms were dominant over the southern hemisphere. With time of the essence the team went about their work. Mission went off more or less w/o a hitch

Then the Giordino wwas inexplicably ordered to SB 49
Upon Arrival there Carter was ordered to report to the Bases CO

It was there he was presented with an offer he couldn't refuse, the opportunity to become an officer. He gladly took it.

Seeking a change from the blue Carter chose a path as a helmsman. Although he did keep his medical certificates up to date.

Upon graduation he was sent to USS Walton as a helm officer before being reassigned to the Orion
Service Record Basic Training
Starfleet Technical Services Academy
Nurse Training

ISS Giordino


Helmsman, USS Walton