Lieutenant JG Chiara

Name Chiara

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Minosian
Age 34 (approx)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7" / 1.7m
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Chiara has blonde hair, though she occassionally colors it darker if blonde jokes start to irritate her. She has clear blue eyes. She is physically fit and works to maintain a healthy physique.


Other Family Chiara was raised in the Federation's foster system and never fully settled into a long-term family. She does not have familial bonds with anyone.

Parental history: Officially, nothing is known of Chiara’s parents. Prior to the destruction of their home world, they were a part of a sales force which sold and installed weaponry such as the Echo Papa 607. When communications stopped coming from their home office and it was apparent that something had gone terribly wrong, they opted for a change of identity and job title to avoid any repercussions and associations with the defective product.

They took up new jobs, working on several freighters through the year before settling on the SS Mnoga where they helped transport livestock to colony worlds. There, they also began a family, first with a son, Mycroph, and three years later they added a daughter, Chiara. Things started to go wrong for the family when their trade territory entered into Ferengi space. The competition was not welcomed.

In an emergency situation, Chiara’s family abandoned the Mnoga and took haven on the Yatezzic after a Ferengi attack left the Mnoga defenseless and unable to move under its own power. Unfortunately, the Yatezzic met the same fate when it was attacked less than a month later. This time, Chiara lost track of her parents when she hid deep in a closet. According to body counts, the Yatezzic crew did fight back against the invasion, but most crew was not accounted for. It is theorized that much of the crew was taken into slavery or otherwise dispatched by the invaders by other means.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chiara is suspicious of strangers and takes her time to know people before trusting them with information about herself. She has a very quiet demeanor and prefers it if people don't notice her. In a team setting, she often falls into a leadership position as she is highly organized and goal oriented. She opposes micro-managers and prefers to trust that her team is able to handle their own jobs without a lot of oversight. She hates conflict, but she will fight for what she sees as correct/right.
Strengths & Weaknesses If the option is available, Chiara prefers to sleep in a closet rather than an open room.

She is rarely angry, but when she sees people being mistreated, it sparks her urge to react and starts with verbal outrage. She is not a physical fighter.

An underlying fear she has is of an onboard invasion of an aggressive alien force. This is a residual fear from actual childhood events.
Ambitions She has always wanted to find out what happened to her parents. The official records are sealed to her view.

Personal History Little is known of Chiara's early history. Her parents are a vague shadow of a memory. She remembers the warmth of their embrace and the laughter, but not their faces or their names. She was found on an abandoned freighter ship, but she said that was not where she lived. Her parents were not among the dead.

Starfleet records report the freighter was the SS Yatezzic. Fourteen of the ship's crew were found murdered throughout the ship and the remaining crew is assumed to have been taken into the slave trade by either the Ferengi or the Orions. The offending attack ship was never identified. No surviving crew was ever found. Chiara and another young boy, Anthony Chay, were recovered from the ship. Chiara was found hidden in a clothing closet and Anthony was found in the duct work. Both children were too young to explain what happened, who they were, or what the ship's missing had been. Computer records were unable to answer the questions as well - or that's what the official report says.

Though Chiara appears human, genetic analysis reveals she is actually Minosian, a race thought to be extinct after a planetary weapon system destroyed the civilization's homeworld.

Chiara joined SFA with references from two foster homes and the dean of the boarding school she attended in her later years. She enrolled in the sciences through academic interest. She has a general science degree and a masters in environmental sciences. She enjoys botany and hydroponics. She is not keen on volcanology, especially after spending time living in Italy on Earth near a "dormant" volcano for several years. She also studied computer sciences throughout the years and can walk her way through programming codes quite well.
Service Record Service history: 4 years, Starfleet academy with a focus on environmental sciences, botany, hydroponics, and general biology. Also studied computer information sciences as a minor. Participated in the archery club and was on the swim team.

4 years, USS Ohio. Served as part of the science team and sought reassignment after a new CSciO came aboard with visions of autocracy which made it impossible for Chiara to conduct her work in a timely and accurate manner.

5 years, USS Minooka. Remotely completed her masters studies in biology. Was reassigned to the Orion after the Minooka’s five-year mission was completed. The Minooka required a refit which would take nearly 18 months and reassignment to another ship was an acceptable progression to her career.