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Ensign Darok th'Zensev

Name Darok th'Zensev

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Trill/Andorian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 185cm
Weight 67kg
Hair Color Dirty white (think icky snow)
Eye Color Pale blue
Physical Description Darok junior is a unique Trill/Andorian/Vulcan mix, born from a Vulcan father and a Trill/Andorian hybrid mother. As such he displays many of the qualities of all races involved however he us unable to be joined as he has no symbiont pouch. Due to his unique mix, Darok was born after some genetic manipulation through IVF procedures.

At first glance, Darok seems Vulcan, though his skin has an ashen blue/green hue to it. He has pointed ears and mildly upswept eyebrows and the faintest of Trill spots. You will have to be close to him to even see them. Due to his Andorian genetics he has dirty white hair which almost seems like dirtied snow. His eyes are a very pale blue which can seem piercing when you have his full attention.

As part of his genetics, he displays Vulcan strength and Andorian stamina.


Father Sokol
Mother Kesha Andier (sh'Zenshev)
Brother(s) Merlin

Darok never knew his older brother Merlin as the child died after being born far too prematurely (16 weeks pregnancy), 15 years before he was born
Other Family Uncle: Aidan Datari (his mother's foster brother)

paternal grandparents
maternal grandfather (grandmother unknown)

Extensive through his uncle's adoption into a Reman clan.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Darok is a young and inexperienced officer who is extremely loyal to his family and his extended unofficial family.

He is fresh from the academy, and very eager to learn.
Strengths & Weaknesses + loyalty
+ Vulcan strength
+ Andorian stamina
+ friendly
+ touch telepath

- temper
- can't be joined
- dizzy spells due to lack of antennae (medicated)
- weak immune system (medicated)
Ambitions Unlike his parents who are doctors, young Darok had always aspired to be a tactical officer. Like his mother and grandfather, he trained with Andorian and Vulcan weapons from the moment he could walk and found suitable tutors in several of his family members as well as academy professors.
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck (and real) martial arts training.

Though some might find it odd, Darok finds comfort in tending to some of the specially cultivated Bonsai trees in his quarters.

Personal History Darok is the child of an Andorian/Trill mother and a Vulcan father, though he is his mother's second child. Since his mother could not conceive naturally given her own hybrid nature, some genetic engineering was necessary for the foetus to become viable and be carried to term.

Due to complications during pregnancy, Darok was delivered two months premature and spent a full month in hospital in an incubator with his life hanging in the balance.

As a child, Darok was often home sick due to having a very weak immune system. He frequently needs boosters to keep himself healthy and able to function. Having had such a plan since day one, Darok reports to an infirmary or sickbay at least once a month to receive immune-therapy and boosters to ward any untoward illnesses off.

Though sick often, Darok had a happy childhood, being raised by two very loving -if not a little protective- parents. Through them he did develop a love for preserving life, and learning to fight to preserve it. This developed in a keen interest in anything security and tactical and once he was old enough to attend the academy, he didn't have to think long about which track to follow.

Knowing that one day he might be a bridge officer, the young cadet also followed additional classes in the command track though these were not his major. Upon graduation from the academy, Darok would continue down the path of a security and tactical officer, developing his skills to serve and protect.

Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Orion - Security Officer