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Continuing Committee Member Wraet tr'Melanth

Name Wraet ir-ch'Rihan tr'Melanth

Position Continuing Committee Member

Second Position Senator

Rank Continuing Committee Member

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 85

Physical Appearance

Height 193cm
Weight 79kg
Hair Color black with a dusting of grey
Eye Color dark brown
Physical Description Tall and fit with patrician features and the unmistakable bearing of the scion of ancient and noble House


Spouse D'Ral (deceased)
Children daughters: Dhael
Rhhaein (deceased)

sons: S'Telam (deceased)
Llhran (deceased)
Father Kaol (deceased)
Mother N'alae (deceased)
Brother(s) Baeru (deceased)
Sister(s) Mhai (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Well-educated due to his station but has a natural bent toward acquiring knowledge as well. He reads extensively, not just reports and intel, but history and literature. This includes the classic literature of other races as he believes that the stories that survive and are retold reveal much about a society. On that basis he also reaches back to the history and near mythos of the founding of the Empire, both as inspiration in these dark times and as a tool (or occasionally a weapon) in his dealings with other powerful players in the Empire.

While restoring the Empire to its former glory is at the heart of his ambitions, he is personally ambitious as well. He would not have caused his siblings' demise in order to rise, but he has a sense of fate in coming into a role where he has clear talent and is determined to make use of it to advance his House and himself as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Cunning, well-trained in noting the machinations of others and practicing his own
+ Skilled in debate and persuation
+/- Ambitious
+/- Ruthless
- Painfully aware of how precarious the Empire's position is, as well as that of his family line
- Despite outward confidence feels the lack of a trusted network of family retainers and especially the absence of his father's and sister's guidance keenly
Ambitions To restore the Empire to glory and secure his and his House's place within it
Hobbies & Interests In addition to history and politics, he enjoys literature, riding and archery. His late wife bred and trained fvaiin and while he was not overly involved in her hobby, after her death he sought out and acquired a couple pups descended from her favorite dam and has become quite fond of them - they are the only beings he can speak to with complete candor.

Personal History Wraet was born into a wealthy and influential senatorial family, and received all the benefits of education and opportunity that came with that privileged position, though as the youngest of three children he was not groomed as his siblings were to take on a role in government. Indeed for most of his life, especially after returning from service in the Galae and seeing the nieces and nephews being groomed for eventual senate roles, he expected his life's course to revolve around overseeing the House's investments and tending their holdings on ch'Rihan and some of the outlying colonies. Still, his life seemed blessed, touched by tragedy only once, when his youngest son died in combat during the Dominion War.

However, that abruptly changed when his father died in the Senate chamber at the start of Shinzon's coup. His older sister assumed their father's senate seat once order was restored, but a mere decade later died in the Hobus Supernova along with the rest of his family except for one daughter who was aboard a warbird. Wraet survived by the pure luck (if you can call it that) of being away inspecting family holdings on a colony at the time. Nevertheless, having been thrown into a senate seat, Wraet applied himself, channeling all of his rage and grief into becoming a force in the reconstituted Senate to restore the Empire. That work, along with aristocratic blood and connections, paid off in recent elevation to the Continuing Committee.