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Continuing Committee Member Sar'ena t'Rielak

Name Sar'ena i-Artaleirh t'Rielak

Position Continuing Committee Member

Rank Continuing Committee Member

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 96

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 155
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description A reasonably average height, fit and trim and pretty but not stunningly gorgeous, there is nevertheless something about her that tends to stick with people...Though they aren't always sure exactly what or why. Has a piercing, appraising gaze and a variety of scars on her body most of which, if asked about, she will refrain from commenting on other than that the incident in question is classified.


Spouse Nerok
Children Velal (39); Torenn (deceased in 2375 at age 24)
Father Ranek (deceased in 2374)
Mother S'anra
Brother(s) Tovath
Other Family Seven nieces and nephews, five of whom are still alive; and a variety of other relatives.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Capable of both intense focus and extreme multitasking, Sar'ena is nothing if not versatile. She tends to notice and analyze people, places, things, and situations around her nearly by reflex; a tendency both part of her natural inclinations but also honed by decades of professional experience. Determined and methodical, she can be both persuasive or ruthless as a situation requires. Those in her inner circle are party to another side of her as well, however; as a loving and devoted mother, wife, and aunt, with a witty sense of humor and a deep love for her family.
Strengths & Weaknesses The same instinctive observational and analytical nature and skills that have served her well in her career and in life overall can occasionally lead her to overthink certain things...And can also frustrate her to no end when others fail to see what is obvious to her.
Ambitions Sar'ena's primary concern at the moment is attempting to stabilize the political and logistical issues threatening the Empire. Ideally, as she has remarked to her husband occasionally with dry humor, she would also like to live through this process and survive long enough to eventually see her son marry and provide her with grandchildren.
Hobbies & Interests Sar'ena enjoys painting, baking, word games, strategy games, and nature hikes. She is an expert shot with a disruptor and is known to almost never miss.

Personal History The youngest of three children, Sar'ena was born on a well-established Romulan colony to S'anra, a noted artist and painter, and Ranek, a Tal Diann officer. She spent much of her childhood attempting to keep up with her older brothers, Tovath and Kaitek; when the age difference prevented her from doing so outright she was often forced to find...inventive...ways to achieve her aims. Though she inherited her mother's artistic gifts and to this day enjoys painting, she had little interest in pursuing it as a career, preferring instead to follow her father into a life filled with an entirely different sort of shadows than those that fall upon a canvas.

A great deal of her career is highly classified; though it is clear to most that she served in a wide variety of postings over the last 7 decades. As is typical for the Romulan military intelligence community, she has little love lost for the Tal Shiar, but rather more latitude in expressing that opinion than the average Romulan citizen or military member. She lost both her father and her daughter in combat during the war against the Dominion, the former in the early days of the Empire's entry into the conflict, and the latter in the final battle over Cardassia, as well as two of her nieces and nephews; to this day she has a tendency to often reflexively curse when the Dominion is mentioned. Her surviving child, son Velal, currently serves as a tactical officer aboard a warbird, while her husband, Nerok, is a commercial pilot.

Like many in the RSE, Sar'ena experienced a rapid shift and rise in her influence, power, and responsibilities following the Hobus incident and the large organizational gaps and overall political disarray that resulted. Noticed for her efforts in the relief and response efforts, as well as in attempts to manage several more recent situations and maintain some semblance of unity in the Empire, Sar'ena was recently appointed to the Continuing Committee after the death of one of the former members; an occurrence which has become unfortunately relatively common in recent years as rising tensions have made historically perilous Romulan political life even more so.