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Senator Jaeih t'Leikha

Name Jaeih i-Rihan t'Leikha

Position Noble House Leader

Second Position Senator

Rank Senator

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 232

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Both beautiful and formidable in her younger years - and even her younger old age - she is now quite simply very old indeed, and looks it, though she still retains a touch of her former elegance and proud bearing.


Spouse Taev (deceased in 2381)
Children Kalavak (deceased in 2387)
Ai'lara (deceased in 2387)
Brother(s) Talok (deceased in 2230)
Sister(s) Svala (deceased in 2379)
Other Family Great-Grandaughter: Sarith

Personality & Traits

General Overview Intelligent, calculating, and politically savvy with a keen observational eye, but perhaps now also worn and wary after over two decades of life. She still retains her passion for the Empire and political discourse, but is rather more easily tired than in her younger years and is aware the day may come when she may begin to miss things.
Strengths & Weaknesses Politically experienced and accomplished, but with many of the connections and alliances she had forged over the years in disarray and now of much less use thanks to both the deaths of old allies and the general political fault lines dividing the Empire and the moment and the ensuing chaotic atmosphere. Her age, meanwhile, is both an asset and a liability alike--she is respected for it and is unafraid to speak her mind thanks to it; but is likely too frail now to defend herself against any serious physical attack or survive any prolonged illness, and is aware that her remaining time to contribute to the restoration of the Empire is limited. She is also aware that there are some who consider it somewhat improper, given the scale of the Hobus disaster and the blame some lay in part at the Senate's feet for having failed to prevent or better manage it, that as a sitting member of the body at the time of the event, she chose to continuing living after her incidental survival of it; but given the dire situation facing the Empire she considers any benefit to her continued service and experience to far outweigh any perceived disgrace.
Ambitions At this stage in her life, Jaeih had quite honestly counted most of her ambitions long fulfilled; she had overseen and influenced many significant events in the Empire's history and had seen her family continue to prosper, securing its future with multiple children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, due to losses suffered in a variety of events over the last twenty years, she now finds herself having to start over on many of those counts while likely in the last years or decades of her life, to attempt to rebuild both the Empire overall and her own house.
Hobbies & Interests In her younger years, Jaeih enjoyed a variety of sports and was skill in several forms of armed and unarmed combat as well as a keen student of history and politics; however in her advanced old age, she favors more sedentary pursuits such as reading, enjoying her garden, and attempting to pass on her knowledge to the succeeding generations.

Personal History Born into Romulan high society, Jaeih was the second of three children born to her parents; and served first as an engineering officer and later as a bridge officer and warbird commander for the better part of 100 years before serving as her older sister's chief of staff in the Senate. When her sister, who never had children of her own, perished in the Reman coup attempt, Jaeih inherited leadership of their house and went on to serve in the Senate herself, though for less than two decades before the Hobus incident.

Though she survived the supernova and its aftermath due to her presence on a diplomatic endeavor at the time, she lost both of her children, and all four of her surviving grandchildren, as well as several of her great-grandchildren and a variety of other relatives. Upon managing to gather the remaining members of the house, she was confronted with not only the multitude of problems now facing the Empire overall, but also the fact that the careful succession plans (and for that matter, even the backup plans) she and her sister had spent decades devising had now been thoroughly upended. Her current heir as head of house is now her eldest surviving great-grandchild, Sarith...who is unfortunately only 30 years old and given her former place as a descendant of Jaeih's younger child, never expected to inherit significant responsibility. Much of Jaeih's time since has been spent attempting to rapidly groom her new heir apparent, bringing her to serve as one of her aides; but acutely aware of the uncertain and limited amount of time she may have to finish this process, and aware it is unlikely to be enough to fully prepare her.

Generally a political moderate over the years in many areas, she is neither particularly in favor of closer relations with other galactic powers such as the Federation, nor particularly against it; believing it a double-edged sword to accept such as it may be useful or even necessary at the moment yet potentially perilous going forward.