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Senior Advisor Vaebn tr'Sathe

Name Vaebn ir-ch'Rihan tr'Sathe

Position Senior Advisor

Rank Senior Advisor

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 173

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm (6 ft)
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs)
Hair Color grey
Eye Color green
Physical Description An old man, but appears even older than he is due the ravages exposure to high levels of polaric radiation. Though his steps are slow and his breathing comes with effort, a look into his eyes will show a mind still keen and a will of duranium.


Sister(s) Rhean t'Sathe
Other Family great-niece Vriha t'Ehhileh

Personality & Traits

General Overview Vaebn is clever, some would say wily, but like deep sea currents it is masked beneath a surface calm. He is smart and tends to be highly organized, as well as extremely dedicated to any goal he is invested in achieving. A long and difficult life have taught him great patience and endurance. Though he takes an interest in all things since you never know when a piece of information may prove useful, he takes a particular interest in patterns of force/power and how the mind - collective and individual - works.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Smart, dedicated, organized, and assimilates knowledge rapidly
+ A keen observer of others, good at spotting motive as well as seeing larger patterns of behavior

+/- Knowledge of 'where the bodies are buried' in many noble houses, which can provide leverage but is also dangerous

- The effects of polaric radiation exposure earlier in life left scarring on his lungs and bone marrow leading to degenerating health
- Feels the weight of advancing age coupled with the loss of those he had trained to replace him
Ambitions To see the Empire and see rise from ashes renewed and stronger
To secure his family's place in it
Hobbies & Interests History, psychology, puzzles, games of strategy - in addition to Rihannsu games like d'elo, lhi, khariat and latrunculo, he is a master of many forms of chess, including Klingon klin zha

Personal History Vaebn was an infant when the ship clans were exiled to the Border Worlds. His mother's family traced back to the first landholder on ch'Rihan, but his father was ship-clan and no exception was made for him so the family went into exile together. While not what they might have chosen otherwise since the climate was somewhat cooler than vulcanoids prefer, ch'Bardat was Minshara class and by the time Vaebn was old enough to enter service the colony was thriving. Some among his parents' generation still grumbled bitterly about their expulsion, but it was done very quietly. Most discussion, especially that which might be heard outside their small set of peers, focused on their success, casting the move as perhaps a serendipitious movement of D'era (something Vaebn would recall with some irony when it was espoused genuinely in the years after Hobus).
Also despite their exile the ship clans, whether out of pride or to shame those who had exiled them or some combination of both, became even more determined to prove their loyalty to the Empire. That was the mindset of young Vaebn when he entered the Galae. He served in many conflicts as the Empire expanded farther into the Beta quadrant, and prepared for the time when the Empire finally turned back to face the enemy across the Neutral Zone - as all expected they soon would, even after the failure of the first test of the new cloaking device.

However, Vaebn never got to engage the Federation from a warbird. In 2268 his ship was the first to arrive in response to a devastating explosion on the research colony of Chaltok IV. Because sensor scans couldn't penetrate the interference around the blast site, away teams was deployed to what was left of the facility to search for survivors. Vaebn was among those search and rescue teams, and as a result was exposed to high levels of polaric radiation that scarred his lungs and caused hematopoietic degeneration that proved irreversible. It also meant he would never have children.

Initially transferred to administrative work while his medical status was being evaluated, he proved able enough with records and logistics that he was permitted to stay on to complete 40 years despite increasing difficulty in meeting physical readiness requirements. After that a senior officer in Central Planning who recognized Vaebn's ability (and the potential value of his loyalty), made arrangements for a position in the Senate Archivist's office in the Capital.

Vaebn spent over 80 years in the office, making many useful connections, keeping or quietly sharing even more useful secrets, and eventually rising to Archivist before his declining health forced him to retire at the relatively early age of 145. With no family ofhis own, he returned to ch'Bardat to live out his remaining years among his kin and help to raise his sister's grandchildren.

Until Hobus... when neither advanced age nor disability could excuse him from returning to serve the Empire. Vaebn moved to the new Capital to help restore what was lost, and to advise the new Senate, most especially the young and inexperienced sudden inheritors of the Senate seats of old allies.