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Dereliction of Duty

Posted on Tue Sep 18th, 2018 @ 10:25am by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant T'Sai

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Deck 2- XO's Office
Timeline: MD 7 07:30 Hours

On the outside T'Sai was the average Vulcan, calm and unemotional. However on the inside she was a tempest. Fear and confusion swirled inside to make a hurricane of what was it, panic. Her journey from her breakfast meeting to the First Officer's office was a blur. The only outward sign of her inner turmoil was the slight fumbling of her finger as she tapped the door chime.

"Come in," Nokomis called. It was perfect timing really. She'd just sat down at her desk and had a cup of coffee in front of her. Her terminal was active and had nothing on it so far, she was ready to begin her day. "Lieutenant," she said as she saw T'Sai enter. "What can I do for you?"

"I must speak with you Commander," T'Sai announced as though this were a matter of ship security. She walked over to the desk, her eyes were almost wide with panic and fear. "You must remove me from duty and confine me to quarters," she stated.

And just like that her morning was turned upside down. "Excuse me?" Nokomis replied politely before she'd even sipped her coffee. "Why?"

"Because I am hallucinating and am becoming unable to control my emotions," T'Sai blurted out, clearly frazzled. "At breakfast, I had a full conversation with a hallucinated crew member before being tapped on the shoulder by the crew member in question." Her voice was panicked, almost angry.

"We're all having hallucinations T'Sai. I had a conversation in front of the whole Engineering staff with my father who is nowhere near the Orion right now." She certainly wasn't going to admit the second one which involved their commanding officer.

Almost not hearing the other woman's response, T'Sai continued, "Commander, I am no longer in control of my emotions." Trying her best to stress the importance of her point she searched for the proper combination of words in a panic, "I am a danger to the crew."

Nokomis sighed. She couldn't do this with every crew member on the ship though most of them weren't a danger to the crew if they got a little carried away with an emotion. "All right, I will speak to the Captain about it. In the meantime you have permission to confine yourself to quarters. I'm not going to post guards."

Still a bit wild-eyed, T'Sai responded, "Thank you, Commander." For just a moment a brief glimpse of relief spread across her face. A bit of paranoia began to sneak in, so she added, "The Romulans are up to something. They'll need to be watched by a non-Vulcan." The use of a contraction spoke volumes about her mental state.

"Romulans are always up to something, these two seem fairly mellow though." Nokomis answered evenly. "Don't worry about them. I will have Ensign Augusta bring you regular reports if you wish to continue working while in your quarters?"

"That would be... acceptable," T'Sai nodded. She was clearly anxious and her delivery was far from the regular robotic cadence of a Vulcan. "Will that be all?" the Vulcan followed up, visibly shaken.

"Yes," Nokomis answered her. "Would you like me to send Dr. Hightower to check on you? I'm concerned." The first officer was frowning slightly.

"That would be agreeable," T'Sai responded. She was just as concerned as Nokomis seemed to be.

"I will then. Please rest until she has time to visit you. Is there anyone else you'd like me to inform?" Nokomis realized once she said it that it really wasn't her job to inform anyone except the Captain. But Vulcans had strange attitudes about emotions. Perhaps there was someone who might also be worried about T'Sai.

"You must inform Tiberius that he is the new acting Chief Intelligence Officer," T'Sai replied. The wording of her sentence was more concerning the job but left her condition more ambiguous.

"Very well, I will do so. Take care of yourself T'Sai." Nokomis replied as she watched the Chief Intelligence Officer leave her office.

Lieutenant Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant T'Sai
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


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