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At Random

Posted on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 @ 10:50am by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant Varina Hightower & Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Outside of Sickbay

Ozzie reached down to pick up her cuffs, inexplicably lying on the ground beside her dignity. "It was a drill. Call it off."

The team of four looked between one another, uncertainly.

"But Ma'am, you fired."

"Just on stun, for, uh, authenticity."

Doctor Hightower stepped out of sickbay, ready to go as planned.

"Drill's over. Good response time. You're dismissed, crewmen." Isuri ordered more forcefully. She was still so new to everyone that they didn't know what to expect from her. If she said it was a drill, they'd have to accept that.

"Yes. Ma'am." They left, but not without looking back over their shoulders with confusion.

Once they were alone Isuri came clean with Hightower. "Doctor," she said, holding out her hand with blood on her fingers. "It's happening to me too."

Varina looked at the other woman's empty hand, confused. "What do you mean?"

"The blood, the back of my head, I—" She saw the blood on her hand one moment and then it faded when she blinked. "I thought I had an encounter with a pirate. We wrestled, right here," Ozzie pointed to the floor, "And then they were just gone and I—I," she stammered, "It's happening to me, too."

At the mention of blood, the doctor pulled out her tricorder and scanned the woman in front of her. "I don't see anything wrong except your heart rate is 40% faster than usual. Are you in any pain?"

"No?" Ozzie sounded uncertain. She had been sure she'd felt pain from the tussle, but now? There was nothing really.

Tiber had not been far away when the call for security had come over the comm. As an intelligence officer he had the option of keeping himself apprised of all security comm traffic while on ship, a choice he had opted to take. He had been in his quarters at the time, on the same deck as sickbay. Arming himself with the phaser he kept in his deck table, he made his way quickly to the site of the distress call. When he arrived he could clearly see the chief and talking to a doctor just outside of sickbay but nothing that would constitute an issue for security. Approaching cautiously with his weapon still drawn he addressed the pair.
"Is everything ok here Lieutenant?"

The doctor looked up as the newcomer approached. "That may depend on your definition of okay. There's no emergency at the moment, but there is an issue about which we were on our way to inform the captain."

Tiber took a moment to review the situation before retracting his weapon, he hasn't had time to grab a holster so he simply brought it safely down to his side.

Isuri looked at Hightower. She didn't know the intel guy, and she wasn't sure they should be raising alarms. But after what she'd just experienced, she was just shaken up enough to be sure it wasn't nothing. She didn't have a habit of hallucinating. "There's been an uptick in disruptions among the crew since engines cut out. We were comparing notes on the patterns between medical and security and going to go present our findings to the captain."

Tiber was intrigued by the situation. With the Romulan meeting in the offing, he had not been keeping himself as well informed as maybe he should have of shipboard news. On the other hand Starfleet Intelligence wasn't in the habit of keeping tabs on other officers. At least it wasn't part of his current assignment anyway.

"Have you noticed any specific patterns in the crews behavior?"

"If randomness is a pattern." Ozzie answered kind of sarcastically, her brows compressed in thought. She remembered a principle of her Mother's holy order, one that stated that all of nature was a dance of control and chaos, that control would crush the universe and chaos would fling it wide apart, but it was the centripetal and centrifugal forces in tandem that made for the both strong yet tenuous dance of life. The thought gave her presence of mind, a grounding. It was is if she could feel the cool stone of the temple floor under her feet. and helped her refocus after her scare. Now Ozzie found herself curious who the intel guy was (he looked about as fresh as she herself was to the service) and decided to prompt an introduction. "I'm Lt jg Ozanna Isuri, Chief of Security. You've probably met or been scanned by the Doc, Lt. Hightower."

Varina nodded toward the Intel officer.

Tiber extended a hand toward both of them which they shook politely in turn. Shooting a glace toward the doctor he stated flatly.
"I've yet to have the pleasure doctor." Turning his attention back the the chief.
"Do you have any data or analysis on the incidents?"

Ozzie extended the medical and security cross comparison report findings to her Intel crewmate to see if he could find anything more in them. Patterns were the forte of guys like that. That's why they perched them at desks with a high view. "Maybe you could help us see if there are any more solid connections. A lot of people are seeing things that others around them aren't, or are reacting in ways that seem dangerous or erratic, but to them seem perfectly sensible at the time. Most of these people are otherwise fine, stable persons, with good records and checked out clear psychologically in their last evals with counseling."

Tiber's eyes flashed up from the reports he was reviewing and made a futile attempt to read the mind of the Security officer in front of him. Her comment about reacting to situations in dangerous or erratic ways would easily apply to him over the last few days. There was no way she could know about Nokomis and him.
"Hmmm." Tiber skimmed the reports asking further questions without looking up.
"Any linking factors? greater prevalence from a certain department, physical location aboard ship?"

"They're from every different department, all different ages, all over the ship. Even some kids are reporting seeing things. The experiences range broadly. I suspect we're getting reports of the worst. That's how it works in medicine and law enforcement. No one calls if they get a scratch or see a shadow. They just shrug it off. We may just be seeing the tip of the iceberg, so to speak."

Varina listened to Lt. Isuri summarize everything. But the mention of kids brought to mind her own strange occurrences: the sudden appearance and disappearance of her son. She'd seen him twice now, and while it seemed like it had to have been a hallucination now, when she'd seen him, he seemed very real at the time. Not spirit-like, but solid. Still, she kept quiet about it. Her record already held her as a trouble-maker, and she didn't want to give it any credence. Besides, it wasn't harming anyone, making her turn on anyone.

Ozzie caught how both the doc and the intel guy seemed to get internalized for a moment. She had the distinct feeling they weren't telling her something, and the temptation to read into them a little to find the meaning of it, though she certainly wasn't gong to act on it.

The short time Tiber had taken to review the findings presented him had revealed nothing. He knew he would need more time to study them for some sort of link. He had no doubt he would find one. There was always a pattern, even to seemingly the most random bits of information, effect always had cause and he would find it.

"Mind if i take a copy?" He asked politely and professionally, only willing to take one answer.

Ozzie nodded. "I'll trade you for your name, Ensign..."

Tiber paused for a brief second trying to remember if he had introduced himself.
"Tiberius Domitius Augusta, Ma'am. I'm a relatively new arrival aboard."

"Aren't we all? Good to meet you, though."

"Likewise Lieutenant." Tiber replied politely.

While he was making his copy of the files, Ozzie tapped her combadge. "Isuri to Captain Barrett"

Logan sat in his ready room with only one dim overhead light as he sipped on a mug of black tea as he scrolled through the latest sensor logs. "Barrett here. Go ahead, lieutenant."

"Sir, there's some concerning activity going on. There are an unusual number of injuries being reported in sickbay and a rise in altercations and dangerous behavior throughout the crew. Many of these activities seem to be connected with people imagining experiences or things that prove not to be there."

Logan took his eyes off his computer screen and swiveled in his chair to look out the viewport at the stars as thoughts of his previous personal ordeal came to the forefront in his mind. "I've... also received a few similar reports. This could be more dangerous than we first thought."

"I've given someone from Intel, Ensign Augusta, the reports from myself and Dr. Hightower."

Logan sipped his tea quietly and nodded to the emptiness of his ready room. "Excellent. inter-department sharing will definitely help the situation. Speaking of, I'm going to be scheduling a senior staff meeting shortly so we can all get on the same page. Good work, lieutenant. Barrett out."

Ozzie looked between the other two officers. "Sorry Doctor. I guess you won't have to leave off your patients after all. I guess we'll see if we've got more to share at the meeting." Rubbing the back of her head one more time, Ozzie felt she had to be sure, once more. But there was no pain, no bruising, no blood. "In the meantime, I need to go brief my department and come up with a suggested plan of action for ship security."

Varina eyed the Security Chief, noticing her movements. "You alright, Lieutenant?"

"Better than I can believe, Doc. Don't worry, I'm not going to trust my senses alone. I'll get my department together on this so we can all work in awareness and look out for each other. Last thing this ship needs is its security being a buncha loose cannons."

Varina nodded. "Very well. Come see me if anything is bothering you, physically or...this mess," she said waving her hand around with a slighly amused look on her face. She then turned to Tiberius. "Nice to meet you, Ensign. Please let me know if I can be of assistance." With a nod, she returned to Sickbay.


Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Varina Hightower
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ozanna Isuri
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Tiberius Augusta
Intelligence Officer, USS Orion


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