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Home Sweet Home

Posted on Mon Jul 2nd, 2018 @ 1:31pm by Lieutenant JG Jackson Lewis

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Deck 8 Quarters
Timeline: Day 3: 0100 Hours

Jackson tossed and turned in his sleep. He normally dreamt of women, of various species, and in various states of dress. But for the last three nights his unconscious hours had fallen back to memories of his childhood. He moved through his childhood home in the dream and would look into the rooms replaying scenes like a holofilm but they all had one common denominator.

His father, or more to the point, the fact Jackson’s mind constituted his father as a fluid inkblot with eyes quick to turn crimson red.

The memories struck him for their raw hostility. Facts and happenings and words he’d chosen to bury but never truly forgotten. How many times he witnessed violence in the home whether it was watching his mother or brother take the abuse or he himself. Watching them he was reminded how helpless he felt as a child.

Room after room, scene after scene, they began to blend together. His father, drunken and angry, taking out his frustrations about a life he didn’t want on everyone around him. That lifestyle was the same he’d seen his older brother beginning to adopt as he grew up. To compensate Jackson had developed a quick wit and a big mouth, which didn’t mesh very well with his old man. So he’d spent more and more time away from home until he just didn’t go back.

He watched himself hastily pack a duffle before walking out of that house for the last time. But this time the shadowy form blocked the door. Demanding to know where he was going. He wondered if he’d have had the courage to leave if his father had really stopped him. Suddenly he felt the sting of a belt, again and again. He’d been whipped so many times he could tell what kind of material it was made out of by the time he was twelve. After the third sting he sat up in bed, sweat dripping off him, his arms in front of him in a defensive posture.

Catching his breath he looked around the dark room, convincing himself he was alone. Most people would make a drink after that but not him. He forced himself to lay back in the darkness but he didn’t find sleep again that night. But his father didn’t find him again either.


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