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Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2018 @ 3:36pm by Centurion Eilaea t'Keirianh

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Eilaea & Vriha's Quarters
Timeline: MD03 0500

She wasn't entirely sure what made her look again. Possibly nothing more than feeling unsettled in alien territory. Or one of those nameless instincts honed over the last half century. Still, even then, she hadn't actually expected to find anything. Until she found herself looking at an the quarters she and Vriha shared, affixed to the bulkhead behind the artwork she had admired a few days earlier. Had admired a few days earlier when she vividly remembered clearing said area and finding nothing.

Carefully, she considered the situation as she made her way into the bedroom to retrieve things, thankfully it appeared the safe, at least, was intact, before returning to the main room. Some such devices were programmed with countermeasures to prevent tampering, or dispatch those who attempted it. Many, however, were not; the more you packed into such a device, the larger the power signature and harder the concealment. Taking a step back, she cautiously scanned the device, checking with her other hand to make sure that the disruptor she was carrying was still in place: Such devices sometimes otherwise often led to more first-hand investigations when disconnected, by whatever party had placed them. Finally, she reached out with a silvery pouch of sorts in one hand, enveloping the item and detaching it from the bulkhead with a hard yank, sealing it inside the pouch, which should hopefully block or deactivate it.

A similar search of the rest of the quarters turned up three more such items, but little else out of place in such a way that she might otherwise notice. Queries against entries into their quarters were met with nothing; and the computer steadfastly maintained both she and Vriha had been sound asleep, and the latter had been absent from the quarters in the science offices until late the night before. She was reasonably certain of this herself in fact, the younger woman had still been sleeping when she had awakened. A quick review of the few security measures they had set up for their own protection, however, outside of those built into the ship's computer, gave not just confirmation of that but also a moment was barely more than a slight distortion in the readings. Without the rest of the evidence, she would have assumed it to be a quirk of the equipment.

...And that in and of itself said something, and made her suppress a shiver, feeling cold even in a room set to a more amendable temperature than the ship overall. Nothing disturbed, no records, barely even an indication at all. A professional job. On a warbird, she would have been on her way to have it out with the Tal Shiar agent aboard. But this wasn't a warbird, and even if she assumed the Tal Shiar had an agent on this ship--which she was reasonably certain they did not--they would probably have far more interesting quarry than her aboard. But the Federation had their own analogue to such. Their own operators in the shadows darker than those played in by garden-variety military and civilian intelligence. Section 31. And they would have few more interesting targets aboard.

Undoubtedly, now that she had discovered their efforts, their methods would change, or escalate. Humans were unpredictable creatures that way...Though she could not afford to assume, she reminded herself, that it was a human who was stalking them. A fist clenched at her side in frustration as Eilaea carefully dematerialized the planted items in the replicator: Shooting them with her disruptor would have been rather more satisfying, but explaining the weapons-fire alarm to the resulting security team would have been rather less so.

Finally, she tugged her tunic down and decided to go elsewhere to get her morning cup of tea; best to avoid the replicator in their quarters for the moment...Or at least to make sure to scan anything that came out of it before ingesting it. Section 31, as she understood it, was more prone to gathering information or manipulating persons and events than direct assassination, but there were hints they'd delve into such if it suited their purposes. Which she doubted it would here--whomever was behind this would likely be thinking of herself and Vriha more useful as a source of information, or an attempt to suborn; they were not high ranking enough to warrant eliminating for its own purposes. Still. Now the next move was to her opponent, and she did not intend to be an easy mark.


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