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Right Place, Right Time

Posted on Thu Mar 1st, 2018 @ 6:55am by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly
Edited on on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 7:13am

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Oooh La La Club, Los Angeles, Earth
Timeline: Day 1 - 1730 Hours

Eli was finally off suspension and was finally starting her new posting. She was thrilled and relieved to put the events of the USS Artemis behind her. This was a reason to celebrate, not that she needed a reason. Walking down the sidewalk towards over of her favorite bars. As always she had was turning heads, it wasn't often in this town to see a female with tattoos on most of her exposed skin. The fact that she showed more exposed skin than most didn't help the problem.

She entered the bar easily getting past the groups of people that also wanted in the establishment. It was obvious to any that saw her that she was looking for someone. What they wouldn't know was that someone was yet to be determined. Moving though the crowd to the bar she glanced around the crowded room. " my. What do we have here?" A male voice spoke from behind. She didn't even turn and simply rolled her eyes as she brushed up against her a little too close for comfort.

She looked up at the tall man that moved opposite )his friend. Each were dressed in gold Starfleet uniforms and each had the rank of Ensign. Little did they know they were hitting on someone who could be their boss. "My Frank, I do believe we have found the pretties little morsel in this joint." He smacked her friend on the arm with the back of his hand. "Does she have a name?" He asked, somewhat actually address Eli. She turned from the main part of the room and placed both elbows on the bar as she tried to get the bartenders attention. "Come now, darling...We know you are playing hard to get." He reached out and brushed the backs of his knuckles down her arm. Her eyes shot to his for a moment she wanted to punch him but resisted the urge. She had already been in enough trouble this last week.

Turning back to the door she saw a face she recognized but couldn't place from where. Frank and his marginally more intelligent friend just kept talking and followed her as she moved though the crowd. Without any warning to her poor victim she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. "There you are Honey, how did I beat you here?" She asked without looking over her shoulder. She reached up and whispered in his ear. "Did it work?" She asked.

Logan had just finished a long briefing at Starfleet Command. Though he was happy to be spending time with his kids before the Orion was due to leave, sometimes work got in the way. And he knew just the place to unwind and grab a real drink before heading back up to the Orion high in orbit. As he pulled open the large, ornate wooden door, his nose immediately detected that old familiar aura of perfumes, expensive liquors and the clinking of glasses. He smirked to himself about old times, though the smirk contorted faintly at the thought of having brought Betty here once many years ago, before they were married. She's gone still, in case you were wondering, his mind told him for a forgotten number of times. He quickly brushed the uncomfortable feelings aside, as he had grown accustomed to doing for a while now.

He pushed his way through the already large crowd of people already getting off work. Several Starfleet uniforms could be seen, as well as the usual business types. He tactfully slid past a large Bolian man in a very ornate suit, just at the time his face was grabbed and soft, tender lips pressed against his. The sudden surprise shot his eyebrows way up as he then heard "There you are honey, how did I beat you here?" He could smell the perfume this woman was wearing. It was very tantalizing. Not one to let an enticing situation escape him, he immediately smiled warmly at her. "Hey sweetheart! I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. I had another meeting." As she leaned in and whispered in his ear to ask "Did it work?" he wrapped an arm around the small of her back. She couldn't see from the angle, but the men accosting her frowned, remained silent and then turned to fade back into the throng of other people. He whispered back to her, "Absolutely..."

“Oh thank god...” Eli replied with a laugh to her voice.
She took a step back pressing her back against his hand before looking up at him. “I am so sorry to just accost you like that.” She couldn’t help finding the man attractive. “You must let me buy you a drink to make up for it.” She gave him a flirty almost knowing smile.

Logan certainly hadn't expected this to happen when he stepped into the club. However, he didn't mind helping a woman in need of help. He let his hand slide off her back and raised an eyebrow while offering her a coy smile. "You won't hear me say no, Miss...?" He followed her towards the bar as the scent of her perfume trailed behind her. Once they reached the bar he leaned against it as his eyes took in this mysterious woman.

"You can call me, Eli." She grinned over her shoulder before waving down the bartender. "Scotch on the rocks, single malt the older the better..." She started before looking over her savior. "I would say you are a Jamison man...on the rocks but I guess straight could be acceptable" She asked, wonder if her quick assessment of the man was accurate. It typically was.

Logan watched her carefully, enjoying her analysis of him. He couldn't help the broad smirk that crossed his face as he nodded at her choice in poison. "That's a very good start, Eli." He leaned closer to her and whispered faintly, "And I'm guessing that you don't shy away from strength either..." He had to wonder if she was interested in his Starfleet uniform or was there something more? After all, there were thousands of similarly-clad men walking around Earth. "So do you live around here?"

Eli ordered the drink and couldn't help the shiver of delight that went down her spin as his whisper brushed her ears. She turned towards him pressing into him slightly feigning the lack of space at the bar. Her arm coming to rest on his forearm just above where his hand rested on the bar. "Strength has a tendency to call to me." She replied with shameless flirtation in her voice. "I do have quarters not far from here...would you like to see?" The devious invitation written across her face. She would be lying if she tried to imply that she hadn't come here looking for someone to warm her bed, she was always on the hunt for that, but he was far more that she had hoped.

Logan couldn't help but laugh excitedly at this woman and her eagerness. "My, aren't we looking for something specific? And here I thought you were at least going to buy me a drink first, Eli." He kept his gaze on her as his smile broadened. "I'm truly flattered. I bet I'm the first man to ever be invited to your quarters." He glanced over and motioned with his hand for the bartender to make his way toward them.

"Never said I was in a hurry, or that the offer was sincere" Eli hungrily looked him up and a down unashamed in her obviousness. "Besides, I have a feeling you will need some liquid courage before being brave enough to find out what I meant." She turned in a practiced fashion and told the bartender their order. She had a satisfied grin on her face when she turned back toward Logan and handed him his drink. Raising her glass to her red lips she took a sip of the warm amber elixir; Closing her eyes in appreciation of the sensation.

Logan briefly raised his drink in a salute toward her before taking a big gulp. She was certainly a free spirit, he'd give her that. Not to many people say what they mean and so he respected her for that. He hid a smirk as he looked at her gorgeous eyes and said, "What good are insincere offers, Eli? Sounds to me like you should keep your word about everything..."

Eli kept her eyes locked on his as she savored another draw, larger than the last one, from her glass. The smoky liquid just brushed the line of a harsh burn in the back of her throat. "Don't worry, Logan." She started with a grin. "I have every intention of showing you where I live." Scotch was a drink that should be sipped and savored but Eli had found something she wanted more than the scotch. She finished off the remainder of her drink before turning, arching her back just that way before turning back to Logan. She just looked at him the unspoken invitation hanging between them.

Life experiences had taught Logan to seize the moment because they might never come again. It was a philosophy that could get someone into trouble if they weren't careful enough. However, that wasn't the thought going through Logan's mind just then as his eyes locked onto Eli's for a brief moment before he also finished off his drink, placing the glass back onto the bar as he arched one eyebrow. "Let's see if your place has the right view of the water."

Eli involuntarily stretched her arms above her head as she started to wake up. Her body was deliciously stiff after the previous night activities. She could feel the heat coming from her bed mate. She always enjoyed the morning after. They were always similar but never the same. She felt him roll towards her as his arm draped over her hip. She let out a contented sigh as he pulled her closer to him. She didn't want to get up, it was nothing to do with him it was simply that she enjoyed being naked in bed even if she were alone. She looked up at the clock on her nightstand with a groan. "I have to get up and you have to get going." She purred.

Logan ran his arm along her hip softly as he let out a content sigh, his eyes slowly opening halfway. "So I do..." He slowly rolled to the edge of the bed and began getting dressed, picking up pieces of his uniform strewn on the floor. Once he was done, he looked himself over in the mirror, attempting to get his hair to look somewhat less disheveled than it had been when he awoke. Fortunately, he had decided to wear his task force unit beret the day before so that covered the problem areas as he tugged it into position before using his hands to smooth his uniform front.

While Logan had dressed, Eli had slipped into the bath room her outfit in hand. Moment later as her latest conquest was looking himself over in the mirror she emerged in her gold uniform with her full lieutenant pips glistening at her collar. Her yellow under shirt hugged her body as the service jacket hung from her shoulders unzipped. She was glad she had fought the demotion and even more glad when she had won. Her hand expertly moved though her hair as she pulled her hair back with a practiced ease. Once her hair was pulled back in a controlled messy pony tail she set to zipping up her jacket, The sound filling the comfortable silence between them.

He looked at his beret once more in the mirror, turning his head sideways to look at his side profile just in time to catch Eli's form appearing from the bathroom. He turned around to face her, the familiar uniform making him arch an eyebrow in a faint way that told her that he hadn't quite expected to see her wearing it. "Well, don't you look professional, lieutenant?" He smirked faintly as his eyes looked her over once more, admiring the form he now knew so well.

Eli smiled as she closed the gap between them, which with her moving though her bedroom and pulling on her boots wasn't all that far. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her for a kiss, one she planned to draw out and savor. There was something about Logan that made her want more of him. Damien was like that. The thought brought a grin to her face. "Never judge a book by it's cover, Commander" She grinned lowering back down on her heels. "Thanks for last night, by the way. Couldn't have planned a better send off." She shot him a cheeky grin as she moved into her living room where her pack sat behind the couch out of view the previous evening.

He savored the last kiss, realizing that it was probably the last kiss he'd ever get from her. "I know what you mean." It was now time to leave, their careers separating them as Starfleet typically does to officers. Maybe they'd run into each other years from now and remember this... He stepped over to her door and turned around just as it hissed open. "See you around, Eli. Look me up sometime." He grinned at her before whirling around and heading outside her building. Once outside he slapped his combadge and said, "Barrett to Orion. One to beam up." A moment later, the telltale shimmer appeared out of thin air and made him vanish without a trace.

Eli watched as he disappered in the blue shimmer of the federation transporter. It took a moment for her brain to register where he said he was going. A sly smile crossed her lips as she realized the sheer amount of fun she was going to have once her brain put two and two together. USS Orion and Commander Logan....Barrett. She had just slept with her new commanding officer. However, he didn't know that. With a grin she hefted her bag over her shoulder as she stepped out and secured her quarters. "Kelly to Orion. One to beam up."

Lieutenant Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Junior Grade Elizabeth Kelly
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion

(Little does he know)


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