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Who's There

Posted on Sun Jun 20th, 2021 @ 1:50pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 5: Mysterious Strangers
Location: Alien Vessel
Timeline: MD 01 - 1130 Hours

An alarm started to blare, and Statzia swore as a small explosion rocked the Orion ship. Her fingers flew across the console, pausing only just a moment to tap her combadge. "Liski to Commander Diza, we just lost another relay. At this rate, we've got ten minutes, if we're feeling lucky. Have you found the woman and baby yet?"
"Negative, but I have Ensign Darhk. I'll try to locate them on the way back to you."

Statzia didn't even look over her shoulder at the rest of the personnel on the bridge. "I'll try to keep this together as long as I can, but you three need to beam back now."

Say growled, "I need to get my son secured before I leave. I'm not losing him because you can't find him!" She tried to move again before Vesu stopped her.

"Say- they'll find Gep, I'm sure Vee kept him safe." Vesu held Say by her wrists, "Also, you shouldn't move much. Let Javn heal you up, and trust me- trust my crewmates. You know I wouldn't stay on a ship with people I didn't trust." Vesu's words seemed to work into Say's head and cool her down.

"What am I, invisible?" Lyras scowled as he did his best to stabilize the injured woman for transport. He looked up, only now realizing that Javn was actually gone. He gritted his teeth, fighting down a sense of worry when she wasn't in the vicinity. He couldn't afford to, not with a mother's life on the line. "They will find your child now please, stay still!"

Heshoulou stopped Say from saying anything- "Javn, mind your tongue. Orions are matriarchal and we aren't used to male doctors- though, you might want to defer to someone else on Orion medical care if you're having trouble. We should beam her out, help me push the console off of her." Vesu turned and forced the console away from her older sister, crunching the metal slightly where it had broken to fall.

"I am not Javn," Lyras answered, casting a worried frown to his readings. "We should not move that until we actually can beam her out." But it was too late now, the metal had already shifted and he cast his patient an even more worried frown. "I do not know what normal values are for her, but from what I see now, she is in bad shape."

"You're Lyras, then? Either way, let's get her to sickbay." Vesu clicked the pattern enhancer onto Sayshelou's belt, then activated it and tapped her badge, =^= Emergency beam to sickbay on the pattern enhancer beside me. =^=

"Alert Doctor Haas, critical patient incoming," Lyras added, gently squeezing the woman's shoulder before she disappeared. "She will be alright," he promised, "Doctor Haas has far more experience than I do. And if she insists on a female, that hologram will do?" He stood, looking around. "Perhaps we should join the search for your sister?"

"Go, Vesu, I've got things--" Another alarm lit up the console and Statzia swore. "Okay, so things are not under control. Take the extra pattern enhancers in the kit, and go help the Commander with the search. I'll try to keep things--" A third alarm lit up the corner of the tactical display, indicating the proximity to the atmosphere was starting to put a strain on the shields. "Nevermind, just go before we all blow up!"

Statzia hit her combadge before jogging to the helm control. "Liski to Transporter room. Keep a lock on the crew, and be ready to beam them back on my mark. It's going to be a quick exit--" She slid into the seat, wincing as the skin on one of her fingers caught on the fractured surface of the console.

"--epeat y---st communic---enant." The static crackled back across the com.

Statzia instinctively popped the finger in her mouth, tasting blood, before extracting the hand to tap her combadge again. "Liski to Diza, you need to find them quickly. I don't think we're going to stay airborne for much longer!"

"We're on our way, infant and woman in tow." Miz responded to the call and she didn't even bother tapping her combadge again. She wasn't even sure her messages were getting all the way through, there was more and more interference. The woman with the squirming green baby had been found near an escape pod that was obviously malfunctioning.. Mis had scooped them both up and kept going.

Javn was scanning the barely conscious Orion female as they made their way back to the group. How the commander was able to navitage her way around was a mystery to her. Without consent she began administering the hydrospray, giving the Orion a boost of adrenaline to possibly help speed things up.

Another small explosion rocked the ship, sending sparks falling from the ceiling just as the entire away team, the baby, and the Orion woman arrived in the transporter room. All semblance of control disappeared with the shimmering forms. The ship started listing, pulled by the planet's gravity well. Small external explosions were seen on the hull as it entered the atmosphere, a trail of black smoke forming from the gathering inferno as it plunged into oblivion.

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia Liski
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu
Chief Engineer, USS Orion

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion

Lieutenant Kevin Huxley
Assistant Security Chief, USS Orion
NPC of Captain Barrett


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