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Conscientious Objector

Posted on Mon Jun 7th, 2021 @ 3:16pm by Captain Logan Barrett

Mission: Mission 5: Mysterious Strangers
Location: Deck 17: Small Arms Armory
Timeline: MD 01 - 0925 Hours

Lyras knew it'd come up eventually, and that somehow on this ship he needed to find a compromise of some sort. Still, his personal choices weren't things he preferred to publicly speak about.

A little nervous, he approached the security officer, hoping the person in charge would be reasonable and hear him out. "Sir... a moment of your time?"

Lt. Huxley was counting the phaser rifles behind the counter inside the armory as part of his monthly inventory check. He arched one eyebrow as he heard a familiar voice and turned to look at Ensign Lyras. He held up his hands, one holding a PADD, in mock defense. "Well, well... I didn't expect you to be back in security so soon, ensign. What is it this time; you sent your girlfriend the wrong flowers?"

The young hybrid shook his head. "No sir, I wish to speak with you about the upcoming mission." His eyes traveled to the rifles and then back to the lieutenant. "I do not wish to carry a phaser. Instead, I need to be re-issued with a knife." He held out a PADD with the specifications of what he needed, a re-issue of the knife he had lost before getting stuck in a transporter for the better part of a century. In all honesty, requesting a re-issue had been the last thing on his mind with how busy he'd been getting up to speed with medical procedures in this century.

Huxley took the PADD with a befuddled expression and began reading the description. "So... you just don't want a phaser because..." He let the sentence trail off into an assumed question. He had never run across this type of situation before and it genuinely confused him.

"Because I am a doctor sir, and given my history and origin, I have been raised on the concept that shooting someone from a distance is dishonourable. There is honour in personal combat, though I do hope to be able to avoid that too. I am proficient with a blade sir, and very capable of defending myself and others if the need arises."

The security lieutenant leaned on the half door that acted as a checking in & out counter. "Killing someone with a blade is more honorable than phased energy? Sounds like an arbitrary argument based on distance if you ask me." He nodded to a phaser rifle locked inside a wall shelf. "If someone is shooting at you, wouldn't it be more efficient to shoot them back at range, thereby protecting your crewmates even more?"

Lyras shuddered at the sight of the rifle. "I will fire a weapon only when it is my last resort sir," he stated. "I am not refusing to carry one, only to use it sir. And I was granted permission to do so." He pointed at the PADD he had handed over. "Also I am not carrying a blade to kill someone with it if I can avoid it. I would prefer not to fight at all if given a choice."

"Well, your primary goal is to heal people. I get it. Just don't sit around if I get taken out, please." Huxley walked over to a shelf and picked up a type-II phaser and holster and brought it over to him. "Here. This is just in case. I'll be coming along on the mission. Keeping you safe is my primary objective."

"And my blade?" Lyras prompted as he inspected the weapon and holstered it with a look of mild displeasure on his face. "As said I will need a new one, as I lost mine on the Ishimura."

Huxley turned and grabbed a standard Starfleet issue combat knife, sheathed in a polymer scabbard, and handed it to the ensign. "Here ya go."

The Vulcan briefly examined the blade then put it back on the counter. "This is not what needs to be issued," he stated flatly, "the PADD clearly specified that I need a Ka-bar knife."

The security officer pointed at the knife indignantly. "This standard issue knife has it's origins in that antique. It's exactly what you'd need on an away team." He frowned at the difficult Vulcan and waited for another objection.

"I require the antique," the Vulcan stated flatly, "this blade I have no proficiency with, it feels different."

"Look, I've been very accommodating about your particular needs, ensign. This knife is just as good as the older ones. It will have to do." Huxley stood there and stared into the Vulcan to emphasize that he wasn't budging on this.

Lyras just stared back, unwilling to budge either. And unwilling to acknowledge that the man just might know what he was talking about.

Huxley just blinked at him and then set about gathering his own phaser for the away mission. "You can stand there all you want but I'm closing up shop and heading to the transporter room. I suggest you do the same, ensign. Commander Diza doesn't appreciate tardiness."

The Vulcan just stared, but took the knife anyway. "We will discuss this later then," he said simply, "because I need what I had before and not... this." Without further acknowledging the man, he marched out, clearly unhappy with how things had gone.

Huxley raised an index finger to make a point but no sound came out of his mouth as the Vulcan turned and walked away. He made a mental note to discuss Lyras' insubordination and rude attitude with the first officer. He found it striking that a Vulcan could push past basic arrogance especially about something so mundane. Huxley grabbed his equipment and headed toward the transporter room after locking the armory.

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Kevin Huxley
Security Officer, U.S.S. Orion
NPC of Captain Barrett


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