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Routine Drop Off

Posted on Fri Apr 30th, 2021 @ 10:40am by Captain Logan Barrett & Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski & Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 5: Mysterious Strangers
Location: Deck 1: Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 01 - 0815 Hours

Captain Barrett strolled onto the bridge from the ready room with his faithful coffee mug. He nodded to Lt. Liski as he crossed her station on the way to the center chair.

Statzia gave a nod to the captain. "Cargo Bay Two reports they are ready to transport as soon as we get coordinates from the surface, captain."

"Excellent, lieutenant." He took his seat and to the Bolian ensign at the helm, asked, "What's our ETA to Trialdi?"

"We'll arrive at the planet in ten minutes, sir," the bald, blue-skinned woman said.

He arched an eyebrow as he turned to his right. "Good morning, Number One," he said as he sat down and took a sip of his coffee.

"Morning." Mis said softly, looking at the screen instead of up at him. She hadn't had nearly enough coffee for pleasantries yet. She reached behind her head, scratched a spot below her hairline and then looked up. "Sleep well, captain?"

"I had a little trouble dozing off but once I played some slow jazz, things progressed rapidly." He took a sip of his coffee, savoring the flavor. He glanced over to Mis and observed her weary eyes. "Foregoing the usual brew this morning?"

She remembered his jazz, she'd once fallen asleep on the sofa when he'd turned it on and he'd laughed at her about it later. "Yeah, that will put anyone to sleep. I thought I would try tea. If I murder someone, that will be a good enough excuse right?"

"If she kills someone, that means I move down to number two on the brig waiting list, right?" Statzia never looked up from her attention to the PADD in her left hand and her console under her right.

"I think that would depend on who the victim is," the captain replied with a grin. He paused a beat before continuing, "What do we know about Trialdi, aside from the supplies request, lieutenant?"

"Trinaldi has a planetary government. Historically, they've struggled with scientific development due to the planet's unpredictable geothermic events. They have recently become warp-capable despite the setbacks."

"A step in the right direction, at least," Barrett said.

A few minutes later, the U.S.S. Orion arrived at Trialdi. The viewscreen was mostly filled with a blue-green orb that had a few orange dots denoting volcano activity.

"Now entering standard orbit, sir," the Bolian officer announced as the ship slipped into a cruising circle around the planet.

Next addressing the security officer above and directly behind him, the captain said, "Mister Huxley, please hail the Trialdi government."

"Aye sir," Lieutenant Huxley said, dancing his fingers over his console to send an hail down to the planet. The customary beeps confirmed it was sent before a few moments of silence. Then more beeps emitted from his console. "I have the Viceroy of the capitol, sir."

"On screen," Barrett intoned before the image of a lavish office took form on the large viewscreen. In the center was a forest green bipedal humanoid with one singular eye. It held up one 'hand' in what Barrett assumed was a greeting.

"I am Viceroy Gorgix. You are the Federation ship sent to deliver supplies, yes?"

"That's correct. I'm Captain Barrett of the U.S.S. Orion. Our teams are preparing the requested medical and technical equipment as we speak. They should be ready shortly to beam down to the coordinates you gave us previously."

"That's welcome news, captain. We thank you for the much needed supplies to get us back on track after the recent geological instabilities."

"I'm sure that you are," Captain Barrett replied with a friendly smile, glancing to Diza briefly for confirmation. "We'll coordinate the beaming process with your logistics officer. Barrett out."

"Friendly enough." Mis commented, not that it really mattered. Still, it was easier for her to identify with someone who didn't like to shout as their preferred method of communication.

"Always a good sign," Barrett replied as he pulled up the ship cargo manifest on his chair arm console. "I'm jealous of the diplomatic envoy the Federation Council is sending in our wake. I think we got gypted on our assignment."

"You never know. Things might get more exciting than you expect, that's how life works." She gave him a sympathetic pat on the back without looking up from her PADD. "Supplies are in place for transport."


=== Sickbay ===

"What exactly do we need to put together?" Lyras asked as he approached the acting CMO. "I heard something about medical supplies but I do not believe I have seen a list?"

Javn, attuned to her partners voice, picked up on his question and silently answered him by placing a PADD containing the list of supplies they were gathering for the Trialdi. Flashing him a smile, she continued her own tasks of replicating more healing ointment needed to complete first aid kits.

The EMH shimmered into view out of nowhere, appearing as an elderly lady. "Doctor Haas can't be disturbed he's working on something very important. You two need to take the supplies to the cargo bay."

Lyras almost jumped at the appearance of the hologram, not having interacted with it before.

Javn caught Lyras' surprise upon the arrival of the EMH and chuckled under her breath as she finished packing the last of the first aid kits. Javn shut the lid to one of the containers, finally finished and ready for transport. Activating the hover system on both containers she turned to Lyras. "Ready?"

The Vulcan doctor nodded. "Ready when you are," he answered.

She turned to Ensign Havillard, a fellow nurse she often oversaw sickbay with. "Ensign Lyras and I will oversee the delivery. You stay here and oversee sick bay, should you need assistance use the EMH."

=== Cargo Bay Two ===

Vesu tossed her hyper-spanner to Andrew Davis Jr. over her shoulder and rolled the last resonance tube back into line. It would be safe for transport now, instead of screaming at anyone getting plasma energy too close. It had really been 'safe' for transport, if you didn't mind the squealling.

Over her shoulder, Andrew Davis Jr. fumbled the pen-sized tool and then set it back into the toolkit.

"So it's all heading down to Trialdi?"

"What part of 'everything' is confusing you here? If it's set up to go, Andrew Davis, it's set up to go, and it's going. We hope it'll be useful."

"Yes ma'am." He would've saluted if she was looking his way.

"We have the medical supplies," Lyras called out as they pushed the hover carts into the cargo bay, "where do you want them?"

"They should be fine over in this area, near the inert materials. Don't put anything over there though. It's not dangerous but it's not advisable either." Vesu hummed and got off the floor to assist the doctor.

Javn, following behind the doctor froze momentarily when she caught sight of Vesu, an overwhelming sense of deja vu cementing her feet to the floor, leaving Lyras to push the carts alone. She recovered quickly, nodded to the lieutenant and hurried to catch up.

Sensing something, the Vulcan turned his head. "Are you alright?" he asked as he continued to push the cart towards the designated area. "Why not there?" he asked Vesu, "if it is not dangerous, why not?"

"As a medical professional, you know certain types of radiation can denature medicines and medical samples. Should one of those containers leak, while unlikely, the more delicate things in your care would be affected. Maybe not terribly, or to the point of uselessness, but affected none the less." She raised an eyebrow, "Don't you trust me?"

"I am a physician, not a physicist," Lyras answered, "therefor knowledge about radiation is somewhat out of my area of expertise. And it is not a matter of trust, just simple curiosity."

"With that attitude, I'm worried about sending my engineers up to your mebay to be treated for raiation poisoning." She laughed, trying to crack a joke with a vulcan, "Either way, just a little extra caution is necessary in that area so sensitive medical stuff over here. Alright? Andrew Davis, help the medical ensigns. I'm sorry, there's a few more things I need to secure."

With that, Vesu grabbed her toolkit and crouched near one of the larger crates, popping it open and laying on her back to slide into it.

The human man smiled awkwardly at Lyras, then turned to the crates. "How can I help you?"

"I prefer doctor," Lyras told Vesu, before turning towards the human male now in front of him. "Well you can assist us in getting those crates situated for transport."

"Of course." Andrew started by getting one of them off the cart, carefully settling it next to the inert machine parts and securing it.

Javn grabbed the next crate following Andrew and setting hers next to it. "Thank you for your help," she said, giving Andrew a timid smile as she headed back to the continue unloading the supplies.

Andrew shot her his own smile and continued his work, carefully securing everything.

As Andrew smiled at Javn, Lyras shot the young man a withering glare. There was an odd feeling welling up inside of him, one he didn't recognize but he didn't want the Human anywhere near his woman!

Andrew, predictably, withered away from the vulcan doctor, but continued to work methodically.

The cargo containers full of medical supplies started to disappear in bright blue shimmers from the large cargo transporter platforms, shortly followed by the engineering containers full of parts and replicators. Within thirty minutes, the entire cargo bay was once again empty.

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Heshoulou Vesu
Chief Engineer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia Liski
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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