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Asking Forgiveness

Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 2:10pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant JG Anastatzia "Statzia" Liski

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Deck 1: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 08 - 1530 Hours

Statzia instinctively let her hand run along the rail of the Bridge ramp as she walked down. So far the new leg hadn't given out on her--though she had to admit her thigh muscles were sore enough that she should probably see someone in sickbay about a painkiller, but she wasn't sure that anyone in sickbay would be thrilled to see her.

Pausing at the door to the ready room, she took a breath and rang the chime.

Captain Barrett was just going over the latest cargo inventory before they proceeded to their next destination. He heard the door chime and he waved at the door as he said, "Come." Swallowing, he saw Lieutenant Liski step through the doorway. "If you keep coming to my office, I might have to start charging you a fee, lieutenant," he said faintly sarcastic.

"Then you should probably tell me now if you accept bribes so I can work my networks for contraband that suits your needs." Statzia may have been partially serious about acquiring contraband. "I assume I'm here about what happened post-surgery yesterday, sir?"

"Yes, I wanted to ensure that you're ready to get back to duty. Please, have a seat," he said with a gesture toward an empty chair opposite him.

She gave a nod, sitting in the seat. "There doesn't seem to be a problem with the leg."

"That's not why I called you here," he said with a deadpan expression. "Doctor Haas has reported concern regarding what happened yesterday in sickbay. Would you elaborate about what happened, please?"

"You mean, when they said they could do the procedure without full sedation, and then put me under as soon as I tried to get myself to relax?" Her arms folded across her chest. "Or the fact that nobody seems to read the note in my medical file that I don't handle sedation well and experience violent nightmares while I'm under, so when I come out of sedation I come out fighting, and should be restrained and given time to come out of the sedation before being approached? Or was it that I wasn't exactly elated to come out of a nightmare where I watched my team be slaughtered only to have them expect for me to be all rainbows and glitter after being told they could attach the prosthetic with local anesthesia?" She raised an eyebrow in question.

Barrett furrowed his brow as he listened to her explain her side of the incident. "So you're saying that all of this was the result of sedation? Does Starfleet Medical know what causes that condition or a way to remedy it?"

Statzia gave a quiet sigh. "When I went through my first Academy physical, I had a small medical procedure done. When I came out of the sedation, I thought I was taking a swing at a Klingon who had me by the collar. Instead, I connected with a third year cadet who had the unfortunate luck to be the one wielding the hypo. Knocked the bottom half off both his front teeth." Her arms slowly unfolded. "I was told it's called emergence agitation. It's not common--but it got worse once I lost my leg."

Statzia took a deep breath. "Once they got me to the ship and stabilized, they brought me out of the sedation. From what they've told me, I came up screaming. Didn't know where I was. Fractured a lieutenant's jaw, broke a nurse's nose, and sliced Dr. Crow's arm with a laser scalpel before I got myself wedged in the corner behind the biobed. Commander Stepanova said I was in a dissociative state when she got there--I still thought I was in the cave." She sighed again. "They told me afterwards that Commander Stepanova had to take off her gloves and use her telepathic abilities to bring me out, I was so far gone." She finally made eye contact with the captain. "I don't remember any of it. I'd been screaming in Ferengi for almost five minutes and the first thing I remembered was the counselor's face."

Barrett leaned back in his chair and studied her. "I need a senior operations manager on my senior staff. I need my senior officers to be able to control themselves. I would highly suggest that you visit the counseling offices. In the meantime, do you think that you can perform your duties, lieutenant?"

Statzia nodded. "All I've ever wanted is to keep performing my duties, sir."

He regarded her silently for a few moments before responding with a nod. "Very well. I'll put you back on active duty. I'll also speak with sickbay regarding the incident and what we might do to help treat your condition."

"Thank you, sir." Statzia paused. "Though hopefully, seventeen surgeries were enough, and this is the last time I'll have to be sedated."

"In our line of work, that's a very optimistic look of the future," he said with an air of gallows humor. "Just in case it's required again in the future, I'll have Commander Diza meet with the medical department heads and see if there's any way to minimize your condition if there's a next time."

Statzia gave another nod. "Yes, sir. And--thank you, sir... for listening."

He nodded approvingly at her before returning his gaze to the computer screen. "Any time, lieutenant. Dismissed."

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant JG Anastatzia Liski
Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion


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