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Candle Lit Dinner for Two

Posted on Fri Jan 29th, 2021 @ 3:11pm by Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Javn’s Quarters

The candles flickered on the wall of Javn’s personal quarters. She was lucky to be aboard such a large ship that she actually got a room of her own. The room lacked open space but she made do, she never invited guests over causing this to be a far more nerve wracking situation then she thought when extending the dinner invitation to Lyras.

She looked over the table trying to perfect the placement of silverware. Frustrated, she placed her hands on her hips and let out a sigh. She wanted everything to be flawless but wasn’t even sure what that looked like. This wasn’t something they taught at the academy and she refused to involve anyone by asking relationship advice. So she was winging it.

“Computer raise lights.” She spoke, deciding the candles were just for show now because eating in the dark suddenly seemed odd. Why did anyone find it romantic? Shrugging it off she turned to look in the mirror for perhaps the 9th time in the last hour.

Lyras had been looking forward to the evening, though he had no idea what to expect. So far they had shared dinners but it hadn't been anything elaborate, or what he would consider romantic. Not that he really understood the purpose of it all.

He had opted to wear what might be considered Vulcan home wear, as he was dressed in earth tone robes which were held together at the waist by a dark brown sash. He was comfortable in it as he'd grown up wearing them and it was simply practical. Having read about dinner invitations, he had chosen to bring a bouquet of dark pink roses. Shifting the bouquet to one side, he reached out to press the chime.

Normally Javn strayed away from allowing the shade of her eyes to be accented by anything she wore. Today that was different, she had applied a small amount of makeup to her face, darkening her lashes, and brining out the violet hues of her irises. Javn was the farthest from vain as a person could be but today she enjoyed the way her dress hung on her frame and the slick shine her black hair possessed falling in thick curls down her chest and back.

Knowing Lyras was bound to arrive early she shook her head snapping back to reality. Dinner was already set on the table, there was a soft indie style instrumental music playing in the back round, now all she needed was the boyfriend.

The sound of the chime caused her to startle, shaking her head at her own skittishness she walked to meet him at the door.

"Enter." Javn said shyly.

The door swooshed open and Javn greeted Lyras with a timid smile quickly noticing the flowers he held.

His gaze was instantly drawn to her eyes, his own widening a fraction as he finally took her all in. "Wow..." he breathed, "you should do that more often, instead of hiding them..." He handed her the flowers as he stepped inside, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "I really do love your eyes."

She blushed accepting the flowers and immediately bringing them to her nose to inhale their sweet scent. "Thank you for the flowers, and the compliment. Ill take your suggestion into consideration, but so far your the only one I have the bravery to lock eyes with for more then a few seconds." She stepped aside to allow him space to enter her quarters.

"I hope your hungry." She stated with a proud smile.

"Famished," he told her with a smile, "and I did mean what I said. I cannot lie Javn, but I do feel honoured that my presence made you look up." The door closed behind him as he lifted her face up towards his. "Beautiful," he murmured as he kissed her.

Javn leaned into his kiss, relishing in how soft his lips were against hers. She pulled back after a moment smiling up at him, "I don't think I will ever tire of hearing that." Her eyes scanned his choice of attire and the corner of her lips perked up. "You look very handsome as well, those colors go well with your cerulean eyes."

"And here I thought they went well with my skin," Lyras smiled, pulling her back towards him. It almost seemed as if he was reluctant to be parted from her. "How was your day?"

Javn let out a playful giggle, this was her favorite side of him. The side that seemed like he could never get enough of her, the feeling of being wanted warmed her. “It was okay, I may have spent most of it anxious about dinner. How was yours?” She said as she slowly brought her face closer until her lips found his once again.

"Informative," he replied cryptically. "Doctor Haas has me study various medical profile of various species. Some, I have even never heard of before. I am also learning how to use these new tricorders and I should get with security to learn how to operate modern armaments."

“Hmm, sounds like someone has quite the work load. I may not be an expert with weaponry, aside from the minimal required know how, but I can help with any medical queries you might have.” She leaned into the bouquet inhaling the sweet scent again, enjoying how the soft velvet petals felt against her skin. The last time she received flowers had been from her foster father for a birthday or perhaps it was to say congratulations. The memory escaped her.

"I would welcome additional assistance," he answered approvingly. If anything, it was more time spent with the woman he loved. "I am no weapons expert at all. Aside from traditional Vulcan weapons, I generally prefer not to use any. I am aware it is required to at least know how, but as a medic, it goes against any oath I have had to take."

Javn nodded in agreement but was reminded of the Borg that had infiltrated the sick bay upon her arrive aboard the Orion. "I suppose I hadn't taken into consideration how different things are for this time. Catching up on all the different species and worlds we've encountered in the past 50 years alone could be overwhelming."

"Not could.... it is," Lyras admitted, "like these... Borg? And what is a Ferengi, or a.. Cardassian? All species I have never heard of before. I need to learn about them, I have no desire to look ignorant."

"Lyras no one sees you as such. You have to absorb the knowledge we've all grown up knowing, you have an unimaginable work load that no ones expects you to know tomorrow. Please don't be so hard on yourself, give yourself time. Take in the knowledge at a pace that's comfortable for you, not anyone else." She took a long look at him, trying to place herself in his shoes but failing to really understand the depth of his situation. All she could do was support him and comfort him to the best of her ability.

"And what if one of these... people... come in tomorrow? What if Doctor Haas is not on duty? Or you?" He shook his head. "I need to learn at least the basics."

She let out a sigh and gave him a look of defeat. "Okay, I see your point." Javn was quiet for a moment, her eyes looking into the flowers like there was an answer hidden someone within the petals. "How about we start with the known species above the Orion first, to give you a smaller, obtainable goal for the time being?"

"That is acceptable... though I did not come here to study." He cast her a look that was somewhere between frustrated and apologetic. "I came here to spend the evening with you."

"So do both." She led him over to the table setting her roses down next to her plate. "It doesn't matter to me what we discuss, and if it will put you more at ease to discuss things like feraengi lobes or cardassian neck ridges then so be it." She tilted her head smiling up at him.

Lyras shook his head. "No. During our time alone, I would prefer not to discuss work." He sat down, not quite sure if he was expected to help. Before, if he ever was home he was always expected to help out somehow. Guests were always set to work, to help with dinner. Either way, he could just sit and get lost in watching the woman he loved.

"As long as you know I'm more then happy to study with you, "she continued talking as she walked to the replicator and ordered their dinner, 'Spinach mushroom strata for two' she ordered from the replicator. As soon as the first plate was finished she removed it so that a second could be generated. "I'm sure I could benefit from revisiting such studies."

Javn set both plates on the table, first hers then his. She lingered near him, finding she didn't want to retreat to her end of the small table, no matter how short the distance. They didn't spend much time truly alone together where she wouldn't need to hold back her advances. She slowly ran a finger down his cheek, the places where her skin met his felt electric. The moment seemed to get heavier, warmer even.

"Hmm..." He briefly closed his eyes at the touch before looking up at her. "What is it?" he asked as he noticed her lingering, "you do not wish to eat?" He could feel the warmth of her fingers against his cheek, and he wondered what sparked this.

She furrowed her brow confused at first by his question, she quickly dropped her hand. Her cheeks turned a shade of pink exposing her embarrassment. "Its not that...I do wish to eat...I just got carried away. I'm sorry." She stumbled over her words.

He tilted his head to study her, not sure why she was turning that odd shade of pink this time. "Why are you sorry?" he pressed, "do you have something on your mind?" In his limited experience with Humans, them dawdling and hesitating usually meant they were thinking of something that they needed to share but somehow seemed reluctant to.

Javn cursed herself mentally for the nerves she felt in that moment and her inability to control herself around Lyras. She very shyly shook her head and took the few steps to her seat. Once seated she looked up at him from across the table, the candle flames flickered casting a warm glow reminding her of their time at the spa. "I suppose I'm apologizing for...well I don't know exactly." Why was she being so awkward? She inhaled threw her nose and picked up her fork changing the subject. "I was unsure what you enjoy eating, so I do hope you enjoy this. My foster mother used to make it often."

"I am not a fussy eater and do not really have preference," he reminded her, "unless it is a meat this, then I am forced to decline." Well not forced per se, but he wouldn't be able to eat it. "If this is a special dish for you, then it will be enjoyable regardless," he promised, "because it is something that holds special meaning to you."

"No meat, that much I remembered." She smiled stabbing a mushroom with her fork taking her first bite. It wasn't as delicious as her mothers cooking but the dish still brought fond memories. "What was your favorite dish as a child?"

"I did not have a favourite. You should realize, that Vulcan food is extremely bland. Food is functional, it served no other purpose than to provide nutrition." He gave her a small smile. "What was yours?"

"Mmmm..." She scrunched her forehead in thought, "Pizza." Javn chuckled at how very human she was. "Have you ever had it?"

"No, I do not believe so. I know what it is but I do not recall ever having eaten it." He smiled as he watched her think, watched the little gestures and movements she made, and committed them to memory. "What do you put on it?"

Her face lit up with joy, "I love garlic pizza with broccoli on it...its my favorite but I also love pepperoni with mushrooms... the combinations are truly endless..." she rambled on with excitement then let her voice trail off as she chuckled at herself.

"Infinite diversity, in infinite combinations?" Lyras queried with a smile, enjoying watching her immensely. "Is pizza not supposed to be unhealthy? Why put vegetables on it?"

"Pizza can be whatever you wish it to be! I personally enjoy vegetables and always add them to my pizza." She paused and her eyes widened with excitement once again, "Next time we shall have pizza, but were going to experiment and discover your favorite! Though I have to ask that we refrain from adding any Klingon ingredients." Her nose wrinkled at this.

"I am not familiar with Klingon food. Where I come from, relations with them were strained at best." He chuckled as she wrinkled her nose, amused at her easy excitement. "But I do like this," he added, gesturing at the plate in front of him. "I do wonder...why are you sitting at the opposite end of the table?" He deemed it 'too far away' from him.

She considered his question. To be honest she didn’t understand the concept of sitting on opposite ends of a table either, it was just what was done. She rose without thinking twice and repositioned her plate and chair so that she was seated directly to his right.

“Is this better?”

"Much," he beamed at her, preferring her proximity over being able to directly look at her. He leaned over, lifting her face up towards him and kissed her. In the privacy of her quarters, he felt more at ease with opening up and such intimacy, than in a public place -where he tried to be more reserved.

A giddy feeling was building inside her stomach. It was a challenge to be so close to one another and not make actual contact so she very lightly pressed her thigh to his. Focusing on eating was an unfeasible task while she was so close to him. She dared a glance at him, wishing very much she had a glass of wine in her hand. "Why is it you don't drink alcohol? Is it a personal choice?"

"It is not a custom among Vulcans, at least not that I am aware of," Lyras answered, "but yes mostly a personal choice. My control is not perfect and indulging may have me lose what little control I can maintain. It is not a prospect I would like to risk." He paused, studying her as he was very aware of her proximity. "But please, let that not keep you from enjoying it."

Laughing she shook her head lightly back and forth, "No, I don't think it would be wise to do so at the moment. It tends to make me far braver then I should be." She paused. "Thank you for having dinner with me here."

"You do not need to thank me." He smiled back at her. "And why should you not be braver than you are? Is there a reason?" He knew she was holding back on something, but he wasn't able to peg down what, exactly. "We are alone here, you have nothing to fear from me."

"I do not fear you. I trust you completely." She held eye contact with him letting that statement sink in before continuing. "It is that I don't trust myself not to give in desires? I find it difficult already to control my emotions and actions around you. The wine will do nothing to hinder that."

"Why would you want to control your emotions around me?" He lifted both eyebrows at her in surprise. "You are Human, why would you need to control them? Especially in private?"

Javn frowned before realizing he was being earnest in his questioning. She often forgot how innocent he was to...well just about everything. "Surely you know what I mean when I say I have certain desires that I should refrain from acting on? Desires that alcohol will only fuel." She gave him a long look waiting for the realization to hit.

But it didn't and he just stared at her, waiting for her to clarify.

Sighing she leaned her head on his shoulder and looped her arm with his. "Its difficult to explain to someone who has so much control." She couldn't help but feel inadequate for being Human.

"Then show me," he said, his expression one of earnesty. "If you cannot explain, show me?"

Her body went stiff. A few moments of silence passed before she dared to look at him. Her eyes searched his face contemplating her course of action. She bit her bottom lip. Hard. The last time they had discussed giving in to ones desires they had decided they weren't ready. But what if now she was? What if he rejected her? He had been very clear about his intentions to wait for them to be bonded. What if that was what she wanted? But how could she know what she wanted with knowing so little about it. Great turmoil filled Javn and the seconds that passed felt like hours. Her eyes grew wide, "Can you meld with me? Will that show you what I want?"

He had watched her, patiently waiting for her to speak. Her body language wasn't lost on him; how she had frozen in place, or how she was biting her lip. His expression was fairly neutral, though if one looked closely and knew him well enough, one could see the minute emotions flitting across his face. He had long since lost interest in his food, having eyes for her only.

After an equally long silence, he nodded. "You need only ask, ever," he told her, taking her hand to lead her over to the couch. "Remember, you need to relax..." he told her as he slowly lifted his hand to her face, closing his eyes as he connected their minds together.

It took her a moment to steady her breathing and to focus solely on him and showing him what she wanted. She pushed the worry down deep trying to hide it, not realizing it would be in vain once he connected their two minds.

It was much like it was the first time except she was more prepared for the bonding. She knew what to expect. Her heart beat evened out as her body slipped into a more calm state.

There is nothing to fear, and nothing to worry about. Lyras kept his eyes closed in concentration, lifting his right hand to join his left against her face. He could sense her calming down and his mental self smiled at her. What do you desire? What did you need to show me?

In her mind played a scene of the two of them on a bed wearing nothing. She was positioned on top of him, his hands traveling from her shoulders down her bareback. His mouth was on her neck and her hands tangled in his hair.

She waited for the blush to set her cheeks on fire, but it never came. "That is what I want." she whispered. "I want you."

You will... Despite the lack of blush, he felt the warmth of her skin under his fingertips. You have me, I am not going anywhere. His mental self seemed to glow a little. I am yours. he declared. Reluctantly, as if never wanting this moment to cease, he lifted his fingers and traced the line of her jaw. "I am yours," he said out loud.

She closed the small gap and pressed her lips to his. "I yearn for it stronger than before." She murmured in-between kisses. Both hands found their way to either side of his face, her thumbs gently brushing against his ears.

He gasped as she touched his ears and he gently led her hands away from them. "For what to be stronger?" he asked softly, shifting so he could take her in his arms.

Javn pressed her forehead to his and closed her eyes trying to rein in her emotions. Dismissing her eagerness to start removing garments. "My want grows stronger. Every time I'm near you. Sometimes even when I'm not."

"Odd..." He could understand the desire to be close, but for her to yearn for him this much, it was beyond his comprehension. Certainly, he did want to be near her but the term 'want' as lost on him. He could sense something from her though, but again the feeling was so alien to him, he had no idea what to make of it. "I do not understand what it is you want," he finally said, hoping he wouldn't be hurting her feelings with his words. "I sense a strong desire, but I do not understand it."

"Sex Lyras...I want to have sex...with you." She almost choked on the words but kept her eyes closed waiting to feel his bodies reaction to her being so direct about such a private affair.

Lyras went very still for a few seconds. "Oh..." He finally answered as her words and feelings clicked. "I..." He faltered, drawing her closer to him. "I do too...but.." He hesitated. "I am not ready for that..."

"I know." She nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck exhaling softly. She was glad to have finally voiced her wants, no matter how embarrassing they were to admit out loud.

"Do you want me to stay tonight?" He asked softly, "I will sleep on the couch, or the floor."

"I feel I won't sleep knowing your so close but that far away." She sighed far more comfortable then she thought she would be, being held by another. It felt safe. She was completely relaxed snug against him. "Can we stay like this for awhile." she muttered her breath warming the skin of his neck.

"For as long as you like," he murmured, burying his face into her hair, drawing his arms tighter around her.

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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