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Future Problems

Posted on Thu Jan 21st, 2021 @ 3:03pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Deck 1: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 08 - 0845 Hours

Once the car deposited them onto the bridge, Lyras pulled his arm back. Public signs of affection, while on the bridge, was something he considered well... a bridge too far, really. He drew in a deep breath as if to gather courage, after all why would a most junior doctor want to talk to the senior most officer on the ship?

He cast a sideways glance at Javn, took another deep breath then preceded her to the ready room, under the assumption that the captain would be there.

Javn kept her gaze down as she stepped out of the turbo lift behind Lyras. Her evening had taken quite a turn, the last place she expected to be was on the bridge of the Orion.

Captain Barrett was seated in the center chair with the usual lean to the left as he watched the pair walk around the arch that formed the divider around the bridge. "Ah, welcome to the bridge, Doctor... Lyras, right?"

Startled at hearing his name, Lyras stopped mid-stride and turned. "Yes sir," he answered, "may we have a word sir? In private?"

Javn had to stop quickly, almost running into the back to Lyras. She chanced a glance around, this was the first time she had seen the bridge. It was quite overwhelming for a nurse.

Barrett glanced sideways as he contemplated the daily schedule before replying, "Very well." He nodded and rose from his seat and made his way to the ready room, pausing at the small replicator to order himself a hot coffee. A steaming mug materialized and he then set it on his desk before sitting down.

Following him inside, Lyras wasn't sure where to start, or even how to start. "Sir..." He hesitated, looking sideways at Javn. "It... concerns a private matter," he started uncertainly, "me and Javn.. I mean Nurse Darhk, we are involved. And..." He frowned, not liking how he just couldn't find the words for what he wanted to say. That he didn't have the stoic confidence most Vulcans had. "I am terrified," he admitted, "for when my Time comes." The way he said the word, indicated a certain significance, but he seemed reluctant to further explain.

Javn was shocked to witness his struggle to communicate what information he had shared with her to the captain. It was unlike the doctor to find words failing him, at least in her presence. She gave him a sympathetic look before turning to Barrett and addressing him herself. "Captain, Lyras and I felt it important to bring a certain aspect of the Vulcan people to your attention. Are you aware of something called Pon Farr?" She felt it important to start at the beginning, or at least she thought that's what she was doing. Her growing embarrassment for discussing the subject was hard to keep at bay but somehow manageable in the moment.

Lyras' face flushed an odd shade of green as he was unable to control his embarrassment over the subject. Still he nodded as she explained in his stead, casting the captain a somewhat anxious look. Would he understand where this was going?

The captain's face showed concern but more confusion than anything. "I've heard the term before but I'm not very well versed in Vulcan physiology to know precisely what that term means." He took a sip of his coffee and continued, "How would this... condition affect your duties?"

"Quite seriously," Lyras confessed, "it would incapacitate me until this condition is passed. It would also affect my mate. I have ... heard... it can take a few days. I do not know when this will happen either, but when it does, I will know. I.." This time he looked up at Barrett, before looking sideways at Javn, and then back at Barrett again. "Nurse Darhk and I, we..." He faltered, swallowing hard. "We are involved. If this happens, I need her to be near. When this happens."

Javn took a deep breath, not realizing she had been holding it while Lyras addressed the captain. She did her best to hide the embarrassment but also the fear she had concerning the subject. She was unaware how this would affect her, she quickly pushed the question to the back of her mind to dwell on at a later time. "We plan to address Doctor Haas as well, so that should either of us act outside of our normal behavior he is aware why. I will also look into this subject as much as I can, albeit I do fear the Vulcans do not share all there is to know on the subject with outsiders." She turned to Lyras wishing there was more she could do to comfort him. "I would suggest that given the uncertainties surrounding the affects of Pon Farr, that Lyras and I not be separated for longer then a few days, sir."

Perhaps it was a matter of ignorance on his part that Barrett didn't perceive this situation to be of much concern for them. However, he could definitely see how serious the issue was to them both and he didn't want to appear as if he were dismissive. He genuinely cared for the wellbeing of all his crew. "Does Pon Farr happen once or is it a chronic condition?"

"Once every seven years," Lyras answered uncomfortably. "I am not experiencing it now, but I am of the age where it could come up the first time. I am not bonded, I do not have a betrothed to return to on Vulcan. So... if it comes up, and Javn is still willing..." He gave her an almost pleading look. "I sort of know what to expect," he added slowly, "but at the same time, I do not. I have not witnessed it, as it is a very private affair."

Javn's entire face lit on fire. Her nerves finally caught up with her and she failed to make eye contact with either male in the room. She felt confusion at the uncertainty in Lyras' voice when mentioning her participation. She thought he understood that she would not allow any harm to come to him, especially if she could help it. She did her best to keep from fidgeting as Lyras explained what he knew to the captain. She had little to add, not entirely understanding the event.

Logan sipped his coffee again and let the mug rest in his lap. "Well, I certainly respect your privacy in this matter and I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to come to me with it. I'm sure that you'll be more than able to cope with... this, with the help of Nurse Darhk and the ministrations of Dr. Haas." He sipped the warm liquid once more.

"I hope so," the young doctor mumbled, "thank you sir. When this happens, I really would prefer that it is kept quiet. I will tell Doctor Haas what the initial symptoms will be, so he can help me there. I might not notice. I honestly hope it will be a while sir, I cannot have this on my plate as well, when I am still finding my feet sir."

"Don't worry, you aren't alone Lyras." Javn hoped Lyras found some comfort in the words she spoke.

"Thank you..." Lyras cast her a grateful look. "I appreciate that."

"We can keep the issue as discreet as you need it to be. If you have any more concerns, my door is open," Barrett added with a comforting smile.

"I may take you up on that as the time comes," Lyras answered uncomfortably. The fact that he had shared this with anyone other than his intended mate, was already a huge step. "Hopefully... that will be a while sir."

"We appreciate you seeing us on such short notice sir." Javn gave the captain a small smile.

"Of course, ensign." He sat back down and picked up the cup of coffee to take another sip as he watched them leave the room. He truly hoped that the good doctor wouldn't have too much trouble with the "pan... foor".

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Lyras, M.D.
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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