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Quite the Mix-up, Part 1

Posted on Wed Dec 9th, 2020 @ 4:11pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Risa
Timeline: MD 05 - 1400 Hours

Today was another gorgeous day on the planet of Risa, especially after the midnight rain that blew through the area close to the resort. To ensure a pleasant atmosphere, messages from the resort were delivered by hand. So in this case, employees found both the new Orion doctor and Nurse Darhk and directed them both to arrive at the health spa at the designated time of two in the afternoon.

Lyras arrived at the spa at the designated time, not quite sure what to think of the directions the employees had given him. As far as he knew, there was no time booked for him. He had, in fact, intended to have a quiet afternoon now that he was back on his feet.

Javn was hesitant approaching the spa. The details of the message were vague to say the least. Being summoned caused her stomach to knot. Upon entering the spa she noticed a familiar figure from behind. She kept her distance unsure if he was the reason she was here.

A man dressed in resort employee attire consisting of tan pants a white polo shirt with the resort logo emblazoned on the breast walked up to both of them with a broad smile. "Welcome to the Cascadian Spa! How may I assist you both?"

"I have absolutely no idea," Lyras answered, holding out the message he had received. "I was summoned and directed here by your colleagues.

"As was I." She said sheepishly. Javn offered the employee the message she had received.

"You do not know what this is about?" Lyras asked, turning at the sound of the familiar voice.

Shaking her head no she responded, "I do not, albeit it does seem we received the same message."

Lyras turned to the employee. "Do you?" he asked pointedly.

"Absolutely!" the man replied with a hearty chuckle. "My name is Chovan. I run this establishment and it would seem that you have an appointment." He turned and walked back behind the front desk and tapped a computer monitor. "Are your names... Lyras and... Javn?" he asked as he glanced between them several times.

Javn followed Chovan to the desk. "No, I mean yes," Javn stuttered. "those are our names but we have made no appointment." She said shaking her head furrowing her brow confused.

"Who made the appointment?" Lyras asked, feeling equally confused, "because until your employee showed up, I was not aware of any appointment. In fact I had only just returned from the ship when he did."

Chovan chuckled nervously as he shrugged in reply. "I don't show who put in the original request, sir." He tried everything but it just appeared to offer nothing helpful. Then an idea popped into his head. "We have a rare software bug that gets confused with the names of hotel guests. They're sending a technician tomorrow to work on it but it looks like that might be the most likely cause of the situation." He looked up at them again before quickly walking around a corner and returning with two yellow drinks in flute glasses. Each of them fizzed softly with carbonation and he offered them up with another customary smile.

"Whatever the cause, it would appear that fortune has smiled upon you both. You still have the reservation. It'd be a shame to just waste it, wouldn't you say?"

After releasing a small chuckle Javn accepted the drink giving Chovan a nod of thanks. Her curiosity was now spiked, had it been anyone else she was paired with she may have declined the reservation as a whole. But as it was she was eager to spend more time with Lyras before the end of their shore leave. She gave him a uncertain smile hoping he wanted the same. His expressions were not always easy to read.
"What does the reservation include?" She asked Chovan.

Lyras was anxious to hear the content as well, carefully sipping the fizzy drink. He gave Javn a quiet nod, indicating his consent to this pairing and adventure. He felt oddly at ease with her, a feeling he had no explanation for but felt very natural.

Sensing that the question was step in the right direction of acceptance, Chovan answered, "It includes an hour relaxing in one of our superb jacuzzis as you eat the most succulent fruits that Risa has to offer, followed by a ninety minute couples massage in which your stiff muscles will become almost like butter." He glanced down at the floor to avoid any hesitation as he added, "You will not find a more rewarding spa experience elsewhere." He let the last word linger in an effort to let his words marinate inside their minds. "What have you got to lose?"

"Couples massage?" The Vulcan hybrid's eyes widened in surprise as he looked over at Javn. "We do have nothing to lose," he admitted to her, "though I still wonder how or why we were invited."

Javn simply shrugged as baffled by the invitation as he was, she took another sip of the fizzy drink enjoying the bubbles on her tongue. She wasn't too keen on the idea of someone touching her, regardless of how relaxing it was said to be. She did however like the thought of spending an hour in a jacuzzi with Lyras. After a moment of thought she decided to just go with it... where was the harm?

"Okay Chovan, lead the way." Javn slipped her hand in Lyras' as she stepped closer to him.

Ensign Lyras
Medical Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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