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Surf, Sand and Sun

Posted on Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 3:34pm by Captain Logan Barrett & Commander Nokomis Diza & Ensign Javn Darhk

Mission: Mission 4: Letting the Hair Down
Location: Planet Risa: Beach Resort
Timeline: MD 01 - 1030 Hours

Captain Logan Barrett slung the duffel bag onto his shoulder and looked around his quarters to make sure that he hadn't forgotten anything. Satisfied with his packing skills, he headed out the door and made his way to the turbolift. "Deck six," he told the computer as the doors hissed shut. The lift promptly started climbing up the two decks and let him out in short order. As he strolled to transporter room three, he imagined what the warm sun would feel like. Just then he felt satisfied that he brought a sunscreen spray. The last thing I need is to look like a lobster on the bridge, he thought.

Mis did not think she'd been this excited in years. An actual vacation on the pleasure planet. She'd packed light, after all, not a lot of clothes were needed down there and she planned on spending most of her time in the sun and sand and away from people. She wasn't hiding exactly, just giving her heart a brake. Will's departure and his discovery about her father had both hit her pretty hard. She couldn't remember the last time she'd smiled. "Oh, you're already here." She commented as she entered the transporter room.

Ozzie showed up with nothing but the clothes on her back- a simple top and a wrap skirt over her swimming suit, Her hair was down, but she started to gather it up into a ponytail. Whatever else she needed, she figured on buying or replicating it planetside. Besides, she didn't feel like she could be bothered with thinking about trivial things, right then in her life. "Captain, Commander." She acknowledged as she climbed the transporter pad.

Logan nodded to the two women as they stepped up onto the pad. "Please beam us down to the Vespa's Palace Resort, ensign." The young Bolian woman nodded and input the correct coordinates to the landing site and engaged the transport sequence. A shimmer encircled him and then a few moments later dissipated to reveal a lovely vacation resort surrounded by lush palm trees that blew in the warm wind. The direct sunlight took a few moments to get used to as he looked at his companions. "Are you both checking into a room or just visiting for the day?"

Javn stood on the beach watching the crystal blue waves crash and rush up the sand towards her. She took a deep breath trying to immerse herself in the beauty surrounding her. She glanced down the beach seeing a couple lounging on a blanket, Javn blushed and looked in the opposite direction. Her time above the Orion was so brief she didn't have the chance to become acquainted with any other members of the ship. She was regretting her time spent shying away from conversations.

"Room," Mis said without missing a beat. "I am officially no longer your XO for a few days at least. Unless the ship is about to blow up, then you can call me. I plan on doing absolutely nothing . . ." she thought about possibly finding someone to do it with but didn't say that part out loud.

"Not sure yet, Captain." Ozzie walked along behind the command duo, putting on her sunglasses as she surveyed the beach. "Who knows where I'll wake up tomorrow." Her gaze settled on Javn's figure on the beach, sensing she wanted to approach but wasn't. Ozzie waved. "I think that's one of ours."

A look of uncertainty crossed Javn's face as she observed a female wave to her. She quickly looked behind her, almost positive the female was waving to someone else. Not seeing anyone, blood rushed to her cheeks as Javn realized the wave was meant for her. Awkwardly she waved back and before she could talk herself out of it her feet began close the distance between her and the trio.

Logan nodded and glanced in the direction that Isuri had waved, only to see the form of a woman approaching that undoubtedly was a member of the crew. As she got close, he recognized her as a new transfer. "Nice day for the beach, eh?"

The instant Javn realized the trio included both the captain and commander of the Orion her spin straightened. She nodded in agreement with the captain. "Yes sir, it is. Have you just beamed down?" Javn asked noticing the personal belonging bags they still carried.

Mis nodded, "Finally off the ship at last. I'll see you all later, I'm going to go find my room and hit the beach as soon as I can."

Logan smiled and nodded as he watched Missy saunter off before turning back to Javn. "Yes, we just did, actually. And since you've been down here longer than I have, you'd probably be a good person to ask how the water is this morning."

Javn smiled. "Unfortunately I haven't made my way to the water yet. I'm sorry I'm being terribly rude." Her hand went to her chest. "I'm Javn, I just got my orders for the Orion." She looked from the captain to the woman standing next to him and extended her hand hoping she wasn't being too forward.

Ozzie shook her hand. "Lt. Ozanna Isuri, Chief Security Officer. But we're off duty, so, call me Ozzie. I think I'm fixing to find us a spot and get set up for the day. Some games and food. Anybody's welcome."

Logan reached into his bag and fumbled around in search of his own sunglasses. Bright natural light was more intense from long periods of ship duty. He slid them on his face and smiled. "That's better." He gestured toward the beach. "Lead the way, ladies. Just a fair warning: I have a mean volleyball spike, if we play that." As they approached the waves, he set his bag and towel down on a chair covered in shadow by a gazebo and pulled off his shirt before applying the dermal protection serum via a hypospray.

Ozzie walked along for a bit with her compatriots until they found a patch suitable for picnic and play space. The beach had a gentle slope, the sand was soft and deep and there were some palms shading the edges. "You guys get comfy. I'll call us in gear and eats." Walking along the edge of the sea oats rustling in the breeze, Ozzie phoned the quartermaster who hooked her up with a local service. Within a few minutes, there was a buggy coming down the beach from the opposite direction, two Risan men hopped out and started pitching the volleyball net she'd ordered. Ozzie ran down to help choose the spot and hold the pegs.

Barrett grinned and ran over to assist Ozzie and once they were done he obtained the white volleyball and tried twirling it on his finger but it spun off and landed in the sand with a soft plop. "It's been a minute since I've tried that..."

"Just bump it to me, Captain; we'll warm up." Then she grinned devilishly. "I don't want to bury you and have you blame it on your old-man knees sticking." Ozzie peeled off down to her bikini top and some shorts, casting the cover-ups aside. Her torso and legs were totally covered in finely tattooed temple acolyte markings. On her upper arm, was an image of the patch from her time served on Nova's Investigations force. and under her collarbone on the same side, was the recently added borg tattoo, like a mechanical spider, frozen mid bloom in it's illustrated emergence from her body.

Javn cackled at Ozzies joke, her reaction shocked her and she immediately covered her mouth. She wasn’t sure how easy going this captain was. Every Captain shed met thus far hadn’t been interested in socially interacting with the crew. Vacation or not. The friendly banter created a fun atmosphere she rather enjoyed. She untied the knot holding her suit covering on her hips and tossed it in the sand just outside the game area. Normally she would blush and look anywhere to avoid eye contact. Something was different here. Something was different with the two she accompanied. She stood opposite Ozzie, slightly bent her knees and raised her palms readying herself for the game. She looked to Logan with a devilish grin waiting for the game to begin.

"You're going to regret this," Logan said to the people opposite the net as he pushed on the ball to gauge it's air pressure. And with that, he spiked the ball up and over the net and started the match.

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Ensign Javn Darhk
Head Nurse, USS Orion


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