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More Than We Bargained For

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 4:28am by Captain Logan Barrett & Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina & Lieutenant JG Willian Targaryen & Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih
Edited on on Wed May 27th, 2020 @ 5:17pm

Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Deck 1 - Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 02 - 2000 Hours

The U.S.S. Orion followed the weak ion trail of the U.S.S. Flying Spirit to the Derotha system...

Captain Barrett sat at the edge of his seat with a grim frown on his face. Many scenarios played out through his mind about the situation at hand and most of them played out pretty dire. He was a firm believer in 'hope for the best, prepare for the worst.'

Lieutenant Targaryen stepped onto the Bridge of the Orion from the forward turbolift, seeing Commander Diza before anyone else in the room. He smiled slightly at the sight of her as he entered, before realizing that the rest of the room even existed. Silently he went up the ramp to the aft sections and the Mission Operations workstation to log in.

K'Larn was already at her station working on diagnostics and various other scans when another of the bridge crew appeared. "Evening Lt. Targareyn. How are you this evening?," she said.

Vriha lifted an eyebrow as Targaryen passed, and turned slightly. She didn't like having him at her back. Maybe it was just that he was intel - but Eilaea was Tal'Diann, Galae Intelligence, and she had come to trust the Centurian - or maybe the way he had come aboard and conducted himself when confronted, but something about him made her think of Tal Shiar.

Of course, she would never let him see any of that. "Yes, Juliette, how are you this evening?"

Nokomis had to turn her head away to hide both the color on her cheeks when he'd given her a nod and the suppressed laughter when Vriha had called him Juliette again. But, as neither had addressed her directly, she remained silent and listened in for what his answer would be.

Finchley silently entered onto the bridge from the turbolift and took his place at the Security station, waiting to see what would transpire next.

"I'm more than alright," the Intelligence Operative answered as he looked between those who asked. "I'm glad though that you figured out my public name, Lieutenant. Maybe one day I'll tell you my true name. You know once we trust each other," he smirked as he said the last part.

Typical response from him. It was classified. Intelligence men were really all the same, Nokomis shook her head.

K'Larn shook her head and went back to her diagnostics and readouts. She never trusted centurians but something about this one was different. She wasn't entitely sure what it was but something was different almost agreeable if you will.

Vriha frowned. Was that meant as a snide reference to the Romulan custom of only sharing one's true name with close family and loved ones? "I am content to call you Juliette. I do not expect to ever know learn your true name. Nor will you ever know mine."

"Perhaps we should keep our attention on the task at hand," Nokomis chastised mildly. She'd enjoyed the banter but wasn't aware if Logan knew anything about nor if he'd approve of the joking around on the bridge during a rather important rescue mission.

Willian nodded, "Of course, Commander." He turned, logging in to the Mission Operations console as if nothing had ever happened. He would be on his best behavior, even though he was tempted to do otherwise.

A short while later the U.S.S. Orion approached the end of the ion trail at a planet covered in many shades of green, only broken up by numerous blue dots.

In typical Romulan custom, Captain Barrett addressed t'Keirianh by her rank, "Centurion, do the sensors show the ship to have crashed on that planet?"

tag t'Keirianh (the answer is yes)

Willian stood at the Mission Ops console pretending not to listen, while he was actually laser focused on what was being said behind him. Typing on the large keyboard he brought up the sensor details himself to monitor.

Finchley looked up from his Security console and said "I've just done a full Security sweep Captain, and there's no other vessels within ships sensor range at this time."

"I'm not picking up any abnormal power readings that I can see as yet", K'Larn said curiously wondering. Just what was going on? Could this be more than just a rescue mission? In her mind maybe there was nothing to it but time would tell.

Nokomis glanced at Logan, but they wouldn't know anything until they found the ship and investigated. "Set a course and engage at maximum speed. They might have survivors that need our help. I'll alert Sickbay." She moved her console closer to her and tapped away on it quickly.

Vriha bent over the science scanner as they came into range. "The planet appears to be just outside Class M parameters, but within the range to sustain life. However there is no sign of civilization or higher indigenous life forms."

Willian looked over his shoulder from the Mission Ops console, "Make a nice place for a colony one day."

"Sure, a lovely little garden, some local building materials . . . . " Nokomis said joking. "What about the ship? Is she in one piece, can we pinpoint her exactly location, let's determine if there are any survivors and get this rescue mission going if so."

Vriha adjusted the settings at her station, extending and then filtering scans. Finally a hot spot revealed itself. "I believe I have located signs of wreckage. There is an unusual spike in neutrino particles in the mountain range on the southern continent." Her fingers played along the controls, altering and refocusing sensors. "Yes. The area also contains a high concentration of metals, many of which are alloys not known to exist naturally, and..." She looked up a slight smile on her lips. "There are life signs. Humanoid."

"Excellent, try hailing them and see if you get a response." Nokomis ordered, hoping she wasn't stepping on Logan's toes.

Willian kept his ears open as he typed on his workstation, looking at the data being filtered into the Mission Ops workstation. He didn't want to interrupt or push his luck, too much at least, but he was curious to see what would come next.

K'Larn was scaning for any starfleet emissions from the debris. Getting the neutrino readings, she went huntimg for the metals used in standard starships. "Hello sweetheart........titanium, dutonium, that is definately a starfleet ship. Metals are from the hull of a fleet ship...", she said.

Willian turned, thinking about it. So there they had it - confirmation that there was a downed Starfleet vessel. "How far away are the lifesigns in relation to the vessel?"

Vriha worked her controls, refining the readings. "There appear to be at least 30, most clustered near the outer perimeter of the wreckage."

"I don't suppose transporters are going to work?" Of course not, that would be far too easy. Nokomis waited for the answer anyway. An away team seemed likely and if that was the case then she would be leading it.

"Could we deploy a probe to assist with pattern enhancement," Targaryen proposed from his workstation. "That way we'd have some potential to allow for transport."

"It's worth a try." Nokomis said looking to Logan for conformation. It was odd though, why had the ship crashed in the first place?

"Make it so," Barrett said with a nod. If they were able to beam up the survivors, this would go much smoother than the alternative, which would consist of away teams and numerous shuttles.

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Commander Nokomis Diza
Executive Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih
Science Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion


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