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Meeting the Captain

Posted on Mon Dec 16th, 2019 @ 8:37am by Captain Logan Barrett

Mission: Mission 3: Old Enemies Never Die
Location: Deck 1 - Ready Room
Timeline: MD -03 - 1415 Hours

Neteri flew the shuttle into the shuttle bay like a pro and gave the flight crews a small scare when she landed the shuttle almost too close to the bay doors. Just at the last moment, she nosed the shuttle forward a tad to land exactly where it should have.

Exiting the shuttle quickly, the flight crews gave her a round of applause for the shuttle landing. Laughing she bowed in a ladylike way and headed for the captain's ready room and hit the chime.

"Come," Barrett said as he finished the paragraph he was reading on a report about Breen ship movements in the region. Turning to look at who entered, he rose and shook the new officer's hand. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Shannon. We've been expecting you. Please, have a seat." He walked over to the replicator. "May I offer you something to drink?"

"Please, sweet tea cold...." Neteri said smiling warmly as she sat down. "The Orion is a beautiful ship and big. She should be a job to pilot but I can handle anything that flies!"

Logan retrieved their drinks after they materialized and handed Neteri the sweet tea. He smiled and sat down with his own fizzy drink and sipped it slowly. "Yes, the Orion is definitely a very special ship. I'm glad you feel confident in handling her well. How did you fare during your last assignment?"

"The Adrondight?" she asked. "Served thirteen years there. CAG and helm officer. I trained and taught fighter pilots and was like a mother hen with my pilots and cadets. We had many good times until we lost the ship in a fight. Something I am still trying to come to terms with. Lost many of my pilots and crew. Almost lost my own life but the gods smiled on me that day," Neteri finished saying.

"I'm glad you were in their favor as well," he said with a smile. "The Orion has many flight personnel. You can handle all the shift scheduling with Commander Diza at your earliest convenience." He sipped his drink and continued, "What's your take on flight training? Do pilots receive enough or could they use more?"

"I believe that they could always learn more. A good deal of my cadets get trained using the old earth dog fight tactics and I combine them with all of the new techniques. What comes out is something between old/new combat tactics. A good deal of the enemy fighters do not know of the old combat techniques so it confuses the hell out of them. We keep rotating the techniques so they stay confused. I don't lose many ships and pilots that way," Neteri said chuckling.

"Keeping fresh new maneuvers at the forefront does have a distinct advantage in tactical situations." After sipping his drink again, he handed her a PADD from his desk. "Here's the current duty roster and shift rotation schedule. Feel free to go over it and coordinate with Commander Diza about any questions or concerns you have."

"Understood sir. I will do that and thank you for your kind words. I will do my best to not let you or the ship down," Neteri said, getting up and extending her hand towards the captain.

Barrett shook her hand and nodded politely. "Dismissed." He watched the woman exit the ready room before returning to his Breen report.

Captain Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Neteri "Ikran" Shannon
Flight CAG, USS Orion


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