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Slightly Awkward

Posted on Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 @ 11:30am by Captain Logan Barrett & Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly
Edited on on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 7:21am

Mission: Mission 0 - Leaving the Blue Marble
Location: Deck One - Ready Room
Timeline: Day 2 - 0800 Hours

Logan had gotten little sleep the night before while on Earth. The amazing night with that woman, Eli, was definitely one to put in the books, though. And for that, he had a pep in his step as he walked over to the replicator alcove and ordered a morning drink. "Coffee, hazelnut, hot, extra cream, extra sugar." Once it materialized, he grabbed it and walked over to sit down in his chair. He twirled his chair to face the desk, placing the cup down and tapping the computer terminal on. This morning he was expecting a few senior officers to arrive so he accessed their files and began skimming over them. He'd read them a few times before but he wanted to have a fresh mind when they started knocking on his door.

Eli was amused. Amused wasn't even the best word. She was excited to be serving on a larger ship that the USS Artemis but this had more to do with the man she was about to meet... again. She had checked in with the Quarter master and stopped her things off in her quarters before heading for the bridge. Exiting the turbolift she moved across the back line of the bridge and soon arrived at the Captain's ready room. Tapping the chime she waited.

Logan took another sip of his coffee and set it down as he read the personnel record of his new chief medical officer. There were some concerning things he'd have to address with her as soon as possible. His brow knitting into a frown, he heard the chime and without skipping a beat called out, "Enter."

Eli moved though the doors. She couldn't help but admire the man as she moved into his office. He was looking down at the PaDD on his desk she she stopped just shy of the chair across from him. "Good morning, again... Logan" She stated with a cheeky grin as she sank into on of the chairs across from him and simply watched him.

Barrett's eyes shot wide open as he snapped his head to look squarely at the woman he'd just left on Earth several minutes prior. He jumped out of his seat with a look of sheer surprise. "Eli... What are you doing here?"

"Reporting for my new posting, actually." The Lieutenant started resting her arms on the chair with a cheshire cat grin on her lips. "Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly, Chief Operations Officer. Reporting as ordered, sir." Her name rank and position rolled over her tongue with a practiced grace.

He searched the PADDs on his desk for the one containing her personnel file. He picked it up and scanned it with his eyes for the transfer orders. Upon reading that she was indeed his new operations chief, he dropped the PADD quietly onto the table. Clearing his throat, he slowly sat down and tugged down on his uniform tunic as he tried to find the adequate words to address this bizarre situation. "Lieutenant..." He paused and addressed her more delicately, "Elizabeth... You can't serve on my ship. We've uh.. we've done things. Doesn't that make you feel a little silly?"

"You obviously didn't read my file very closely." Eli stated softly almost under her breath. "I assure you, Sir. I can be professional about this. Now, if you can't handle... me. Then perhaps you should request a transfer." The smirk on her face was on of amusement. "Seriously, Logan..." She paused for a moment her tone turning more serious. "I will never call you that in front of any one else....You have seen me naked and I have seen you naked, that doesn't mean that we can't do our jobs."

Logan gave her words serious consideration for a moment. She definitely had solid points. After all, Starfleet officers were the best, right? They were expected to be able to handle situations that involved personal feelings. He slowly nodded to himself as he looked her in the eyes. "Just one thing... Did you know that I was your new captain last night?"

Eli let out a sigh before taking a more professional posture in the chair. "Honestly, I knew I knew your face from somewhere, but I couldn't place it." She admitted openly. "It wasn't until I over heard your transporter request to the Orion that I put two and two together." She grinned. "Even if I had... it wouldn't have stopped me. You saved me from some hooligans and I wanted to repay you."

Logan felt his cheeks turn bright red as he remembered the situation vividly. He took a slow sip of his coffee in an attempt to hide that fact from her. He nodded as he came to a simple conclusion: they could work together and be professional. And to be fair, it was a random encounter. What were the odds? He realized that his original assessment of her gorgeous eyes was still correct. "I see your point. I don't see that I have any choice but... to welcome you aboard the Orion, Lieutenant Kelly."

"Thank you, Sir." Eli replied. She watched him for a moment. Her eyes picking up what little hints she could her eyes fell on his left hand. He wasn't married, which was a bonus, and he was the typical prim and proper officer that typically donned the red uniforms. "So, two, what exactly is our mission sir? and two, how likely is a repeat performance of last night to occur?" She couldn't help the grin on her lips.

He looked her right in the eyes as he suddenly became flush, inhaling a deep breath, letting it out slowly as he gave her the 'seriously?' look before opening his mouth. "Our mission is to make contact with certain Romulan factions and wave the peace flag." He stood up and turned to look out the viewport as he clasped his hands behind his back. "Supposedly there are forces within the Star Empire that desire stronger ties with the Federation and the Federation Council needs more info on that." He turned his gaze from the stars back to her. "As for us... Don't you think we should cool it, considering our professional relationship?"

Logan didn't realize it, but the challenge had been made in Eli's mind. It wasn't that she had some romantic notion towards her CO but he was attractive and fun. "First off there is no us..." She rose from her chair easily closing the gap between them. She leaned against the wall to his right next to the window. Her hands rested on her left hip with her right arm across her body. She wasn't looking at the stars she was looking at Logan. Her eyes were piercing into his as they watched each other. "I get this whole separate and objective thing you have. Most commanding officers do." She uncurled herself from around herself. She reached out and placed her hand on his arm running it up to his shoulder stepping close to him. "I hate the old cliche of 'no one has to know' but in this instance it is true." Her other arm moved to his other shoulder as she kept his eyes on hers. "Besides, even COs have to blow off steam."

Many conflicting thoughts popped into his mind in that moment. If this were any other scenario, he wouldn't even have this conversation. However, he was her commanding officer. How would that affect his attitude towards her compared to the rest of the officers on the ship? On the other hand, he wasn't relegated to celibacy simply for having the center chair. And this topic certainly wasn't found anywhere in command school. His eyes searched her mischievous face, her eyes sparkling with trouble. His heart started to race a little faster as he remained calm, opening his mouth to say something but the breath pausing in his mouth before he simply tilted his head faintly and replied, "That'll be all, lieutenant. Welcome aboard." He turned and sat back down at his desk, pulling his beret slightly and returning his focus to the personnel files.

Eli let out an almost devious laugh before walking towards the door. "You're the boss...Sir." She gave him a tip of her head before leaving his ready room. She enjoyed the thrill of the chase and the chase was on.

Lieutenant Commander Logan Barrett
Commanding Officer, USS Orion

Chief Operations Officer, USS Orion


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