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Gathering data

Posted on Thu Feb 14th, 2019 @ 3:22am by Lieutenant Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Varina Hightower

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Immediately Following Hunger Pains

"Lieutenant! Wait!" But it was too late. Dr. Varina Hightower watched as Lt. Isuri disappeared from the infirmary, unable to convince her to stay so they could ask questions. She shook her head and turned back to the counter where they had been observing the hallucinations. "So much for a debrief," she said shortly, before turning to Lt. Ral. "Shall we look over what data we got?" It was a question, but her tone said if the answer was no, this was a waste of time.

Daynah had been distractedly staring at the door that Isuri had just ran through. She could not believe what she had just witnessed, moreover the scientist had more questions than ever. The sound of Dr Hightower's voice snapped her back to reality. "MMMM..." she said as she turned to face the doctor. "Oh, yes sorry we should definitely compare notes. It has been my experience that most people who hallucinate, see a take on something or some one they know. But this... I do not think the Lieutenant has children"

"No, she doesn't," Varina confirmed matter-of-factly. "The baby...could have been a manifestation of something else: a child of a friend, innocence, or even her own self as a baby. Or it could be just an idea that popped into her head."

"Perhaps a quick scan of her mission logs to see if there was ever a time where she saved a child. There are also a number of spacial phenomena on record that cause hallucinations. The question is if we are to hypothesize that it is spacial phenomena why is it only effecting certain members of the crew?" Daynah reached behind her head as she spoke. She put her long hair up as it had gotten quite warm in Sick Bay. Well at least to her it did.

"Well," Varina started slowly, "if we start with the basics, this is either an internal influence or external. It seems that we each practice one of those, so perhaps divide and conquer is the route to go." She picked up a tricorder. "If you look at external sources - any unusual phenomena or environmental changes - and I'll look at medical possibilities. Is there a genetic tie to all the patients? Or an unknown infection? One of us ought to find something."

Daynah smiled and nodded as she took a seat at one of Sick Bay's computer terminals. Her initial thought was to investigate whether or not the Orion had experience a similar phenomena that two of the Enterprises experienced. "Doctor I wonder if we are experiencing the PSI 2000 virus. Does that make sense?"

Varina looked up from her tricorder, trying to remember the virus name. It took a few moments, but the details she had read about came back to her. "This crew has been acting abnormally, but everything reported has ended ip being a reaction to a hallucination, a perceived threat. Psi 2000 lessened people's inhibitions, but I don't recall hallucinations being a major component of the symptoms. I think on the surface, Psi 2000 and whatever this is could seem similar, but the details do differ." She tapped the side of the tricorder with her fingernails as her mind worked. "Still, I'll look for anything similar, in case it's something related." She nodded to the Trill Scientist. In their line of work, there was always the possibility that a small lead could turn up surprising results.

Daynah began scanning the ship and surrounding space for the usual suspects. That is the usual items that may cause a situation like this. Among those items is chronitons. The idea that chronitons were even present intrigued Daynah fully. So much so that she had to find out why the chronitons were even present. She reached behind a pulled her hair up and off her neck, this was something that she did whenever she was deep in thought.

Over the course of the next ten minutes Daynah had ran through most if not all of the possibilities for chronitons. Then she snapped her fingers. "Doctor, is possible that interphasic space or something like would cause the crew to act like this?" Before she brought her whole theory forward she wanted to confirm that it was even possible.

The doctor paused in her work to consider the question. It was a bit outside her purview, but she had read some information on it before. "If the two...dimensions, for lack of a better word, were to begin to merge, yeah, you could see something that a few seconds later might disappear. But that means they're not hallucinations, but actual people out of phase, doesnt it?" She looked back toward Daynah for her opinion.

"Indeed it would. However, what if this were something slightly different. What if this were memory engrams that were out of phase?" Daynah replied as she put her hair up. She was on a roll and wanted no distractions.

Varina raised a brow and joined Daynah, fully intrigued now. "Is that possible? If you have some evidence of that, it may be time to inform the Captain."

"I don't have enough to go to the Captain just yet. What I need is to find out if anything like these hallucinations have happened to well anyone on the ship. Once I have that then I could prove my theory." Daynah replied excitedly.

"Well, I haven't," the doctor replied, perhaps a little too defensively. She realized how it came out only after, and tried to recover. "I mean, I haven't had any hallucinations." She returned to her own work, hoping the other scientist wouldn't read too much into what she said.

Daynah cocked an eyebrow at the curt response from Varina. "Doctor it was not my intention to accuse. For that I apologize. What I was thinking was whether or not anyone from the crew has actually experienced something similar to what Lieutenant Isuri has hallucinated. If there is someone then it would confirm the theory of memory engrams out of phase. Is there anyone that you know of that has experienced something like the Lieutenant's hallucination?"

Varina sighed. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant. I didn't mean to snap. No, I haven't heard of other similar visions, but I don't have all the records, and the records really depend on the hallucinations being reported." Didn't she know that firsthand.

"Then I know what I have to do for the remainder of the time. I am going to cross reference the reported hallucinations with the service records of the entire crew. If I am correct we should find a correlation." Daynah spoke as she excitedly punched the data mining commands into the computer. Her excitement turned to sorrow just as quickly. "It seems that the computer will take about three hours to compile the data."

Varina nodded. "Sounds good. Keep me informed if you find anything, please." She returned to her work.

"Yes of course doctor." Daynah replied as she rested her head on her hand. It would be a long three hours.

Lieutenant Varina Hightower
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Daynah Ral
Chief Science Officer, USS Orion


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