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Hunger Pains

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2018 @ 2:20pm by Lieutenant JG Ozanna Isuri & Lieutenant Varina Hightower & Lieutenant Daynah Ral

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Sickbay

The building was covered in banners and tapestries marked with calligraphic forms of Betazoid holy symbols. The banners were moving as if alive, animated from within, like ocean vegetation. The symbols pulsed and rearranged themselves back and forth in nonsensical patterns, repeating phrases like:

"Mothers divine compendium of souls heretofore followers then after graced. Come banquet, come."

It had the semblance of holy texts but was simply fabrication of elements of the texts. The rooms linked together in nonsensical ways, and she traveled through them more like an Escher drawing than through normal space— casually unbound to the ground as if walking on walls and traversing the air in between was perfectly normal.

The banner messages continued to play out on the walls:
"We do long to satisfy the depths, to slake the thirst for hunger is truth. Pain is truth, Partake as you would be consumed for all life begets life. The enduring of one becoming another, to partake."

Ozzie saw her reflection in the washing pool. She was bald shaven and her scalp tattoos were plain. They began to multiply, like scales down her neck, around her shoulders, raising in the skin like the leaves of a succulent plant; the textured markings multiplied around her bare breasts and climbed down her legs. She observed her forearm as it became covered in the leafy ink, but then her reflection grew a life of its own, emerged from the water, barred fangs, and wrestled with her.

"Let us drink!" Ozzie heard her own voice demand. It sounded like a stereophonic symphony of innumerable echos bouncing off of little glass reflectors. The sky above the washing pool radiated with pulses and patterns instead of stars.

While trying to keep the fangs of her look-a-like away from her own neck, Ozzie stumbled into the water. She floated into it, as if in zero G. There was no down for a moment. The water rose to meet her. But there was no splash. Instead she had collided through the surface and across a one way mirror. The one way mirror of the interrogation room on Terra Nova.

She held her mug in her hand, her normal hand, dressed in normal shirt sleeves, and no longer growing living tattoos. Her mug was the same mug she'd always used. She rubbed her thumb over the chip in the handle, so familiar. In the other hand was a case file. It was full of gibberish, like the banners, but more police speak shaped than temple-like. "Suspect finds meal unsatisfactory. Booked for four courses. Under section 15-B entitled to representation according to digestive protocol."

The suspect at the table was roguishly handsome with his unkempt hair and broad neck and shoulders. He had a dinner jacket slung over the back of his chair and his tie like a loose noose. He was a devil and he knew it so he stretched like he owned the place. Like he had opted to be in that metal chair and volunteered for the mag cuffs.

"Yulian Ambrose." She identified him out loud. "You just keep coming back for more."

"Can I take you to dinner, Detective Isuri?"

"I'll ask the Questions."

"Alright. " He looked thoughtful. "You want to ask me to dinner? I accept."

She rolled her eyes at him set down the mug and slapped the file on the table. Leaning in on her knuckles to accuse him, slowly, and with great intent. "You were caught chewing with your mouth open, talking with your mouth full, and putting your elbows on the table. Admit it."

"Those are all etiquette misdemeanors. You can't hold me on those."

"You took seconds without asking! I can keep you overnight until your partner rolls over on you."

"You could roll over on me."

"You could take this seriously. The penalty for blowing your nose in your napkin is a juice fast, Ambrose. You won't survive a week."

"Don't pretend you're not guilty, too." He reached across the table and took her hands into his cuffed ones. " We can eat with our fingers, if you like," he said sensually, his eyes becoming mesmerizing.

The walls of the room vibrated like sub-woofers, on a frequency that was more felt than heard. The rate grew and grew until it was unbearable in Ozzie's bones. Then the table began to reflect the same patterns from the Betazoid sky. It shook with a coating of sand that shifted in phono-graphic patterns from the influence of the vibrations.Then from the surface emerged tiny little biting mouths like a myriad of insects. they began to coat Yulian Ambrose.

"Yulian!" She reached for him, but it was too late! The little flies had become a swarm. They engulfed Yulian, then flew away like smoke. There was no one left in the chair.

The fire alarms went off, blaring in an unusual pattern, and she covered her head with the file as the sprinklers came on.

"Sonuva denobulan sand beetle!" She knocked on the two way glass to her partner. "Call the super!"

Daynah watched the video in disbelief. From what the Science Officer knew none of this would have ever happened in her life. "Doctor what do you make of this?"

Varina blinked. What had she just seen? "Well, I think we just got proof that we are dealing with crew hallucinations. Do we stop it, or let it continue?" She looked at the Science Officer to see what her reaction was.

"The question is how do we tell the difference between a hallucination or a dream. I think we should let it continue, at least until we can tell the difference." Daynah replied while her eyes were glued to the screen.

For a moment Ozzie looked around, the water spritzing everything in the office. Things were out of place. Although people moved around in the investigations unit, they moved between biobeds and desks. Looking over her shoulder, she saw two Starfleet nurses following her. But her attention on them was inturrupted by a sound. She heard a soft, insistent wailing and began to follow it, walking through investigations-sickbay.

As she got closer to the sound, there were two women standing with their backs to her, their silhouettes partially blocking off a screen where she saw herself looking at a monitor, and in the monitor she was holding a crying baby. She looked down in her own arms, and there it was, as if it just appeared there, screaming, and crying. Ozzie startled. She considered herself fairly brave, but she didn't know what to do with kids. She grabbed the arm of one of the women with their backs to her.

"I don't know what to do with a baby," the Security Officer said. "I think it's hungry."

When Ozzie rose from the bed two members of the Sick Bay staff made to stop her. Daynah signaled them to let the woman up; science dictated that let this play out and see where it went. Daynah turned back toward the screen and could not believe what she looked at. There was the Security Chief talking about a baby but there was not one present. Yet on the screen there it was plain as day. Daynah thought it best not to wake her up or change her thinking. "Lieutenant why don't you let one of the nurses take the baby. At least until we figure out where it came from."

Ozzie looked relieved as she transferred the "baby" to one of the nurses. The nurse played along. In the monitor, the image of the nurse held the imaginary infant. The wailing still played through the monitors where she heard it in her dreams. "Can you help?" She asked the nurse. "i don't want it to die! It's starving!"

Daynah spoke in a calm soothing voice, her idea was to see if she can engage the Lieutenant in a conversation while she was in this state. "The nurses will take very good care of the baby. Where did the baby come from?"

"I don't know. I heard it crying out there."

"I see... And do you know where you are?" Daynah asked as she scanned Ozanna with a tricorder. Daynah glanced at the Doctor and mouthed the words: are you getting her readings is she asleep or awake?

Varina answered without disturbing their conversation. She lifted her hand, with index finger and thumb pressed together, next to her eyes, then spread them apart and widened her eyes. Beyond that, her expression was of someone intrigued by the information she was looking at from her tricorder. She double-checked the tricorder to be sure it was recording the information it was putting out.

"Terra Nova, of course. Are you lost?" Ozzie looked concerned. "You should have been checked in." Ozzie put a hand on her hip where her phaser normally was. "I'll escort you back to the front desk, ma'am."

As Ozzie turned to the direction in which she perceived the front desk of the old Terra Nova office, she bumped into a nurse who caught her by the shoulders to steady her. On the monitor, there was the Unit Chief for a moment in the nurse's place.

"Sorry, Chief, I-" Ozzie shook her head, a little dizzily and the monitor of her vision resolved into reality. "You're not. Dammit, I could have sworn I bumped into Chief Jarls. Sorry about that." Ozzie looked around for a chronometer. "Am I late for my shift?" She rubbed her face. "Goddesses! I've gotta freshen up and get back to Security." She disentangled herself and rushed out, sickbay doors closing behind her.

Lieutenant Varina Hightower
Chief Medical Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Daynah Ral
Chief Science Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ozanna Isuri
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Orion


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