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Insecurity Inspection

Posted on Mon Sep 24th, 2018 @ 6:36pm by Centurion Eilaea t'Keirianh & Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: USS Orion, Vriha and Eilaea's Quarters

Having just checked various pieces of equipment she'd set up to monitor and secure the space and for any new...additions...once they'd returned from their duties that day, Eilaea had been relieved to discover that it appeared their adversary, whomever they were, hadn't taken the opportunity to infiltrate the space again. Or even attempt to, considering none of the indicators or countermeasures Vriha had employed had been tripped, either. Which was also slightly perplexing: Perhaps they had been too busy with their own duties elsewhere to make such an attempt? Or perhaps they had somehow scented the traps laid out for them, but required additional time to work through how to overcome them....

She stretched slightly from her seat in the main room of their quarters, setting down the PADD she'd been reviewing on Federation power systems and distribution and glanced over to where Vriha was working. "We should redeploy some of our countermeasures in an alternate manner and placement once the sensor block is completed. Anyone who potentially was able to garner information on them from earlier scans will then be relying on outdated information."

"Already on it," Vriha replied, fiddling with a control panel. "I've also adjusted our countermeasures to account for the new security procedures. Anyone attempting to check for our life signs will see them now." She paused a beat, a wry but satisfied smile etched on her face at the way around being trapped in their quarters. "In fact, we could leave and the life signs will still show positive."

A considering smile spread over Eilaea's face. "That could potentially prove very useful."

The door chimed.

Eilaea stepped closer to the door, but specifically did not trigger it to open, or remove any of the measures they had added to prevent such from occurring. A quick glance at the scan and view she had set up of the area out front of their quarters gave her the gist of who was calling on them, but she nevertheless felt compelled to check again as well. "Who is it?"

"My name is Petty Officer Ellion, I'm here with Crewman Waldenberg. We have special orders under General Quarters to visually confirm every person's safety in this deck quadrant, at regular intervals."

Eilaea glanced at Vriha, once eyebrow inching up slightly and back down in a shrug of sorts, then reached out and allowed the doors to open...To a minimal level of an inch or two, allowing the team a view of her face and Vriha's without the rooms beyond (or the weapons she had placed just out of sight to the side in case this turned out to be a ruse to gain entry). "Ah. We are well, as you can see."

Vriha had quickly closed the access panel and stowed her jerryrigged hacking kit. She stepped more into the field of view from the cracked door, suppressing a frown -visual confirmation beyond reading life signs was going to require more work to simulate - which would require retrieving some additional supplies. "If you require visual confirmation, perhaps you should inform us of the intervals. In a few more minutes, I might have been in the shower when you arrived," she stated tersely.

The crewman scratched the back of his neck, a little embarrassed at the idea of catching her at an inconvenient moment like that. "When we go all the way around, we go around again."

"That's the interval, ma'am," the petty officer confirmed with a smile. Her ponytail even had a little pep to it. Her eyes played around the whole scene, obviously trained to look for anomalies and check pupils and facial tensions.

"We'd wait at the door. For you to robe and present. I mean." The crewman tried to explain. "It's general quarters and orders, Ma'am." His adams apple bobbed as he gulped. The scenario would be rather uncomfortable and with a senior officer and a Romulan woman no less!

Not so phased by rank, ethnicity, and gender, his partner continued taking stock. "Just to confirm, it's Lieutenant Eilaea t'Keirianh and Sub Lieutenant Vriha t'Ehhelih?" She struggled a little through the pronunciations with the soft sounds of the vowels and breathy consonants.

"Yes." Eilaea's calm, confident tone and unreadable expression gave away nothing beyond the answer itself.

Vriha resisted rolling her eyes at the question - what other Romulans were aboard after all? - and simply inclined her head in a gesture of concurrence with her companion's affirmative answer.

Petty Officer Ellion wasn't so sure. She sensed more distrust than goodwill in the stiffness of the two roommates. It wasn't as if she expected to trade puns and be invited to tea. It was something she couldn't put a finger on, but found suspicious. "If there's nothing to report, then we'll see you on the next round. Thank you, officers."

The door slid closed, and after waiting several beats Vriha cocked a slanted eyebrow at Eilaea. "Perhaps I should add voice recordings that can play from the lavatory?"

"Some sort of signal to wait, yes..." This time it was Eilaea who nearly rolled her eyes. "Hopefully they will remain aware of duty shifts enough to not attempt to force entry when we are not present." She swept the main room overall with a glare; while no further incidents had occurred as to infiltration of their quarters by their mysterious opponent, she had the distinct feeling it was only a matter of time until they showed their hand again.


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