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General Quarters

Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 @ 1:36pm by

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: Security Briefing
Timeline: (Following the Staff Meeting)

Ozzie strode into the Security briefing hall on the ship, a massive conference room for educational purposes, orientation, and assignments. Every officer and team lead non-com on her staff was assembled, standing room only- nuts-to-butts as her father liked to say. The only one not wearing gold shoulders in the place was Mister Augusta, the Intel guy she was coordinating with under these circumstances. Her first thought was that she hoped her rookies could keep shit together for thirty minutes on the rest of the boat. Not wanting to tempt fate, she got started right away.

"As Chief," Ozzie began the briefing, "I want to own up to having had a hallucination. I experienced what I thought were intruders and sounded an alert. The hallucination was highly convincing. At the time, I held off speaking broadly about it, but I talked to medical personnel and the captain, immediately, as well as Mr. Augusta, who has been helping to compile and make sense of the ship-wide reports. After a conversation with Chief Vella and a staff meeting, we've concluded some stricter measures need to be taken in order to limit the possibilities for mayhem and madness between one another.

"Immediately following this meeting, an order will go out shipwide. The Orion will be put on a general quarters security alert and anyone not actually on duty will be restricted to quarters. Non-essential crew and all civilians will need to keep to quarters. You and your teams will sweep the ship and make sure everyone has heard the order and usher anyone to where they are supposed to be. It's going to put a damper on everyone's personal lives and make all of us hugely unpopular. Get used to it.

"There are no exceptions besides those obtained from the Department heads or bridge orders. So verify anyone who claims the alert doesn't apply to them. Make regular rounds and establish a check in routine to each of the quarters, monitoring life signs and obtaining a response at the door, to be sure no one is left to self harm. We need to make sure people are less likely to endanger themselves and one another. We will also be assigning everyone partners at all times. Ideally groups of four, but at least always a buddy. The goal, of course, being to try to ensure that if one person is seeing things, they can check with their partner to confirm the matter. It doesn't seem to us, so far, that the delusions have been shared. They tend to be specific to each person.

"To obtain a complete picture of the situation we are in, I fully expect all my personnel to divulge to their team leads any concerning visions or experiences you may have had since the ship was forced out of warp. Team leads will make a report on each instance to Mr Augusta."

Ozzie noticed an officer with his hand up but didn't have his name memorized as of yet, so she pointed to him.

"Ensign Ovar Zinon, Ma'am," he introduced himself properly, seeing as everyone was still getting to know one another. He looked a little flushed in the face, like he was embarrassed and cleared his throat. "What repercussions will there be for people who have acted out during a hallucination?"

"Of course, in the case of sustained violent behavior, we will have to restrain such individuals, for their own safety and the safety of others. But that's just the immediate response. Besides that, we will try our best not to come down on anyone who acts out of confusion. So you should not fear undue repercussions reflecting on your reputations or careers. Paranoia and fear will just exacerbate the behavior in the moment. We have to trust one another, so we need to be honest and keep one another honest. Stay in charge of yourself. Inquire as to the reality of any scenario that might become emotional or otherwise seem to demand action. Any other questions? Okay. To your posts. Tactical personnel, please remain. Mr. Augusta is here to meet with us for a strategy session."

The hall was buzzing with murmuring as everyone filed out of the multiple exits into the corridors to check for their team assignments and implement the security alert. Ozzie initialized the pre-recorded message over the ship intercom and the stoic female voice explained the nature of General Quarters and how all personnel and civilians would be required to behave. The message repeated.



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