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Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 8:06pm by Centurion Eilaea t'Keirianh & Lieutenant Delothian Miazami & Lieutenant JG Bethany O'Malley

Mission: Mission 1: Unscheduled Madness
Location: USS Orion, Main Engineering

Compared to any other ship Eilaea had ever served aboard, main engineering aboard the Orion had a clear, stark difference the moment she had entered: The space itself was taller and larger in comparison, owing to the need to accommodate the matter/antimatter reactor core that dominated it, in contrast to the relatively unobtrusive housing of a warbird's singularity core hidden away often off to one side of an engine room. Of course, she thought with a spark of amusement, on the flip side, a Federation vessel did not sacrifice any space for a separate section and secure facilities to house and operate a cloaking device...

Moving her eyes away from her initial observations of the space and equipment itself, Eilaea looked around the room again with a different purpose: While the space itself was alive with the bustle of multiple personnel, for the most part they seemed fully engaged in their own duties, and paid her little notice; unlikely, she surmised, to be the officers she was tasked to assist.

Beth was all over engineering, going over every specification, any minute detail to try to get warp drive established again. She was smiling however, she was in her element. The antimatter inducers where calibrated. She pulled her long blonde hair up into a messy bun and continued to work.

He smiled from where he sat, even amongst all the activity he could see a Romulan woman standing surveying his land like a lion eyeing up pray for dinner. He had always found Romulans interesting, had the opportunity of several occasions to talk to some in his civilian days, but their secrecy and steadfast principles always made him admire them.

Rising from his chair he walked up to the woman and smiled, "Welcome to The Pit Lieutenant. Ready to get your hands dirty?"

Eilaea thought for a moment, perplexed: Was the ship's engine room particularly unsanitary? Or was this one of those odd human expressions, that the species which associated with them closely had picked up as well?

"I am ready to assist in whatever way is required, Lieutenant." She gave a small, measured smile of her own in return, and a tiny dip of her head.

He could see a look wash across her face and he approached her a little more, "It's the name right?" he asked almost laughing. "The names Humans come up for things is strange I agree but I've just went with it..."

" 'The Pit'? No....I can see, to a degree, where the likeness arose. I am uncertain as to "getting ones hands dirty", however - the space appears fairly clean, and it would seem a poor plan to immerse ones hands in antimatter, regardless." The grin widened for a moment in humor. "I am assuming, therefore, it is another Earthling expression...."

"Uch come on now, antimatter hand wash is all the kids talk about these days." he joked before returning his face to a more serious fashion. "But alas we are here to work..."

He gestured for her to follow her round to the engineering rooms main table in the centre of the room. He began by calling up a schematic of the warp core and its surrounding parts. "I've been discussing with the engineering team here and we have decided to 'restart' the warp core. In essence, take it offline and reboot it in the hopes that it'll kick start our ability to move. Are you familiar with Starfleet warp cores at all Lieutenant?" he asked.

"The concept, yes. The specifics, less so. I would expect the mechanics of reaching warp speed to be similar regardless of the vessel; it is your mode of power generation which differs. Are you intending to 'restart' the software and management of the warp engines, or the power core itself?" Aboard a warbird, only the former would have been possible; once activated you could not shut down power generation. The Federation fleet's use of matter/antimatter reactor cores limited their power generation capacity in comparison...But Eilaea had to admit (if only to herself) that there were undoubtedly upsides to the choice as well, providing for more active management of resources.

Flustered Beth looked at Lt. Miazami, "Want me to turn it off then back on again? I am all out of ideas at this point." Slightly red in the face from frustration.

Smiling he turned to the Romulan, "More of a restart of the hardware that supplies the core and our nacelles. Lt. O'Malley will shut down the Matter Reactant Injector that supplies the Matter/Animatter Reaction Chamber with Deuterium whilst you Lieutenant will shut down its counterpart the Antimatter Reactant Injector, stopping the supply of Antimatter into the chamber." he said as he brought up both for the women to see. "I will monitor the reaction chamber to ensure that nothing goes wrong and we get an equal balance during the shut down. IF all goes to plan the warp core will shut down and we will wait 1 hour before restarting to ensure there is no residual Deuterium or Antimatter still residing for our restart. Everyone follow that?" he asked.

Eilaea raised an eyebrow slightly. "From where will the ship draw power for functions such as life support, lighting, and computer core operations during that hour?" She was certain there was an answer - perhaps a backup supply of stored power to draw down on for such times - but hoped that someone had thought to check that any such backup had not been affected by whatever was interfering with their propulsion systems, as well.

Beth nodded and was kicking herself in the ass for not thinking of that herself. Pulling her hair back up into a messy bun. She went to the console and started making the adjustments and to shut down the injector.

"I have siphoned power from the core for the last couple of hours into generators that will act in the cores stead for the time that we are doing our restart. We also have emergency power should anything else go wrong, which it wont but backup is always helpful. All systems are good to go and apart from these final preparations to the injectors before final shut down we have nothing else to do but, well do it." Delothian replied nodding slightly as now was the time to initiate the shutdown.

"Please take your stations ladies. If anyone has any concerns with this course of action now is the time to mention them? One we start the shutdown we cannot stop it..."

Eilaea stepped to her assigned spot, but said nothing; the only risk she could discern might be that they would be unable to restart the system once it was down, but any of the Federation personnel would undoubtedly have a greater understanding of the odds and mechanics of such a possibility, anyways.

Beth was at the injector control panel, she hoped this worked. Being dead in the water was not a great position to be in. Her fingers glided over the control panel making adjustments to the injector manifold so that the process would be as seamless as possible. She looked up at Delothian and Eilaea. " Ready on this end."

"Good." he began. "Initiate the shut down on my mark. 3... 2... 1... mark!" Delothian watched as the blue glow began to dim, the usual humming noise began to die down and he began to bring online the systems that would maintain ships main functions. There may be some blips here and there but he was confident nothing major would arise. Looking at the two women close to him he smiled with that same confidence as they continued the process for closing off the injectors fully as he kept an eye on the balance in the chamber.

A Warp Core breach was not something he wanted to add to their list of problems today.

Lieutenant Delothian Miazami
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Eilaea t'Keirianh
Operations Officer, USS Orion

Lieutenant Junior Grade Bethany O'Malley
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Orion


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