Mission 2: Pyramids & Spirals

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission
Description Captain's Log, Stardate: 72414.8 The Orion has arrived at the Rolstac system for a resupply stop at the planet Nixica enroute to the Romulan border. Nixica has a large orbital base where we will be picking up deuterium and a few new crew members. Shore leave has been granted for what is expected to be a three day stop. It is also a key opportunity for the science departments to investigate a "Macro-Warp Spiral" on the far side of the solar system. It is a very rare phenomenon that disrupts warp travel and poses a travel advisory in the region.
Start Date Fri May 31st, 2019 @ 11:03am

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Title Timeline Location
Shields UP
by Commander Nokomis Diza & Lieutenant Ren Kannu
MD 02-0900 Hours First Officer’s Office

Mission Summary

Location: Planet Nixica, Rolstac System

Description: A terrestrial planet that is the homeworld of the Nixu. The Nixu are a hierarchical clan-based society, and they live in highly structured communities. Instead of cities, they build large pyramidal structures, several thousand of which litter the surface of their world. Despite their penchant for mega-structures, the Nixu make every effort to ensure that the ecological balance of their world is not disturbed, and much of the planet remains an untouched wilderness.

There is a large, diamond-shaped orbital base that serves as a bustling trade hub for the sector. It is especially advantageous because Nixica is positioned on the opposite side of the solar system from a "Macro-Warp Spiral" that is a danger to warp travel.