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Lieutenant Varina Hightower

Name Varina Melissa Hightower

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 152
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Doctor Hightower is of average height, and build for her age. She can do her fair share of lifting, as her job occasionally calls for it. She usually wears her long dark hair back in a ponytail when she's working, and down in her free time.


Spouse ex - Darren Wolfe
Children Erick Wolfe - 5 yrs
Father Jared Hightower
Mother Elaine (neƩ Busch) Hightower
Brother(s) Jacob Hightower - 33 yrs

Personality & Traits

General Overview Varina's no nonsense attitude can sometimes be mistaken for aggressiveness, and that's even more evident since her near court martial, and subsequent divorce. She's suspicious of those who put her where she is and cynical of others and their judgments of her. However, she's devoted to her profession, and good at it. The condition of her patients always takes precedence over anything else.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
doesn't back down from a fight
loyal to those she trusts
good at her job

Cynical since her trial and divorce
finds it hard to trust others
Ambitions She really just wants to keep her position as CMO
Hobbies & Interests Her main interest outside of work is her son, whom she only gets to talk to over comms, as her ex-husband has full custody.

Personal History Married Darren Wolfe in 2385
Birth of Erick Darren Wolfe in 2389
Divorced in 2391--after he testified against her in the court martial--and full custody awarded to Darren Wolfe
Service Record Graduated SF Academy - 2380
1st Assignment: USS Aristotle as Ensign
Promotion to Lieutenant (junior grade) in - 2382
Transferred to USS Farragut - 2383
Promotion to full Lieutenant - 2384
Promotion to CMO - 2387
Promotion to Lt. Commander - 2389
Court-martial trial held for failure to treat an Ambassador; sentance reduced to demotion to Lieutenant - early 2391
LoA in mid 2391 to settle divorce and child custody
Re-assigned to hospital at Utopia Planitia Shipyards - mid 2391

Court-Martial Report:
In 2390 Ambassador Tumulk, of the Chi'tai was aboard the Farragut. He was leading a small delegate of representatives of the Chi'tai Ensemble sent to begin talks of acceptance into the Federation. On the way, Tumulk was seriously injured and taken to Sickbay. After some hours, he was pronounced dead by the Chief Medical Officer.
The Chi'tai delegation later claimed that Dr. Hightower neglected her duties, in effect, killing him. The UFP took the claim seriously and looked into the incident. Preliminary reports indicated that there was cause to bring charges against the doctor. During the trial she indicated that she'd received DNR instructions from her patient, but he was not in a place to make a written record, and even after an attempt to find a witness, he'd already slipped into unconsciousness. The Chi'tai denied that could be possible, as their culture believed all life mattered, even an unresponsive conscious. However, Dr. Hightower insisted that she had received different instructions from her patient, and that was what she was working with--her insistence that she'd respect her patient's wishes were it to happen again probably didn't help her.
In the end, her spotless record kept her from getting a worse sentence--a demotion in rank and withdrawal of her position as Chief Medical Officer--but she claimed it had effectively ruined her career.