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Lieutenant T'Sai

Name T'Sai

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 40 (2355)

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10 (178cm)
Weight 43 lbs (65kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description T’Sai wears her hair longer than most Vulcans as a way to help blend in during certain missions. As with her species, she is slightly on the tall side. She is slender and keeps herself well within Starfleet fitness mandates because of her line of work. She always keeps herself neat and tidy with her uniform meeting Starfleet code.


Father Sulak, R & D Engineer, Vulcan Shipyard One
Mother T’Sun, Vulcan Science Academy Dean of Admissions
Brother(s) Sarvek, Vulcan Science Academy Professor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Intelligent and adaptable. T’Sai is the center of calm in the eye of a hurricane. She attempts to show no outward emotions, but those who know her most can pick up elements of sarcasm and even humor on occasion. It can be noted that her recommendations never describe her as cold and robotic.
Strengths & Weaknesses + T’Sai has a very sharp and analytical mind. She is able to pick up on personality elements that sometimes are missed in others. She also bears a curiosity in the unexplo

- She sometimes finds relating to more emotional beings a bit on the difficult side. She also finds trouble separating work from personal life, often seeing ulterior motives in possible friends.
Ambitions T’Sai’s only ambition is to prove to herself and her mother that a field outside Science is just as valuable to society. It is a sore topic for her that has strained relations between the two.
Hobbies & Interests T’Sai enjoys kal-toh and games of chess. She also spends time in meditation. Unlike most Vulcans, she has a curiosity of other cultures that often extends in to experience Holodeck programs as a way of immersing herself in their culture.

Personal History T'sai was born during a time of great change for the Federation. The Cardassian Border Wars had driven Starfleet to it's first major arms race and upgrading of the fleet in half-a century. Her father's job as an R&D became suddenly in demand overnight. With that said, the young T'Sai didn't see much of her father as a young child. Such as the norm on Vulcan, many parents would stay at home while the other would be stationed a galaxy away.

Her older brother, Sarvek, sort of took the place of their father in the family. T'Sai looked up and admired her brother as he completed his Kolinahr and was readily accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy when T'Sai was only eight. She remembers her mother's eyes, almost giving a glint of pride as her son followed her down the prestigious path of Science. However, T'Sai had too much of her father in her.

She was among the top of her class as she made her way through school. Her mother's pull had set her along the path to go through her own Kolinahr with an easy stroll into the Science Academy. Instead, T'Sai could never shake her wonder about how things worked, she'd always tinker with holosimulators to make them more efficient or improve their feature sets. She'd also tinker with household technology to help with chores. T'Sai could also be found looking to the stars.

When her father was reassigned to Vulcan as the Cardassian Wars wound down, the two were able to carry on a normal relationship. Sulak allowed her to visit the shipyard, make inspections of incomplete vessels, and just have a look at the systems. Were it not for her Vulcan upbringing, she would have bounced off the walls.

Both her mother and brother attempted to steer her away from wasting her life on such trivial matters as she neared Kolinahr. T'Sai followed through with the process, completing her Kolinahr after four years at the age of twenty two. With her brash emotions purged, T'Sun almost congratulated herself on having two children join the Vulcan Science Academy. Instead, T'Sai chose to go into Starfleet.

She passed her admittance test and immediately chose the Operations path. T'Sai felt that it would allow her to combine her talent with tinkering with her programming skills. While at the Academy, T'Sai picked up a genuine interest in other cultures, which she rolled into a minor. She also became quite the chess player, earning several tournament victories.

Upon graduation in 2381, T'Sai was assigned to the USS Gates as an operations officer. It was a Nova-class that was assigned to map out the newly opened portions of the Gamma Quadrant. T'Sai became instrumental in calibrating the surveying equipment and sensor algorithms, which led to more detailed scans.

After six years and a promotion to Gamma-shift bridge officer, tragedy struck the Romulan Empire when the Hobus supernova destroyed Romulus and the heart of the Empire. T'Sai was transfer to the USS Iroquois, a Cheyenne-class starship. However, her new assignment was not in her field of operations, but in Starfleet Intelligence. She had shown an aptitude for data gathering and deciphering difficult patterns in scans. She had also been able to predict economic activity in non-warp capable species that the Gates had come across.

With these abilities, she was assigned as an Intelligence officer aboard the Iroquois. The ship served as part of the relief efforts to help set up new colonies and supply lines, with the added mission of determining the true damage to the Romulans. She served in her position for eight years, working her way up to Assistant Chief of Intelligence.

While serving in and around the Romulan Empire, T'Sai picked up an interest in the work of Spock and other Vulcans who sought to explore the similarities in her own people and the Romulans. While distant cousins, Vulcans and Romulans had diverged ages ago. T'Sai developed a side project, learning about what caused the divergence in the Vulcans and the current evolutionary state of the Romulans and Vulcans.
Service Record USS Orion, 2394- Present
- Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Iroquios, 2387-2394
- Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer
- Intelligence Officer

USS Gates, 2381-2387
- Operations Officer
- Gamma Shift Bridge Officer

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, 2377-2381
- Operations Path
- Galactic Cultures, Minor