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Lieutenant K'Larn Yaserina

Name K'Larn Yaserina

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 56

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 170lb
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Hazle Grey
Physical Description Several scars from different engineering mishaps and battle. Has the House tattoo on her left shoulder and a long tattoo on her back covering a ragged scar on her back.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kord House of Morlok
Mother Janinia Yaserina
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various spread out between Qu'onoS and Betazed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'Larn is quiet and open minded in most situations. She enjoys others company and can be passionate when needed. She has betazoid abilities but they are limited sometimes. K'Larn can make command decisions and is dedicated to her crew. Engineering is her passion and life's work
Strengths & Weaknesses Honest

K'Larn has a problem with lies. She hates them and she can tell when she is being lied to and it brings her temper out.
Dedication and dependability also can go too far when she feels it necessary to not eat or sleep. She will stay until the job is done.
Her loyalty can get to the point of disrespecting authority and that is when she gets next to insubordination.

Ambitions To be the best CEO in Starfleet.
To eventually get married.

Hobbies & Interests She is interested in reading technical manuals, horseback riding, Klingon battle exercises, listening to meditation music, and having a good time.

Personal History From the time K'Larn could walk, both her parents started schooling her in basic engineering practices. She loved taking things apart and putting them back together. She became so good that by the time she started her schooling, that her parents put her in a special school for the gifted.

Her schooling was not as easy as one would think. Coming from two traditions, one Klingon and the other Betazoid, it was difficult to adjust. On the one hand Klingon schools differed greatly than Betazoid schools. Her mother wanted her to learn in the Betazoid method and her father the Klingon ways. As fate would have it, her father's will win out over her mother's and Klingon schooling it was. Confused and teased by the others she held her head up and persevered.

She loved going to school simply because she enjoyed engineering. It was her calling and she excelled in it. K'Larn breezed through her courses and impressed her instructors. By the time she turned 18, both of her parents enrolled her in Starfleet Academy and the engineering classes.

The Academy was different from her schooling on Betazed. It was a little more intimidating and at first somewhat scary. Being the only hybrid in her class, she was teased by other cadets and got into several fights, one of which she got reprimanded by the Admiral.

She eventually got used to the hustle and bustle of Academy life and her classes became easier to deal with. K'Larn studied hard and learned so much more than she had hoped to. She became a honor cadet and her instructors gave her high praise for her accomplishments. By the time graduation arrived she was so proficient that she graduated in the top 10% of her class.

She was summarily granted a position on the USS Johnstown as her CEO with the rank of Lieutenant Jg. K'Larn was tickled pink with that assignment and most grateful. She served 15 years here with dedication until the ship along with half the crew were killed in battle.

It was a horrific battle between two Klingon BOP and the Johnstown. Her ship was dispatched to find out who was firing on several trade ships in the eastern most corridor between Klingon space and the Romulan Empire, but not in the neutral zone. The Johnstown had just dropped out of warp intercepting both klingon ships firing on a trade ship from Alpha Triangular. With phasers and torpedoes being fired, one of the BOP turned on the Johnstown taking out her engines on the first salvo. K'Larn had her hands full in engineering at this point with both nacelles damaged, maneuvering the ship was a joke. The captain did not give up nor did she and she managed to jury rig more power to the impulse drive so the ship had a better chance of fighting and flying. Next thing K'Larn knows the Johnstown was rocked by multiple explosions. Her central display board lights up like a christmas tree, red lights going on and off, small rumbles signaling small explosions, and to make matters worse the communications to the bridge had been severed. K'Larn quickly assumed command and rerouted the bridge controls to engineering, scanned the bridge for life signs, finding them alive, she maneuvered the Johnstown away from the area as quickly as the ship could move under impulse power. As the ship moved away there were several explosions registered indicating that the possibility of a core breach would happen. Not realizing that she had been hurt, K'Larn went about her job trying to get a handle on these problems by handing tasks to the people left under her command. Looking at the display board the matter/antimatter containment units began to rupture indicating that the ship was indeed beyond hope so she ordered those left alive to abandon ship while she and two others scrambled to the bridge to rescue the command crew. Bleeding from a gash in her side did not stop her as the three finally made it to the bridge. Injured but alive, K'Larn got the command crew into their life pods and away before she and the two who went with her got into the last bridge pod and escaped just before the core breached destroying the Johnstown. She saved most of her department and saved the lives of the bridge command staff and was awarded the Starfleet Medal of valor. K'Larn also got the Purple heart for her injuries during the battle.

About a year went by before she was cleared for duty by Starfleet medical and was assigned to the USS Endeavour as her CEO with the rank of Lt. Cmdr. K'Larn loved her new charge and everything to maintain her. Serving here for another 15 years she was awarded several commendations for her hard work and certain advances in the field of engineering. When the Endeavour was decommissioned K'Larn was heart broken.

Starfleet transferred K'Larn to the USS Ganges as her CEO with the rank of Lt. Cmdr but she refused the rank and took the rank of Lieutenant instead. For the next 8 years she served the Ganges with honor and dedication but K'Larn heard that a new ship, the USS Orion, needed a CEO and put in her transfer for her. She is currently awaiting for that transfer to go through.
Service Record 15 years USS Johnstown as her CEO rank of Lt. Jg. Promoted through the ranks to Lieutenant.
Medal of Valor and Purple Heart awarded.

15 years USS Endeavour promoted to Lt. Cmdr. Several commendations for excellence in engineering.

8 years USS Ganges as CEO promoted to Lt. Cmdr. but refused and accepted the rank of Lieutenant.

Assigned as Chief Engineer of the USS Orion.