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Lieutenant JG Kadin Ados

Name Kadin Ados

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Risian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description With a love of swimming and sports, Kadin has developed an athletic build while not being a muscle head. He has the darker skin and light eyes of a native Risian. His species is considered "beautiful" by those visiting the resort world, however he would merely consider himself normal.


Father Zanor Ados
Mother Iadri Ados

Personality & Traits

General Overview Growing up on a quadrant-wide resort world has given Kadin a different perspective than most. He's used to being around different species and odd customs and can be comfortable in any diplomatic situation. He also enjoys getting to know people and having fun. However, a life grown up in a family of customer service, he has learned dedication and a sense of pride in a job well done. Kadin is also an idealist.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Capable in combat
- Dedicated to his duty
- Detailed
- Ability to improvise on the fly

- Born in paradise, has never seen true evil
- "Rose colored glasses"
- Lack of "real world" experience

- Dedicated to the ideals of the Federation and Starfleet to a fault
Ambitions While accolades and a ship of his own one day are things that he wants to obtain, that is not Kadin's true ambitions. His true ambition is to go out into the unknown, to seek out new worlds and new civilizations as the saying goes.
Hobbies & Interests There are a few things that he really enjoy. Kadin's favorites are immersing himself in other cultures, parrises squares, anbo-jyutsu, and a nice night in the lounge.

Personal History Out of all the places in the Galaxy to be born, a beachfront resort on Risa would be high on the most desirable list. Kadin Ados was born to the owners of the Paradise Cove resort. It was a five star destination for people seeking to dabble in everything Risa had to offer.

Being at school age when the Dominion War broke out, the young Kadin was very sheltered from the news. It also helped that Risa itself was far from the frontlines and did its best to keep up the appearances of normal to give visitors an escape from the darkness that was consuming the quadrant. Kadin's parents, Zanor and Iadri, believed in education and encouraged their son to choose his own path in life.

As he became a teenager, the Federation began turning to a more exploratory focus. With eyes always in the stars, Kadin desired to join the organization and to see the universe. While he was growing up, his parents taught him responsibility by giving him various jobs around the resort. He got to gain experience with machinery, guest relations, and gained many other skills that would aid his future career. Top-tier education with a body built by daily swimming and sports almost picked a career in the Tactical and Security Division. When he turned 18, Kadin took and passed the Starfleet entrance exam.

It only took a gentle stroll around campus to tell him that he made the right choice. Kadin immediately picked up and joined both the Academy Parrises Squares and Anbo-jyutsu teams. He also craved the knowledge he picked up in classes, often picking up teaching assistant positions and extra learning outside of the classroom. During his first year, he was able to witness the destruction of the Romulan Sun during class.

Upon graduation, the newly minted Ensign was assigned to the USS Lexington, an Excelsior-class vessel tasked with humanitarian missions along the former Cardassian DMZ. For the next six years, Kadin earned praise for his role in diplomatic ventures to colonies and border allies that were in need of aid. A mission that sticks out to him was being sent to relieve a medical facility that had fallen short of supplies during a colony-wide outbreak of a never before seen disease. Having successfully delivered new supplies to the station, Kadin and his team helped keep the medical team safe as a cure was discovered.

It was in 2397 that Captain Sulak of the Lexington gave him the news that Kadin would not remain aboard the ship. He was being transferred across Federation space to the USS Orion to be the ship's new Assistant Chief of Tactical and Security.
Service Record USS Orion, Galaxy-class (2397-Present)
- Assistant Chief of Tactical and Security

USS Lexington, Excelsior-class (2391-2397)
- Delta-shift Bridge Officer, Tactical station (2395-2397)
- Tactical Officer (2391-2395)

Starfleet Academy (2387-2391)
- Division of Tactics and Security
- Parrises Squares, Champion (2391)
- Anbo-Jyutsu Champion, (2390,2391)