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Lieutenant Yipa Cirni

Name Yipa Cirni

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’7"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Neither tall, nor short, Yipa Cirni is just average. Her lithe frame solid muscle. No one would ever call her curvaceous, though some have called her pretty. Her dark hair, long enough to hang just past her shoulders, normally remains up in an unruly bun at her nape with tendrils that refuse to stay in place, falling across her cheeks. Light hazel eyes shifting in a myriad of gray and green hues against a dark pupil ringed by amber flecks, peer out from an angular face the ridges on her slender nose only accentuate. She bears a short scar on her forehead received as a toddler, and claws marks below her left eye from a fight in her teens. She holds a fascination with blades, bearing additional scars all over her body from her lifelong pursuit of varying knife fighting styles.


Father Yipa Telice–Deceased.
Mother Ciyin Onani–Deceased.
Brother(s) Yipa Ruvac–Deceased.
Other Family Teehu Paakr & Eekas Mudia (adoptive grandparents)-Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yipa Cirni is a complex and flawed individual. Her life was ugly and harsh during those first few important formative years. Through stringent self-discipline and years of hard work on a counsellor’s couch, she learned to channel her demons into skills vital in aiding the Federation’s work to secure a safer universe for all species.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Adaptable under pressure
Strong work ethic
Thinks outside of the box.
Fluent in Cardassian, Ferengi, English and Japanese.
Speaks passable Klingon, & Andorian.

Lacks subtlety
Recovering holodeck addict
Intelligent conversation and Andorian ale.
Ambitions Secretly she harbors dreams of achieving a command someday. However, she knows that with her emotional issues and service history such lofty heights are likely beyond her reach. Some claim it is also who you know. A friend in high places fingerprints remain on your record forever. She felt Admiral Takahashi’s light touch in her military career so far. She has not had a breakdown in years now. Only time will tell what the future holds.
Hobbies & Interests Ballet Dancing, Bat’leth fighting, boxing, collecting incense & scented oils, Japanese fan dancing, Karate, Katana fighting, reading other species’ warfare history, Tai Chi, Vulcan meditation.

Personal History Yipa Cirni was born on the star base Terok Nor, four years before the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor ended. She doesn’t know her exact birth date, and there is no one left alive to tell her because the Cardassians destroyed the records of the slaves of Terok Nor. By the time she was 18 months old, she was an orphan. Her parents and older brother were three of the 15 million Bajorans killed by their Cardassian overlords. Cirni was a cute, precocious, and docile toddler. It saved her life. A guard, Gul Pirran, took her home to his daughter as a gift. A plaything, only a toy. Worse, the family pet that the daughter kicked, hit, and tortured in the cruel ways of children. The scar on Cirni’s forehead is a remnant of her early childhood. Pain. Sakba Terell encoded it into her DNA. She claims to have no genuine memories of that period in her young life, just flashes that all these years later, can wake her from deep sleep bathed in a cold sweat. It laid the foundation of the woman she became.

During her fourth year of life, the Cardassian Occupation ended. After the star base’s change of ownership to Bajoran control, once again Cirni faced abandonment by the Cardassian family that had taken her in. Sakba Tellal, her tormentor, locked her in the living chambers when the family fled to Cardassia Prime. It took the new security crews several days to sweep the entire station: eventually finding Cirni, almost feral with hunger. The Prophets intervened, when an elderly couple who had lost their children in the occupation agreed to take in the young Bajoran girl. Teehu Paakr and his mate Mudia tried their best with Cirni, but she was continually in trouble. Growing up on the space station now named DS9, Cirni closed herself off to everyone emotionally. At school, her surly personality put her at odds with the instructors, who recognized her intelligence and potential but could not reach past the walls she had erected to protect herself emotionally. She would attack any bully that picked on the weaker kids like a Klingon to battle. She threw temper tantrums and broke things. By seven, she was developing the love of sharp objects that would follow her for the rest of her life.

Eleven-year-old Yipa Cirni became a waif. She ran off when her adoptive caretakers died, flitting around DS9 like a ghost, scrounging off the trash of others. Cirni lived within the massive ducts and vents that made up the rings of the space station. When she entered her teens, the young woman fell in with a gang of smugglers. She facilitated the movement of black-market goods to Quark’s. The young woman never touched the merchandise; just made sure certain ducts and vents openings were loose for easily hidden storage and retrieval. In return, she received food, and the chance to play the occasional dabo game. The arrangement lasted until she accused a Ferengi of cheating her. The ensuing fight resulted in her cheek raked by the man’s long nails. It was her second scar. It would not be the last.

Cirni, now sixteen and still living deep within the bowels of the star base, went on like that until once again the Prophets reached out, touching her life. The Dominion War was long over, the Alpha Quadrant in relative peace, but Bajor was refusing to join the Federation. The star base always hosted a large influx of visitors from other worlds. One never really knew what species you could run into. One night while she was prowling around near one of the cargo bays, suddenly large meaty hands grabbed her from behind. The assault was sudden and brutal. A male from Earth slammed her against the bulkhead violently. Everything faded to black. To this day, she claims it is a small blessing the Prophets granted her. No memory of the taking of the last piece of innocence she had left to give to the world. She awoke to his grunting and rutting. Survival instincts took over. The only weapon she owned at the time; a small thin shiv, made from a discarded screwdriver, hidden in her boot was her lifeline. In his haste, the attacker hadn’t noticed the weapon as he ripped the clothing from her slight frame. Reaching, she slipped her hands down, grasping the hilt. Fast as lightning, she turned the tables on her rapist. She stabbed again and again at the right side of his face with the screams of a banshee. His screams of surprise and agony soon mingled with hers, security not far behind. Suddenly it was a matter of, he said, she said. He turned out to be a star flyboy pilot, whose career could now be over unless the medical staff managed to save and repair the damage, and claimed she led him to the cargo bay willingly. She was a thief and a nobody who had been a pain in the ass to security for a number of years, crying rape. They say life is nothing but a series of choices. Those we make ourselves and those made for us. Did the constable, the commander, the vedek, everyone there who had a say in her fate know that in her brief life she had faced such horrors? Perhaps. They gave her a choice. She was intelligent, sly, and had potential, they said. Potential that should not be wasted. They needed people like that in Starfleet, especially officers. Take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam or throw her life away on a prison planet. Like it was a choice? The next day she was on a starship headed for Earth.

Cirni arrived in San Francisco determined. The prophets put her on this path; she walked it. The Starfleet Academy entrance exam proved challenging, but she had paid attention during the limited education of her youth. Her ravenous love of reading and limited selections of manuals and schematics provided her only other education. She passed the test. Her scores were high enough to place her in the commissioned officer training program and encouraged to follow the intelligence path. On her own for many years now, Cadet Yipa, or just Yipa as her classmates immediately began calling her, bristled under the loss of freedom, the rules, and so many regulations! Until she met the history of warfare professor Admiral Takahashi. The man saw something in the young Bajoran. Cirni reminded him of his daughter he said once. He introduced her to the generals of Earth’s history, and she devoured the knowledge they imparted in their writings. But when he opened up his own Japanese culture and its rich history of sword making, the Bushido philosophy, and the Samurai warriors to her, she fell in love. Completely immersing herself in the culture. The rigid simplicity, the striving for perfection in every act, creature, and moment, all intrigued her fractured psyche. Well into her first year at the Academy, despite being tempered and molded by her professors and Starfleet’s regulations, it was obvious to the powers that be; she lacked the subtlety and tact necessary in an intelligence officer. It was Takahashi that suggested she transfer to security and tactical. Cirni thrived after the change of career paths. Her mind took to combat stratagems as if she had been a general in another life. Once she read about the Earth generals, she studied the other species generals, immersing herself in as many species war campaigns as she could. She even wrote a paper on the contrasting strategies of the Cardassian armies and their responses to the Bajor guerilla tactics used in the resistance. One that earned her the first of many excellent grades. She continually surprised her professors with her unique perspective and out of the box solutions for almost every situation presented with.

It was not all smooth sailing. She butted heads with many of her professors, got in fights with her classmates. She walked around with a chip the size of a boulder on her shoulder. One, she dared anyone who looked at her a certain way to knock off, and when they tried, she fought them. They ordered her into first daily, then eventually weekly counseling sessions. Something she resented at first. Hated the very thought of some Betazoid shrink poking around in her mind, messing with her emotions. However, if you were to ask her now,, Cirni would say Counselor Reelina Ogaid and her mentor Admiral Takahashi altered the course of her life by guiding and molding her into the Starfleet officer she is today. Looking back, they gave her latitude and showed patience that is unusual, yet she eventually conformed, and when she did, she thrived.She had two relationships in those four years. First, with a Klingon, Owun Vrigeck, who was the year ahead of her. He introduced her to Klingon history, bat’leth fighting, along with adding to a growing collection of scars, as he taught her how to fight with the Klingon battle blade. Owun graduated, then flew off on a mission to space. They remain friends to this day. A few months later, she met Ryr Th’rhiasros, an Andorian engineer. They dated for almost a year before the relationship ended, badly. Unlike her relationship with Owun, Cirni did not take the breakup well. Heartbroken, the Bajoran spent her free time in the holodeck, reverting to isolating herself away from the few friends she had made. She kept her after hours behavior in check for a while. After graduating near the top of her class, Starfleet sent her to serve aboard the galaxy class starship the USS Vidar on an exploration mission to the Rolor Nebula. The academy does its best to prepare the cadets for the challenges of space exploration. On her first assignment, she did her best. A security ensign, low pleb on the totem pole, left her with guard duty outside the transporter room. Not even in the room, but outside the door. She was miserable. She spent more and more time on the holodeck, sword fighting, taking part in famous battles throughout many species’ histories. Then she started lowering the safety guards. At first, something easily explained her injuries away to the medical staff in sick bay. Then she started removing the safety protocols completely and either hiding or showing up with much more serious injuries.

One night, while running the simulation of the Klingon emperor Sompek’s conquest of Tong Vey, she took a near fatal bat’leth blow to her abdomen. The senior medical officer healed her wounds and then reported her actions to the captain. They relieved her of duty and sent her back to Starfleet in shame. It took another six months of treatment and counseling before Starfleet declared her fit for duty again. In late 2389, she applied for and received a security position aboard the USS Hector. An intrepid class vessel sent to observe and monitor Romulan & Cardassian maneuvers in the neutral zone. Serving under Captain Sakime Harabi, things finally begin falling into place for the young Bajoran woman. She worked hard, slowly distinguishing herself on away missions, along with contributions to the ships’ tactical exercises and engagements. By the end of the three-year assignment, she had risen in rank from ensign to lieutenant junior grade and was promoted to assistant security chief. She applied for and landed the Assistant Chief of Security position aboard the USS Persephone on their five-year mission to survey and explore the Gamma Quadrant. During the mission she continued to excel in her tactical role, earning a promotion to full lieutenant. When the Persphone returned through the Bajor wormhole to the Alpha Quadrant Cirni took Counselor Ogaid’s advice, and took a much-needed shore leave, before reporting to her new posting aboard the USS Orion.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2385-2389
USS Vidar 2389 – Ensign Security/Tactical
USS Hector 2389-2392 – Ensign/Lt Jr. Security/Tactical
USS Persephone 2392-2397 Lt. Jr./Lt. – Security/Tactical
USS Orion – Current Lt. Chief Security/Tactical -