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Lieutenant JG Tiberius Augusta

Name Tiberius Domitius Augusta

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 186 Cm
Weight 101 Kg
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tiberius is tall, athletic and broad. He keeps his hair cut short, lacks any facial hair and invariably keeps his expression neutral. Tiber holds himself well with good posture and is rarely seen out of uniform unless an assignment dictates otherwise. His uniforms are immaculately presented and he will, on occasion, don a pair of black gloves in homage to his father, who frequently does the same. As a cadet he would occasionally dye his hair outlandish colours without warning such as peroxide blonde or occasionally blue, inorder to illicit shock in his peers. He has no distinctive features that would make him easily identifiable in a crowd however he has a slight turn in his left eye that becomes more apart if he is forced to concentrate for long periods without rest.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father LTCR Dr Marcus Domitius Augusta
Mother Cpl Julia Morelli (KIA)
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Grandmother: CDR Livia Augusta Rt.
Grandfather: Brig. Gen. Marcus Domitius Augusta (KIA)
Uncle: Maj Gaius Domitius Augusta
Aunt: Dr Claudia Augusta MD (KIA)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tiberius is stern, cold and humourless on first contact. He takes himself and his role extremely seriously and has little time for what he would consider needless fraternisation. His unwillingness to engage with others however is born of a fear of loss rather than a genuine apathy for others. Having suffered loss in his life, he can initially be resistant to friendly overtures for fear of growing attached. That said he does and can form meaningful friendships with others that, once forged, he will revel in. He displays a fierce loyalty to his family's legacy as military men and women, honouring some of their more eccentric traditions such as wearing black gloves in addition to his standard uniform on occasion. Although restrained and patient in his work, this is a product of his training and upbringing and not a natural feature of his personality. On occasion he can be impulsive and jovial when his guard is down, leaving those around him baffled by the contradictions in his character.

Tiberius is a young man trying to live up to his fathers example in both his career and his wider life, but at the moment he is unsure of who he really is. His formative years are yet to come.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tiberius is skilled in many forms of martial art, both armed and unarmed. He is an expert marksman and championship fencer, honing his skills against his father all the way through his teens.

He has a strong grasp of languages and likes to make do without a universal translator where possible. He is a sound judge of character, a trait that serves him well in his chosen proffession.

Tiber can be short tempered and quick to anger, hence his preference for martial pursuits as a means to relieve tension. He has been known to jump to the incorrect conclusion before investigating alternatives, a trait that could easliy undermine his own talents.

By far his greatest weakness comes in his struggle to function is less formal environments, he may win his colleagues professional respect easily enough, but not there affection.

Ambitions Tiber prefers to keep his ambitions to himself.
Hobbies & Interests Languages, History, martial arts, Vulcan Philosophy

Personal History Tiberius was born on 16/11/2372, the product of military fraternisation between a Major Marcus Domitius Augusta and his subordinate, Private Julia Morelli, both of Federation Marine Corp shortly before the Dominion War broke out. Their relationship was passionate and they were deeply in love however Marcus position as a senior officer forced the couple to keep the relationship secret. As an infant Tiberius remained in the care of his paternal grandparents on Earth while both his parents were deployed to the front. The Dominion claimed the lives of his mother, aunt and grandfather in quick succession. His aunt, a specialist xenocardiologist was killed in a fire fight in the corridors of Starfleet Medical and his grandfather vaporised during the Breen orbital bombardment of starfleet commend in 2375. At the time Young Tiberius at the familys home in Padua in Italy with his grandmother. This loss was shortly followed by the death of his mother during the final battle of the war above Cardassia Prime. His father, having witnessed the death of his lover, ordered the indiscriminate destruction of disabled Breen vessels toward the end of the battle, in an act of pure grief and vengeance. Such conduct constituted a war crime. Detained and waiting court marshal Marcus faced dismissal, incarceration and disgrace. This was avoided however due to a sympathetic disciplinary board and public outcry following the publication of his case. Public opinion having turned in favour of the starfleet officers who had suffered so much during the war. Instead Marcus tooked demotion and retirement from the Marine Corp and settled back on Earth with his infant son and what was left of his family. Although loving in his own way, Marcus was a distant father; struggling to face the prospect of life without Julia and raising their son alone. He was protective and took an interest in his sons development but was rarely affectionate toward him, acting more as a mentor then a father.

Tiberius excelled in school. He was academically gifted and a talented sportsman. However he struggled to bond with other children, much preferring his own company to that of others. His early interests included history and archaeology as well as the martial arts, which he practised alongside his father. It was these sessions that, as Tiberius grew, that brought father and son closer together. By the age of 10 Tiberius was a Blackbelt 5th Dan in Judo and had a passing proficiency in Suus Mahna, an incredibly rare achievement for a young Human. As time passed, Marcus and Tiberius grew closer, sharing an unspoken bond beyond that of father and son. Tiberius came to idolise his father, imitating his mannerisms and speech, to such a degree that his grandmother would urge him to think more for himself.

In 2386, Marcus was approached by an old comrade from his marine days. The former marine explained that following the end of the dominion war Starfleet had struggled to recover from the massive losses it had incurred in terms of manpower. While the prospect of a return to the marines was impossible due to the circumstances of his retirement, a career with starfleet was still an option. After making some initial enquiries, Marcus was presented with the option of joining Starfleet intelligence as a field operative. After a short period of contemplation Marcus accepted and at the age of 14, Tiberius and his father left earth and began living aboard the USS Lexington. The transient life that followed for the next few years suited Tiber, as he was rarely in one place long enough to give anyone the opportunity to get too close to him. He spent his down time in the holodeck training or trying to sneak into secure locations while his father was away on assignments.

In 2388, his father was discovered while undercover and was declared missing presumed dead. The XO of the Lexington, Commander Andrea Frost, herself a former marine, took it upon herself to care for Tiber and for a number of weeks took responsibility for him. A short time after Marcus re-established contact and much to Tiber's relief, returned to the Lexington uninjured. Despite the positive outcome, the episode had two effects on the boy. Firstly he established an enduring relationship with Commander Frost and she became one of his very few close confidants and friends. Secondly however, it strained his relationship with his father for not making contact sooner and putting him through the prospect of loss once again. Tiber has never truly addressed these feelings.

In 2390, Andrea sponsored Tiberius's application to Starfleet Academy. Four years of hard work followed before in which Tiber applied himself and excelled in his studies. He passed out third in his class and despite following a security and tactical path was recruited into Starfleet intelligence before he had officially graduated. His graduation ceremony was attended by his grandmother, uncle and commander Frost, his father was unable to attend due to an undercover assignment.

Having served in three short undercover posts without being stationed to a vessel, Tiber has now just began his first ship based assignment aboard the USS Orion.
Service Record 2390-2394- Starfleet Academy

2394-2395- Classified

2395-Present USS Orion