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Lieutenant Tequila Hart

Name Tequila Jenae Hart

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid/Vulcan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 155lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tiki is a girl who stands out, even if she doesn't want to. With her small stature, her slight frame and her almost pixie like features she is one that is often hard to look passed. Between her jet black hair, her delicate features and her slight size she is often mistaken, much to her disgust as someone much younger than her actual years. Despite her youthful appearance there is an age of wisdom visible in her deep chocolate eyes.

Though she identifies as human, she does have very mild mixed heritage on both sides of her family, though the only physical tell is the slight Vulcan point to her ears.

Her physical appearance is almost enigmatic, though she usually wears her hair out to conceal her pointed ears from her Vulcan heritage and the delicate gold Bajoran d'ja pagh she wears on her right ear. She also has an impressive collection of skin art, including a blue/purple rose extending from her right shoulder down her upper arm.

Her left wrist is inked with an intricate black mandala inspired tattoo with scrolls extending down her ring finger and back up her arm. She also has a similarly styled tattoos on her left foot and in the middle of her back, though few have been close enough to her to actually be able to see it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Matteus Hart
Mother Bexley Hart
Brother(s) Booker Hart - Brother (older)
Dex Hart - Brother (older)
Ryder Hart - Brother (older)
Axel Hart - Brother (older)
Maddox Hart - Brother (older)
Ezekiel Hart - Brother (older)
Neo Hart - Brother (older)
Wyatt Hart - Brother (older)
Damon Hart - Brother (older)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Moriah Hart - Paternal Great Grandmother

Clay Hart - Paternal Grandfather
Elsie Hart - Paternal Grandmother

Elliot Zaire - Maternal Grandfather
Rachel Zaire - Maternal Grandmother

Lillith Hart (Sister in Law - Married to Booker Hart)
Aiden Hart - Niece
Amelia Hart - Niece

Rory Hunter (Brother in Law - Married to Dex Hart)
Luna Hunter-Hart - Niece - adopted
Alex Hunter-Hart - Nephew - adopted

Bree Hart (Sister in Law - Married to Ryder Hart)
Rainey Hart - Niece
Adira Hart - Niece
Harley Hart - Nephew

Ziah Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Axel Hart)
- Lucia Hart (Niece)
- Ariyah Hart (Niece)
- Tessa Hart (Niece)

Joslyn Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Ezekiel Hart)
- Myah-Lin Hart (Niece)
- Zachary Hart (Nephew)
- Larissa Hart (Niece)
- Tobias Hart (Nephew)

Brinley Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Maddox Hart)
- Abigail Hart (Niece)
- Cheyenne Hart (Niece
- Brianna & Amelia Hart (Twin Nieces)
- Ryleigh Hart (Niece)

Rebekah Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Neo Hart)
- Raydon Hart (Nephew)
- Phoebe Hart (Niece)

Teagan Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Wyatt Hart)
- Alain Hart (Nephew)
- Luca Hart (Nephew)
- Brennan & Braelynn Hart (Twins Nephew & Niece)
- Marcus Hart (Nephew)
- Hailey Hart (Niece)
- Devin Hart (Nephew)

Meilani Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Damon Hart)
- Trey Hart (Nephew)
- Blaise Hart (Nephew)
- Aubree Hart (Niece)
- Jasmine Hart (Niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tiki is the youngest child, having grown up with nine older brothers. She was the much desired daughter that her mother had longed for, yet despite this she did not grow up to be spoiled or pampered. Instead, she grew into a strong, determined, free thinking individual with a genuine love for life and people who isn't afraid to throwdown if necessary. Thanks to growing up in a house full of older brothers, she has a mean right hook.

Although Tiki identifies as human, she does have mild mixed heritage on both sides of her family. Her Maternal Grandmother is a Betazoid while her Paternal Great Great Grandfather is Vulcan. The only physical trait from her Vulcan heritage is the pointed ears, which are usually hidden by her hair. From her Betazoid Grandmother she inherited a very vague sense of empathy, which is mostly restricted to people with extremely heightened emotions that are within close physical proximity to her.

Her lack of physical stature and her slight frame often mean people assume her to be weak or unable to fend for herself, an assumption made much to their folly.
Strengths & Weaknesses + strong work ethic
+ good hand to hand combat skills
+ good marksmanship
+ determined

- stubborn, some times to the point of pig headedness
- sometimes has anger management issues
- can be easily distracted by shiny things and men
- lacks real discipline

Personal History Tiki's childhood was far from normal, infact, normal is not a term that could really be applied to any part of her life prior to joining Starfleet (which is NOT to say that 'normal' is a label she could successfully wear in Starfleet either!).

Born the younges child and only daughter in a very large family, Tiki grew up with 9 brothers that harangued her from a very early age.

Her parents considered themselves essentially gypsies, so most of Tiki's like was spent moving around the universe, rarely staying in one place for more than six months.

Their transient lifestyle meant that Tiki was exposed to all manners of alien lives and cultures, and developed a strong knack for picking up languages.

It was only after she turned 15 that her parents decided that she needed more structure and discipline in her life so they sent her to a boarding school on Earth. Arriving on Earth to start the August intake of the school year, Tiki found herself quickly bored with the lack of variation in her days and the rigidity of the boarding school environment left her vastly unhappy.

It was during her time at boarding school that she found a use for her gift with languages. With her ability to speak many dozens of languages, many of which were ancient, defunct or just unknown to the universal translators used by the schooling system, Tiki managed to create a rather profitable side business by teaching other students words and phrases, usually insults or curses.

After being warned multiple times, Tiki was expelled after only three months at boarding school and returned to her parents. Rather than resume their previous itinerant lifestyle, Tiki's parents settled down on a space station where she attended normal schooling and was able to interact more freely with other children her own age.

Though she missed the constant excitement of travel, She found herself oddly fascinated by the concept of Starfleet, though this could easily also be attributed to the fact that she developed a massive crush on a particular security officer aboard the station who had recently graduated from StarFleet Academy.
Service Record Tiki's lack of discipline followed with her after she joined Starfleet Academy. The first year she truly struggled to find her place, feeling lost among the first year cadets, most of whom had grown up in Starfleet families and were familiar with what Starfleet involved. After almost failing out in her first year she returned with a new determination to enjoy her time at the Academy. She created an underground gambling ring, taking bets on academy events, a pass time that proved to be quite profitable. In her third year, buoyed by the fact that she hadn't gotten caught, she increased her little endeavour and started hosting pop up raves in various locations near the Academy. It was during one of these raves that something went horribly wrong, the details of which were never fully made public. Though there was not enough evidence available for Tiki to be implicated, she did receive an official warning on her student record and a suspension from the academy. Upon her return, she completed the academy with no additional illicit activities (that anyone was aware of) and graduated.