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Ensign Javn Darhk

Name Javn Darhk

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5 “4
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Javn is tall and slender. She has jet black hair that is kept tied back. She has small gentle hands and long lean legs.


Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Lynae Darhk
Brother(s) Dorian Darhk - Twin
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Foster Parents:
Dr. Russell Eugene Donahue (Deceased)
Robin Ann Donahue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Javn is quiet. She’s an observer who doesn’t speak up or against command. Due to a troubled upbringing she’s a loner who has a fear of getting too close to people on a personal level. Her purple eyes draw a lot of attention so she shys away from direct eye contact.
Javn and her twin brother Dorian we’re separated at the age of 6. It can only be assumed he was sold as a slave while Javn found safeguard. She does not know what became of her brother, she joined Starfleet hoping one day she will be reunited with him. Refusing to believe he’s gone forever.
Javn joined the medical unit to help others, she refuses to leave anyone behind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-
Quick to complete all tasks
Bedside manner

Emotional connection with others
Not trusting
Ambitions To be reunited with her Brother.
To do enough good in her life to be deemed worthy of it.
Hobbies & Interests Given Javns loner personality she tends to enjoy time alone, she can get lost in reading for hours.


Personal History Javn and her twin brother Dorian were born to a human slave on the planet Orion. Javn does not recall much information from her childhood, like the planet she was born on or whom the "Master" really was. Javn was six when her mother woke her from her sleep and snuck her out of their masters home to meet with a man. This man was paid by her mother to take Javn from the planet Orion and transport her to Earth.

The man never revealed to Javn his name nor explain to her what was happening. He took her to planet earth and left her in a crowded market. She hide in the market for a few days before an owner caught eye of her and turned her into the authorities.

Javn was then placed in a foster care system. She refused to speak for months not revealing who she was or from where. Not that she would be able to give them information she didn't have anyway. She was never officially adopted but in her teens she was fostered by a Doctor for Starfleet and his wife who stayed on the home world while he was away.

Her foster family inspired Javn to pursue medical. The only time she stepped out of her introvert self was when she was helping someone. She was close with her foster father until he was reported missing while assigned to the USS Garland. This devastated Javn, but pushed her to join Starfleet and follow in his footsteps. Her foster mother still resides on planet earth. They speak often.

Javn joined Starfleet at age 17 and spent five years at the academy due to lacking the personable qualities of a medical officer. Her introvert personality was and is a hinderance. She shy's away from connecting with anyone making personal relationships difficult.

After her graduation she was assigned as a nurse aboard the USS Rosenbloom, she spent six months aboard this vessel before transferring to the USS Orion mid a Borg invasion.

Service Record 2390-2395- attended Starfleet Academy
2395- assigned to USS Rosenbloom
2396- transferred to USS Orion