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Lieutenant JG Lillia Herren

Name Lillia Jayde Herren

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Standing 5’6”, she is just shy of being considered short. Her skin is tanned, as she spent many hours in the rays of Sol while she was stationed on Earth. The dark-eyed young woman is athletic and lithe. Her thick brown hair falls to the middle of her back, though she typically styles it above her collar. The chosen style tends to change regularly.


Spouse Not Married
Children None
Father Bradley Herren
Mother Polly Herren
Brother(s) None that she is aware of.
Sister(s) None that she is aware of.
Other Family She comes from a small family. Both maternal and paternal grandparents, as well as five uncles, two aunts, and a handful of cousins, all live at Orellius Colony.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lillia is friendly, calm, and laid back. While she’s very fond of all things natural, she is an absolute devotee to Starfleet. She is intelligent and studious, always seeming eager to find new areas of study that pertain to her chosen field.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

+Easy Going


-Somewhat naive
-Still a bit ignorant of the universe at large
-Not a strong combatant, though athletic enough to stay qualified for service.
Ambitions To serve Starfleet and her crew to the best of her ability. She also dreams of returning home to see her family, and to free her colony from the grip of the petty tyrants that are constantly jockeying for power. She would also like to help them to accept at least some helpful technology, as well as outside trade.
Hobbies & Interests -Anthropology
-The Mok’bara (Klingon martial study)
-Rock climbing, hiking, camping

Personal History Lillia was born on Orellius in 2370, shortly after they were discovered by Benjamin Sisko of DS9, while searching out habitable worlds for colonization. Ten years prior, the colony ship had crashed on the only habitable world in the system, and their leaders convinced everyone that technology didn’t function on that world, so they were trapped. Rather than their original destination, they opted to build their colony on that world, and make the best of their survival.

By the time that “The Interlopers” found them, they were living under a totalitarian rule. Once it was revealed that their leaders had been lying to them, and artificially keeping technology dampened, “The Interlopers” took the leaders to stand trial for their crimes. The others opted to stay, but not everyone was given a choice.

Lillia was born into a time of chaos and uncertainty that the power vacuum created. She grew up during the conflicts between those that wished to rule, or simply thought that they were more fit for the leadership role than anyone else. The colonists wound up splitting into fractured factions, until one man brought them all under fist. Some didn’t survive their time in the box of punishment.

Her family had not been driven politically, as they tended towards the healing arts. They ran the small medical guild that kept them all healthy, and were considered to be off limits as targets. No one seemed to want to interfere with them, as it was whispered that those that knew how to heal, were the ones that knew how best to kill.

Not that Lillia’s family were the sort to do such things, though they never openly denied it, either. Her grandparents were wise, and they knew that it was only respect for their arts, and that touch of fear, that kept them from being forced into servitude to any particular faction. They may have even started those rumors in order to shield their families.

The system that settled into place was a year long political contest, followed by a vote that simply wound up rotating leaders, some good, some bad. Nothing ever seemed to get accomplished, save for these political clashes, and it set them up for the smiling tyrant that came into power during Lillia’s fifteenth year.

Avos Tren began rounding up the eldest children under the guise of working with him to better the colony. Instead, they were being held captive to gain compliance. Being in the healer’s clan only shielded Lillia for so long, before Tren’s avarice looked towards them, as well.

Lillia’s family decided to use their many favors owed to them by other colonists to smuggle her off of Orellius. Their naivety in dealing with outsiders saw their calm, playful, gentle child delivered into the hands of unscrupulous mercenaries, rather than the benefactors that they had expected. Lillia found herself in what was nothing more than a large, filthy cage in the belly of some great metal beast, surrounded by terrifying aliens of unknown origin, and she couldn’t understand any of them. Most of them appeared to be right around her age, if appearances could be trusted.

The Orellius-born young woman had grown up in chaos, had witnessed the atrocities that the powerful were capable of, so she faced her situation with the calm thoughtfulness that would have been expected of her at home. Panic never truly accomplished anything of value, after all. Instead, she tried to communicate with her fellow prisoners, to little avail.

“We can understand you, Human. Why can you not understand us? What happened to your translator?”

“Eran was a translator once, but he’s not here,” Lillia had responded to the young man with thick ridges on his forehead, and long black hair. Everyone in the cage had laughed, but she wasn’t really sure what was so funny. There were tears of relief in her eyes at being able to communicate with someone.

Not being on a planet, with a sunrise and a sunset, without plants that bloomed under each, time began to run away from Lillia. Sure, they were awoken at regular intervals to have some kind of weird gruel-like food pushed through the bars for them to eat, but that still gave her little point of reference. She had never been sentenced to the punishment box on Orellius, but she wondered if this was similar. At least days passed on Orellius, even if they were painful at times. She decided that she had to keep her mind occupied, so she began learning about her fellow prisoners, their cultures, their languages.

She didn’t know exactly how long they had been traveling, her best guess was about three weeks, when the thing that she learned was a spaceship, had stopped. She could only see the very edge of a brown and desolate looking world. They had dragged three of her companions out of the cage, but not before Lillia had bitten the man that had thrown her into the cage to begin with, hard enough to draw blood, trying to stop him from taking the Andorian girl that had befriended her. That had earned her a brutal backhand, a nasty black eye, and about an hour of unconsciousness.

She had awoken with the Klingon boy, KirboQ watching over her. When he noticed that she was awake, he said, “You are foolish, puny, and weak. But you are brave.” Then he gave her a wicked grin. “And you bite like a rabid targ.”

For the next six months things played out in much the same routine. Weeks of travel, punctuated with brief stops where they either gained new cell mates, or lost them. Then they came for her and KirboQ had attacked the men that did.

In the end, Lillia was returned to the cage, having been deemed too defiant. What she found horrified her. They had ganged up on her Klingon friend, and while he had fought well, they had beaten him severely. His arm was broken, the shoulder out of the socket, and his left eye was swollen shut. His ribs were bruised and broken, his knuckles torn and crushed.

At first, KirboQ had refused the young healer’s help, embarrassed that he hadn’t been able to protect her. Lillia couldn’t be bothered with his self-pitying bravado, however, and she did everything within her limited power to help him to heal.

Over the following months, Lillia proved to be an effective medic, and the crew began to give her simple supplies in order to keep their “cargo” healthy. She gladly buried herself in the work, getting to know a number of good people, then watching a lot of them get dragged off to the unknown. In the process she began learning a number of languages, as well as the anatomy of alien races. It was something that she found fascinating, even if the situation was bleak. She also did what she could to keep their spirits from falling too low.

Then they came for her again. Her skills had increased her value, and they were planning on selling her, as well as KirboQ, to the highest bidder. As the mercenary traders hung in space with those intent on purchasing their “wares”, a bright flash lit up the void. When the flash faded, another starship entered the area, and alarms began blaring everywhere.

Combat. She had heard and felt it before over the last few months, but this seemed different. There was panic on the faces of the motley crew as they hurriedly prepared for a tactical retreat. The “product” was roughly forced back to the cage, and they were all left to wonder if they were about to die.

The blaring of alarms, the chaos and cacophony of combat, seemed to last an eternity. Even though she was as scared as most of her compatriots, she and KirboQ tried to keep everyone calm. Then a loud explosion rocked the ship and they were suddenly plunged into darkness, followed by an eerie silence. When the smoke cleared, the mercenaries were taken into custody, and a team of Starfleet security officers was outside of their cage. They spoke to nothing, and a deep voice responded, ordering their evacuation.

Then there were swirling golden lights and more people in slightly different uniforms appeared. When she found out that they were medics, nurses, and doctors, Lillia stood transfixed by the technological gadgets with the twinkling lights that they were using to examine them.

The rest happened in a blur, and Lillia found herself in a big, shiny medical bay, the likes of which she could never have imagined. It was both exhilarating and utterly terrifying for the girl that had been raised in a world where such things were not allowed.

Each of the prisoners were fully examined, then given a bunk room to share with a few others. They were given some semblance of freedom on the large ship, and Lillia found herself to be completely overwhelmed by the sheer opulence. Though, she swore that the replicated food tasted “off” to her.

Eventually she was called to the Captain’s office and she got to meet the large captain with jovial blue eyes that had saved her and her companions from an unknown, but likely gruesome, fate. Once that meeting was over, Lillia had asked for asylum, as she couldn’t go home. She found out that she had spent the better part of a year as a prisoner on that ship, and she had never really been free to choose her own destiny before. She asked if she could join Starfleet, and the bear of a captain had given her a bright smile, and told her that they could probably work that out.

By the time that they had arrived at the Sol system, she had turned sixteen and had started counselling, as well as some remedial lessons. KirboQ had applied to join Starfleet as well, as had been his intention when he had stolen a shuttle craft and wound up getting caught by the mercenaries. He wanted to be a tactical officer, and had fled his own colony to do so.

While most were already accustomed to technology, Lillia wasn’t. And while she wasn’t uneducated, she was ignorant of a great many things. As a result, she found herself spending a lot of her time in the first couple of years just playing catch up, and she wound up spending a couple of extra years at the academy, soaking up as much knowledge as she could.

She fell easily into the medical sciences and botany, but decided to focus on counselling, as it had helped her to get through her challenges. She wanted to help others to overcome such things as well. She dove into the studies of the various cultures, as well as their languages, as she had experienced, first hand, the difficulties of communication that came with the lack of a functioning Universal Translator.

Lillia also wound up training in the Mok’bara with KirboQ, as he was truly afraid that she would get her puny, weak self killed when he saw that she was struggling with combat training. At first he had been able to pass it off as a whole body meditation, since she really seemed to have no desire to fight. Eventually she caught on, but she found that the focus required was rather soothing, even if the Mok’bara did form the basis of Klingon martial studies. Besides that, she enjoyed her time with her friend. She cherished those moments, as she knew that they would likely be separated once they graduated.

As expected, KirboQ graduated before she did, and was assigned to the USS Devlin. When she graduated, Lillia was assigned to Starfleet Command, where she began putting her training and education to good use. This assignment also allowed her to continue her education, giving her an extra two years to study her various pursuits, before being assigned to the USS Orion as a junior counselor.
Service Record 2386 - Allowed refugee status and entered Starfleet Academy

2386-2394 - Starfleet Academy

2394-2396 - Starfleet Command, Junior Counselor. Continued course studies during assignment.

2396 - Assigned to USS Orion as a Junior Counselor