Lieutenant Beatrice (Bea) Power

Name Beatrice (Bea) Georgina Power M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 151lbs
Hair Color Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description While Bea is very careful to ensure that she is not overweight and to keep her body fit, this hasn’t prevented her from being on the bigger side of average for her height/weight body mass index. As a result, there is a barely noticeable curve to her body around the hips and waist.

Unaccustomed to caring about her looks, Bea regularly has her hair pulled back into a bun. When loose, it sits straight down to the middle of her back with enough of a kink to annoy her.

Bea is the kind of woman that often doesn't merit a second glance.

Bea’s voice still carries a soft Irish tone which can become very heavy and rugged when upset or exceptionally tired.

Bea also has a tattoo below her right shoulder that reads ‘Mo ghra, m’anam, mo dheartháir’.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jackson Power
Mother Julia Power
Brother(s) Jonathan Power (deceased)
Sister(s) Julianne Power
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview In her personal life, Bea can have a tendency to keep to herself; preferring to immerse herself in the latest medical journal rather than socialising.

In saying that, Bea also understands the merits in ensuring that she doesn't alienate herself from others. She understands that segregating herself from colleagues can lead to a lonely existence and that in turn can lead her down a one way steep slope.

As a result, Bea tries to carefully balance her work and personal life; preferring to avoid relationships and focus completely on her career.

She also isn’t afraid to fight for what she feels is right. Having experienced early in life the results of keeping her head down and not speaking up for herself; she knows how important it is not to bury her head in the sand as it can invite into her life demons she doesn’t wish to be faced with again.

Although not spoken about, Bea has a fear of being in space; one she has had to overcome in order to do her job but can sometimes be evident with her nerves. Having grown up on land and raised to respect the land she isn’t just to not having absolute solid ground beneath her feet. Metal is different to soil.
Strengths & Weaknesses Bea’s passion to strive for more and to be better means that she always places herself as the best of the best.. She regularly keeps up to date with medical journals and the newest advancements with technology and medications.

Bea’s past has also thought her to be strong and to maintain the strength in the most difficult of situations. She's learned when she keeps to keep focused and to force her demons to stay at bay.

Bea has also had to learn when to stand up for herself and ensure that her own voice is heard...she understands that she can't get anywhere in the Federation by just burying her head in the sand and hoping that everyone just goes away and let's her do her job.

Bea’s biggest weakness is her self doubt. When it creeps in it can cause her to try second guess decisions and indeed second guess herself and her choices in life.

Bea’s initial persona of having a tough shell and not being afraid to stand up for herself and following rules and regulations can also cause people to only see what's on the surface and miss what is beneath.

Because Bea places herself to want to do right, this can often be misinterpreted as arrogance. Having come to her career through a civilian route and her role in the family as youngest; she has always had to fight for what she has wanted and isn’t willing to throw that away.

Beyond this, Bea also has a temper that can be seen when the wrong buttons are pushed or if she feels that lives are being put at unnecessary risk.
Ambitions To further her career within medicine.
Hobbies & Interests Horse riding, Dancing, Writing

Personal History Born in December of 2365, Beatrice was born into the Power family, the youngest of three with an age gap of 10years between herself and Jonathan who was the second child...she had been unplanned and unexpected.

Despite being a close knit family, there was always competition evident between the three siblings from a very young age. Beatrice used to experience jealousy as she watched her brother and sister outperform and outmaneuver her throughout life due to the difference in age between the three. This jealously over time turned into a passion to want to be as good as her siblings and to never be left behind.

The Power’s family was steeped in a history of farming on Earth. Their focus on crops and equine which Jonathan and Julianne fell easily into but Beatrice always felt that she could never reach her true fulfilment within. As a result, Bea’s upbringing was very basic; focused on the land instead of the stars.

At the age of 10, Beatrice was to have her first taste of what medicine meant to existence and the possibilities that it held within.

During the Autumn of 2375, Beatrice accompanied her brother Jonathan on a horse roundup which was seen to be simple. Leave at sun-up to gather together the horses strewn across the vast acreage of land and be back by fall. Although the days were just beginning to get shorter, there would be enough light to be back before dark. It was Beatrice's first time but having been placed in a horse’s saddle since before she could walk, it was seen that she would be safe with her eldest brother.

As the hours passed, the weather begun to take a turn with rain and gale force winds forcing the siblings to take cover. While Jonathan was aware he needed to ensure the safety of his sister he was also aware that he wanted to get the job done and home as he had a date that night.

Despite protests from Beatrice, Jonathan insisted that she stayed within the shelter of an old outbuilding and that he would be back. Beatrice tried to stop him but he wouldn’t have any of it...he knew best and his baby sister had to listen as she had no choice.

The hours passed, day faded into dusk and there was still no sign of Jonathan’s return. As dusk began to fade into darkness Beatrice had found herself forced to push herself forward. Something had to have gone wrong and she was the only one who knew...Jonathan needed her help.

The weather had cleared, one would have been almost able to hear the snap of frost alongside the mist of each breath the girl had taken as the cold seeped into her bones. Certain of only one thing, the need to find her brother, Beatrice saddled up her mount and headed in the direction she had watched him disappear in just hours before.

As her fingers around the reins stiffened with the cold seeping into her bones, Beatrice saw a sight she would never be able to erase from memory. At the top of the hill lay the body of a horse and as she came closer she saw the outline of the body of a person pinned beneath.

Urging her horse on faster, Beatrice had been able to make out the faint white streak along the horse’s flank which signaled it was Tapit, Jonathan’s mount from when he was just her age.

To this day it still wasn’t certain what had happened, it was assumed that Tapit had become frightened by an animal and bucked Jonathan from his mount. With the sudden rain dampening the soil on the slope, it created a slippery slope which would have caused the horse to lose footing, falling on his rider.

Nearly throwing herself to the ground, Beatrice ran towards the prone body, throwing herself at the horse as she tried to move the equine but the weight proving to be too much for a child still so young. The young girl’s efforts only stopped as she heard a brief moan and a whisper of her name.

Beatrice moved until she could settle her brother’s head on her lap, stroking his head as she tried to reassure him that it would all be ok...that help would come and he would be ok. She begged him to stay with her, promising that she’d never place a brier in his breeches or hide his favourite cap again aslong as he didn’t die.

That help was never to the dark turned to dawn, Jonathan took his last breath...hours more passed before a rescue team arrived; prying Beatrice away from her brother as she refused to leave him...not willing to believe that he could be gone. Her 10 year old voice yelling her belief that medicine would cure him...that the medics just need to wave their magic wand and all would be ok again.

It would take years before Beatrice would ever recover from what had happened...before she could close her eyes at night and not be faced with the sight of her brother just lying there...the sound of his last breath before he left. Years of counselling that her family thrust her into in the belief that her mind could be fixed.

Through those years, Beatrice got every book she could get her hands on, research and reading about every piece of medical equipment...researching every drug in existence...her young mind insistent that she would find that magically piece and bring her brother back to life.

As each year passed, as Beatrice grew older and one would think wiser; Beatrice never lost that passion for medicine. She understood as she grew older that medicine couldn’t give life to the already dead but she did learn that in the right hands...genuine miracles could be achieved. Hearts could be replaced, babies genetic conditions erased before birth, old illnesses of generations gone such as cancer could be eradicated. In the right hands, medicine gave life to those who otherwise may have none.

It was a challenge getting her family to come around to her dreams...having already lost one child they feared losing another unless they could keep Beatrice close and always know her where abouts. She was their baby and nothing would change their opinion of this. To allow her out on her own, to achieve a career which would take her away from them was unfathomable.

As a result, Beatrice was forced to place her plans on hold...a decision lead to a deterioration in both her mind, body and spirit. It lead to the young woman giving up her fight to wan to keep going.

Between the years of 2383-2385; Beatrice was in and out of psychiatric hospitals as her family tried their best to bring the daughter they knew and loved back.

Counsellors and psychiatrists put it all down to a nervous breakdown...years of repressed memories and emotions from the death of her brother but those closest to her begun to restricting Beatrice to allow things to be the way that they wanted; they were slowly killing her.

Her books began to gather dust as they lay untouched, days would pass where Beatrice just lay in a bed staring at a wall; unwilling to talk to anybody or even to eat. She begun to waste away and become a shadow of the daughter and sister that her family once knew.

As the months went by, after so many discussions, arguments and tears...a decision was made by the Power’s that they needed to allow Beatrice her wings to be who she wanted to be...not who they wanted her to be. They would do anything to get their old Beatrice back; even if it meant letting her grow wings and fly away.

At the age of 20, in the Summer of 2385; Beatrice’s direction in life changed...her dream of wanting to be a Doctor was finally coming to fruition with her enrolment in a medical degree course...if she hadn’t been able to save her brother then maybe she would be able to save others.

In a universe of Starfleet, Beatrice only ever knew how to be a civilian, how to keep her feet on the ground; as a result the woman turned her focus to being a civilian Doctor. She knew that it would be hard, the years of university, the years of internships before she would even be considered fit for a role of her choosing but she knew in her heart that this was what she wanted. She knew that she would have to fight hard but it was a fight she was prepared to ensure she won.

Some questioned whether she would genuinely have the mental strength to be a Doctor but Beatrice knew that what lay in her heart would pull her through.

Beatrice uprooted her life, moving to the other side of Earth in order to attend the University of California; attending a five year degree in medicine. The time here was was back to the books and rehashing of work she had already done throughout the years. There was moments of wobbles, of self doubt creeping back in. Doubts on whether she could really do this, that maybe her family right and her rightful place was in the cocoon of the farm; but these moments were always overcome with a belief in who and what she wanted to become.

Understanding of science and the practises of healing...the evolutions of medicine throughout the existence of humanity. What helped get the young woman through was the knowledge that she only had three years behind books and exams before she would then be allowed a proper exploration of what the world of medicine would hold, before she would begin to treat patients and begin to make a difference.

In 2388, Beatrice entered her fourth year of her degree; the beginning of numerous placements over two years to help her decide that in becoming a Doctor; what area she wanted to place the biggest of emphasis in.

Between 2388 and 2390, Beatrice attended several placements across areas such as pediatrics, cardiology, thoracic, surgical, psychology and many more which are just a blur in her memory.

One moment, one time, always stood out in her mind.

Following the Hobus disaster in 2387, Romulans were displaced with nowhere to call home. Millions of aliens left drifting in space with no final destination and no knowledge of what their future may hold.

As part of the recovery process, Starfleet had set up refugee camps on uninhabited planets within the Federation; aiming to draw these displaced aliens to areas in which vital equipment such as food and water would be readily accessible. Treatment centers created for both the psychological and medical treatment of what the destruction of their planet brought to these people.

Beatrice found herself dispatched for a 3month placement, in 2388, alongside the Doctors Without Borders. The Federation needed all of the medical personnel they could find; so why not utilise civilian medical professionals also.

It was Beatrice’s first time away from Earth, she had been on family holidays before to destinations such as Mars but this was different...this was a world she had never seen nor experienced before and would open her eyes.

Planet Anubis was set up to be able to take a quarter of a million refugees. Modular homes were set up in order to give them proper accommodation and a hospital was resurrected on site to deal primarily in trauma and surgical; to help the injured upon their arrival and to deal with illness, sickness and injuries that came part in parcel with refugees.

Beatrice found herself paired with one Susan Atkis of the FTA. Susan’s job was to check over the refugee’s upon arrival whereas the checks Beatrice was to perform was to isolate those requiring treatment and where possible to treat there and then.

A firm friendship was cemented between the two during this time; a sisterly bond of sorts as Susan was in and around the age of Beatrice’s sister Julianne and at this point homesickness was starting to kick in. It was one thing to be continents away from your family but it was another to be light years away. Transporters couldn’t work over that distance.

Susan helped Beatrice through this phase, opening her eyes to a world outside of Earth and the possibilities that lay within the vast universe.

Beatrice also got to see the worst of society...the impact loss of a home, loss of loved ones had on a civilisation as a whole. The medicine involved with their recovery...first line response when they arrived at your door. The immediate actions that needed to be taken without hesitation because you never knew just how long your patient had left. The key use of surgery, most of the patients came with injuries inflicted prior to arrival they had to learn to cope and live with. Surgery allowed restoration of eyesight, amputees to receive new limbs; organs dying from the stress of injury to be replaced.

Beatrice knew in this instance that this is what she wanted to do...she wanted her residency to be in surgical with the emphasis on emergency medicine. The universe was also bigger than just earth...there was no many races still unexplored, alien physiologies to be studied and understood. The universe was her oyster and she would try do what she could to see and give more.

In 2390, Beatrice would see her dreams come to fruition when the Doctors Without Boundaries accepted her for a two year residency which would bring her to more planets, to experience even more. Civilisations on the verge of extinction, droughts, plagues. There was never a day in the whole two years that was the same as the previous day.

But still there seemed to be something missing the whole time...the friends she was making through the organisation where there but there was just something more…

As Beatrice’s residency came to an end in 2392, she decided to take a leave of absence to return home to Earth and spend time with family...spent time with her feet on the solid ground of home.

To say her return was greeted with huge exuberation was an understatement, Beatrice’s mother rolled out the red carpet and threw a party.

Although back and forward for small visits throughout the years, more frequently than not it was overnight stays and leaving again first thing in the morning or the family coming to see her. This was the first time in seven years that Beatrice was home to stay, all be that it would be temporary in the long term.

While home, Beatrice still volunteered in the major hospital in Dublin; helping them when they needed an extra pair of hands and keeping herself fresh while she still had the chance.

It was during this time that Beatrice found herself approached by a StarFleet recruiter. Although a random encounter, it was one which would further change Beatrice’s path.

Through the recruiter, she begun to know more about the Federation; an organisation she only knew by name before and the uniforms she would routinely see no matter where she might go. Although her position within the Federation would have similarities to what she did with the Doctors Without Borders; there was something more...there was a certain stability they could offer. Deployments wouldn’t just be from one emergency to the next and to keep going with no end in sight. With the federation there was exploration of new worlds and new races.

While the rapid pace of the Doctors Without Borders was what Beatrice loved the most there was just something about Starfleet that appealed. While parts of the jobs would be monotonous...medicals and bumps and bruises sometimes you needed to weight the slow pace with the fast in order to keep moving forward otherwise you could just burn out. Wasn’t that part of the reason for her taking a month’s put her feet back on the ground. Why not find a way to balance better between the two?

Still undecided and uncertain of which path she wished to take, Beatrice went back to what she knew; finishing her leave for a new deployment for 4 months to Polaus Four where there drought due to water table contamination and resulting in rampant illnesses such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery.

Beatrice found her heart wasn’t in the same place as before. Although she still carried out her duties with her patients; this time around it just didn’t feel so right anymore. And if she was honest with herself...her colleagues seemed to pick up on it too.

Upon completion of her newest placement, Beatrice returned to Earth and sought out the Starfleet recruiter once again...this time in order to investigate what precisely it was she needed in order to advance with the Federation.

It wasn’t to be as simple as perhaps it might have initially seemed. It would involve six weeks of intense coursework, learning and practicals. While she had been thought the basis in self defense and how to work a phaser for her original work; the coursework would require passing tests in each area.

Taking the time to analyse and review if this was what she really wanted; Beatrice decided that if she didn’t take the plunge now it might never happen. She had always fought for what she wanted and why should now be any more different. This was an opportunity to grow in both experience and in herself...she would be crazy not to take it with both hands.

The six weeks were as grueling as anticipated. Around the clock time was spent studying laws and regulations to try and understand the Federation which was miles away from what she was used to. What time wasn’t spent in the books was spent out doing drills and weapons firing. Beyond the basic phaser she had to learn hand to hand combat techniques to be prepared to defend herself in any scenario. There was also diplomacy, prime directive and alien encounters.

If anything it was all too much for just six weeks and this was proven to Beatrice when she ended the six weeks on a fail...although she had progressed with combat skills it just hadn’t been enough and the Federation couldn’t take the risk with taking her on.

Beatrice pulled away to lick her wounds of sorts. Choosing to retreat to her family farm instead of just throwing herself back into work. In a way, she felt defeated that she had tried her best but it seemed that her best was just not enough.

Throwing herself into work at the farm in the coming months, Beatrice’s family begun to fear as they saw similarities to before...when they had nearly lost their youngest daughter. They knew things weren’t as bad this time but just seeing her unhappy and the light in her eyes dimming; they knew that they had to take action.

One day Julianne sat her sister down for a proper talk; to confront her as such. Beatrice hadn’t fully realised the impact she was having on the people around had seemed so natural to just let the guilt and self worthless flood over her head and pull her under...after all she had failed.

Through persuasion and age old bossiness, Julianne got Beatrice to look at it another way...too see that what her experience had thought her was where her weaknesses lie that sometimes your heart may be deep in something but it doesn’t necessarily mean your body is there too so you just need to work that bit harder. There is no shame in failure or indeed in weaknesses...that her baby sister needed to instead embrace and try again. If it truly was what Beatrice wanted she couldn’t give up.

Taking her words to heart, Beatrice took a step back from her situation and knew it was what she wanted. She had chosen this fork in her life and wanted it to work...she wanted this new prospect for her life.

This time around, instead of jumping in blind with two feet; Beatrice replanned. She spent the next number of months training, participating and find groups and people she could work with to hone her skills so that next time she could come out ontop...or as near to the top as she could manage. She knew the commission would be different, she’d spent years preparing herself to be a Doctor but she only had months for this. But Beatrice was sure that this was what she wanted and where she wanted to go in life so she would make it happen.

In mid 2393, through alot of punishment and alot of work; Beatrice passed her Federation commissions course with near flying colours (combat skills was still weak but she managed enough to pass). This opened the doors for her next adventure and what was to come next.

Beatrice’s first ever assignment was onboard the USS Endeavour as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. During her first mission with the ship, the Doctor found herself taken over by an alien parasite not seen in thirty years.

Using Beatrice as it’s host, the alien tried to take over the ship; prepared to kill whomever may have gotten in their way no matter the expense. All that saved Beatrice was the fact that she was needed...without a viable host the parasite could not carry out their plans.

While having no memories of the time the alien inhibited her body; Beatrice has memories of the moment in which the alien was extracted. Memories of the sheer strength shown by the alien as it attacked a colleague and tried to kill the marine with her own bare hands. The feelings of having no control but just being able to watch as she killed a colleague in cold blood. The memories of that momentary scream which seemed to sever all connections before nothing….

In the months since this, Beatrice has tried to piece her life back together. Her dreams are still haunted by flitters of memories and images from the time. Memories of a voice and words spoken, of pain...At times it has threatened to undo all of the work Beatrice spent months building but the focus on work, her passion for medicine and wanting to be able to help others, is all that has held her together alongside the work of the counselling teams she has been assigned to.

Although her career seemed to stall at Lieutenant JG and Assistant Medical Officer, an opportunity presented itself to move ship and perhaps finally leave it all behind. A new crew who would look at her without pity or measures of fear in their eyes….

The move came with a new role of Chief Medical Officer, the ship was so small they were in urgent need of a person with the Doctor’s skills. Beatrice questioned was she genuinely ready for but the move alone was what she needed...a chance to break away and flee from what happened before. It might have been overwhelming but being able to bury herself beneath that workload might have been what was really needed.
Service Record 2385 - 2390: Attended the University of California to study Medicine

2388 - 2390: Attended numerous placements such as the Los Angeles Hospital for pediatric and maternity placements. Planet Anubis for emergency medicine. Mars Central Hospital for surgical rotation. Mater Immaculate Hospital, Dublin, Ireland for cardiac placement.

2390: Graduated from the University of California with a first class honours in M.B. (Bachelor in Medicine)

2390 - 2392: Studied two years as resident placement for emergency medicine/surgical with the Doctors Without Borders.

2392: Under took the Starfleet Commission Course, failing her first attempt in the area of combat skills.

2393: Took second attempt at the Starfleet Commission Course, this time passing narrowing on the combat skills area but passing all the same. Awarded the rank of Lieutenant JG.

2393: Transferred to the USS Endeavour as their Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

2395: Transfered to the USS Orion as their Chief Medical Officer.