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Lieutenant Elizabeth Kelly

Name Elizabeth Kelly

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 4"
Weight 115
Hair Color Brown/blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Eli's hair is mostly a deep chocolate brown with a large blond section located above and to the left of her left eye. She proudly wears tattoos on her arms, chest, back, and abdomen. Her build would be described as average, although it isn't abnormal for her physical abilities to be under estimated.


Father Alexander Kelly
Mother Becca Kelly
Brother(s) Jackson - 37
Robert - 35
Jamison - 31

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eli is a both a lover and a fighter, both figuratively and literally. Raised among the Marquis and later her brothers who "reformed" after the Dominion war, she has learned to fight for what she believes is right.

As far as the lover part of her personality is concerned, it is far from uncommon for Eli to engage in casual intimate affairs. But only casual. Her mentality towards relationships is one of enjoyment rather than intimacy. She does tend to keep the same “plaything” exclusively up until she get bored.

Despite her Marquis background she persevered when she was told she wouldn't be allowed into Starfleet. While she proved she wasn't quite the rebel she was raised by, the very nature runs just beneath the surface of her personality. Her rebellious nature spurred on her desire to succeed if only to prove others wrong.

Eli easily fits in with her male coworkers. Females tend to be offended by her "one of the guys" mentalities. Including her casual attitude in regards to sexual affairs.
Strengths & Weaknesses Past commanding officers would describe Eli as a dedicated member of their crew. Once someone has earned her dedication it will not waiver, unless prompted by the other party.

Although she would never admit it, Eli’s intelligence if far above that of the other members of her family. Her accelerated ability to remember and comprehend information has helped her immensely during her training and her duties.

Despite her level of dedication Eli suffers from a short fuse. She is quick to react to that which she believes is unjust. Typically this is done before the actions have been thought through.

Along with her short fuse come her rebellious streak. Eli doesn’t often take no for an answer. While she had learned to keep control of her rebellious nature it tends to arise when it is least convenient.
Ambitions Lead a purposeful life. Honor her parents death.
Hobbies & Interests Eli enjoys kick boxing on the holodeck, playing the piano and guitar, and writing songs.

Personal History Born to Alexander and Rebecca Kelly in 2367 in the Demilitarized zone along the Cardassian boarder, Eli was born into the Marquis. Her parents commanded a small transport vessel that had been reconfigured to handle larger weapons and proton torpedo launchers.

From a young age Eli's older brothers taught her her way around the ships systems. The ship was underpowered and over gunned with systems failing constantly. Whether the passion chose her or it was a conscious choice Eli developed a gift for engineering.

It wasn't until after her parents deaths when she was eight that Eli was exposed to a life other then one of terrorism. Her brothers returned to New Berlin where their grandparents had lived. The house was vacant but soon the four siblings settled into a life. The news that ex-Marquis had moved into the neighborhood was not taken easily.

Eli struggled in school. Despite her stellar grades she was constantly being reprimanded for her bad behavior. She picked fights with the school bullies in order to protect the weaker kids. It seemed the rebellious nature that lead her parents and siblings to join the Marquis was ingrained in her genes.

Once in high school, Eli spent most of her time studying. She had spent her entire school career in New Berlin being told that she would never amount to anything because of who her parents were. She was determined to prove them wrong.

Despite objects from a few members of Starfleet academy Eli was accepted just before her 18th birthday. It wasn't hard to pick an area of study. Just as she expected she excelled in Engineering and operations.

Eli was able to begin to distance herself from the ex-marquis label she was born into as she became one of the guys among her classmates. Despite her female physique she was able to hold her own in many male dominated competitions.

Eli chose to "enjoy" her male friends much to the chagrin of the females around her. She was suspended temporally while an investigation was forged into what was reported as an inappropriate relationship with her instructor her final year at the academy. The investigation postponed her graduation by three months. She still managed to complete her degree in three years and three months including the suspension.

Eli's first posting was on board the USS Artimis in the engineering department as an Engineering officer with the rank of Ensign. She spent more than eight years on board the Artimis. Two years spent in the engineering department with the remaining time spent as an operations officer. She caught the eye of the Operations Chief and was soon recommended for the position of Assistant chief. This attention from the Operations Chief did not stop at her performance. It wasn’t long before it became rumored that the she and the married chief were involved. Neither party would confirm nor deny the relationship. Under the suggestion of her friend and boss, Eli put in for in for a transfer to the USS Orion as the Chief Operations Officer. This was an opportunity for her to start over.
Service Record 2383 - 2386 - Starfleet Academy
2386 - 2394 - USS Artimis
2394 - Present - USS Orion