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March Monthly Sim Report

Posted on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 @ 6:05am by Captain Logan Barrett
Edited on Wed Mar 28th, 2018 @ 6:10am

The following is the reported sim status for March 2018. We had a great month with really strong posting numbers, despite posting numbers not truly meaning too much. I look forward to our first mission with all of you!

Sim Updates
Only a few minor cosmetic changes to the website were conducted this month. The rank set was changed to a more appealing version. The XO, Lt. Cmdr. Diza, created a mission timeline to more efficiently keep tabs on the chronology of the mission posts for anyone wanting to read the posts in a more logical order. Signatures were also implemented with rank pictures to add a little extra flair to postings. A library page was added for the current uniforms on the ship.

Crew Updates
The current crew roster remains the same. Currently seeking out brave writers for the following positions:
Chief Engineer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Counselor.
Also accepting all assistant chief and junior positions.

Story Elements
The crew of the Orion continues to develop strong stories as we wrap up our initial time at Earth. The senior staff is currently conducting a "No Win Scenario" on the holodeck to build cohesion as a unit. If only the Kobiyashi Maru didn't drift across the Romulan border...

Stay tuned as we set forth on our first mission to Romulan space, if nothing comes in the way........

Other Information
Although a little late, there are several noteworthy people that have been invaluable help in making this sim a success and deserve to be mentioned!

Lt. Elizabeth Kelly (COO) has been indispensable in helping construct the Orion website and assisting with anything I throw her way.

Colonel Loval has not only built up the Orion wiki from almost nothing, but has helped with images and bouncing ideas.

Lt. Cmdr. Nokomis Diza (XO) for believing in this ship and endeavoring to journey together as my right hand.


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